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Albert Frazer is a major character in Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, including its light novels, anime, and manga. He is a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex and is operative #17 and known as "The Star". He even earned the title "The Greatest Sniper in the Empire" due to his overwhelming long range and accuracy and possesses the "The Star" card. He is the secondary antagonist in the thirteen volume of the light novel.

He was voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese version and Austin Tindle in the English version in the anime.



He was originally a normal boy called Abel whose village got destroyed by his evil mage, but got taken in by a priest. It later turns out the priest was actually the one who destroyed his village and turns his older sister, Aria, into a demon by sacrificing many orphans. Aria pleaded to Albert to kill her to save the other orphans. Abel refused to kill her, but this, in turn, resulted in their death and Aria's disappearance with the man responsible missing and possibly alive.

At some point in time, he became an Alzano Imperial Court Mage.

The Magic Game Festival

He and Re=L aid to help Rumia escape from the guards by using illusion magic to disguise herself as her to lead the guards away. Later, as Eleanor Chalet tries to flee from the festival as the conditional cursed necklace was destroyed, she was confronted by Albert. He questions her why she and her organization tried to kill the former princess Rumia, she replied with only two words, "Akashic Records". Before Re=L could attack her, Eleanor escapes, vanishing from the area.

Project: Revive Life

As Rainer went to Re=L to make her believe that he was her brother that died 3 years ago, Albert scouts the beach, only for stopped by Eleanor's barrier. As both Albert and Eleanor's conversation ended, they engaged in combat, using both her necromancy and magic to sadistically fighting Albert. As they continued to fight, Albert senses Glenn being injured by Re=L, revealing Eleanor has been distracting him before retreating.

Soon after his success, Eleanor, Rainer, and Burks started to extract all her mana while Re=L was forced to watch her friend in suffering, Eleanor discovers that Albert put a magical signal on her. When Glenn and Albert invaded their laboratory and defeated Burks' creations, Eleanor mocks him as his creatures are killed by them. As Burks leaves the room to deal with Glenn, Eleanor orders Re=L to kill Glenn And Albert. He eventually destroys Burks and saves Re=L and Rumia.


Albert is calm, collected, and has a serious manner and seems to lack of sense of humor. Even in battle he still maintains his calm nature, as demonstrated during his fight against Eleanor and in serious situations like when Glenn was deeply stabbed by Re=L. Despite hiding his emotions and always having a poker face, he cares deeply about her Glenn and Re=L.


Albert is a tall and handsome man, with long dark blue hair and golden eyes. He is mostly seen wearing his Imperial Court Mage uniform.