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Albert (アルバート, Arubāto) is the King of Serdio and of Basil, also a playable character in The Legend of Dragoon, replacing Lavitz after his death. He is a smart and swift person in the game. Usually referring to historic facts and his love for knowledge such as libraries. He knows quite a bit of information over Dragoons, Winglies, Virages, and other things.


Albert is the king of Basil and regular sparring partner to Lavitz, he joins Dart's merry band following Sandoran forces' extraction of the Moon Gem from his body and also that whole "Lavitz dying" thing. Smitten with Princess Emille of Tiberoa, and spends a good chunk of Disc 2 shocked at her newfound rashness of attitude. He's only slightly less shocked that Emille was impersonated the whole time by Lenus, pulling the Long Con for Lloyd.


Albert wields the Jade Dragoon Spirit.

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