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Alberius is a character from Dragalia Lost who is established as the hero who founded the land of Alberia and sealed away the other long ago. He also serves as the main protagonist for the prequel event "Dawn of Dragalia".


As the king of Alberia, Alberius dons a set of bright bronze armor with a white cape.

As a playable adventurer, he wears a black uniform with a crimson belt.

In both appearances, he has long blonde hair and blue eyes.


The legendary Founder King. Three centuries ago, he defeated the Other who had been restored by the Dyrenell Empire and founded the Kingdom of Alberia. Able to form pacts with many dragons, he soon joined forces with the Six Greatwyrms.


Dawn of Dragalia

Lost before the events of the main game, before Alberia was founded, Alberius was just a humble man travelling alongside Midgardsormr until the two of them run into a woman named Myriam who was being chased by the Dyrenell Empire. Determined to protect her, Alberius takes the sword she was carrying and unsheaths it against the soldiers.

After fighting them off, Myriam informs Alberius that the sword is known as Dragalia and that only one of dragonblood could unsheath it, meaning he was whom she had been looking for. Alberius is brought to the Ilian church where he is presented as the hero they had been looking for. Unconvinced, Cardinal Lambert tells Alberius to seek Elysium.

Upon meeting the great dragon, Elysium tests Alberius to see if he is worthy of wielding Dragalia. After Alberius proves his worth, Elysium sends Alberius to fight the Dyrenell Empire. During the fight, Alberius befriends a dragon named Chthonius, and the two work together against them.

Unknown to a majority, including Alberius, Cardinal Lambert betrays the church and helps the Empire release Morsayati whom possesses Lambert. As Alberius fights the empire along with preparing to face Morsayati, he find the lands being attacked by dragons, and finds out they were sent by Elysium. He and Midgardsormr briefly part ways as Alberius goes to face Elysium.

During that Midgardsormr is reminded by Chthonius the importance of human life and convinces him to go and help Alberius. As the group faces Elysium with the Dragalia sword in hand, Elysium tells them that they can't hurt him with the sword as it was made with the shard from the pact between him and Ilia. However, he is soon proven wrong as the spirit of Midgardsormr Zero reveals that the sword was actually created by him and Meene in order to counter Elysium.

Eventually, Elysium notices Alberius's determination and how much it reminds him of Ilia. This prompts him to spare humanity and allow Alberius to go and face Morsayati.

Great War of Alberia

During the battle, Alberius, with Myriam, Midgardsormr, Chthonius, and a sylvan named Cleo, all work to create a kingdom known as Alberia in order to give people a place to be safe. Alberius makes pacts with numerous other dragons which would become known as the greatwyrms with Midgardsormr and Chthonius being among them. He also befriends a dragon by the name of Tartarus.

As the battle rages on, Myriam sacrifices herself protecting Alberius, and the sword Dragalia is lost during the conflict. After taking down Morsayati's latest vessel, Alberius realizes the they have no means to slay the monster once and for all. As such, he performs a ritual called blood casket to seal Morsayati away, sacrificing himself to save everybody else. Chthonius stays with him to share the pain.

With Morsayati sealed away and Alberius gone, most of Alberius's allies go their separate ways. Cleo remains in the halidom where she ends up suffering from amnesia. The greatwyrms start protecting other zones waiting for a new hero to rise. Tartarus goes insane from Alberius's sacrifice and begins blaming the whole world, eventually declaring it his duty to kill everybody and becoming part of a group known as Agito.

Return of Morsayati

Eventually, Morsayati is freed and possesses an Auspex by the name of Zethia. As a hero known as Prince Euden forms pacts with the greatwyrms along with other dragons, he and his crew which includes Cleo, find that Alberius and Chthonius are unable to keep Morsayati's core sealed any longer and the two ask the group to release them. After beating the suffering king, Morsayati claims his core and prepares to defeat the party. In one last act against Morsayati, Alberius warps the group away to safety and grant Chthonius life once more, requesting his friend to help Euden and the party vanquish Morsayati.

One Last Meeting

As the party travels through the sacred tree in the forest of faeries, Cleo begins to ponder if she is right to put so much faith in Euden. As she worries, a flash of light occurs, and Alberius appears before her. With both of them surprised by what happened, Alberius decides to ask Cleo about her recent endeavors. Upon hearing her explanation, Alberius encourages her to not give up as his spirit returns to the afterlife.

With Alberius's words of motivation, Cleo finds the strength to stand up against Tartarus and defeat him once and for all.



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