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We only have three rules: First, do your part. No time for any freeloaders. Second, never harm another Glader. None of this works unless we have trust. Most importantly, never go beyond those walls. Do you understand me, Greenie?
~ Alby explaining to Thomas the rules of the Glade.

Alby is the leader of the Gladers, a supporting character in the book and film The Maze Runner, and a posthumous character in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

He is Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Gally, and Frypan's best friend and fellow Glader.

Alby is portrayed by Aml Ameen, who also portrays Trevor "Trife" Hector in Kidulthood, Lewis Hardy in The Bill, Capheus Onyango in the first season of Sense8, and Remy Darbonne in Inside Man: Most Wanted.


The Maze Runner

When Thomas arrives in the Glade, he gets thrown into the Pit by two Gladers. Alby approaches Thomas and introduces himself to him. He gets him out of the Pit, gives him a tour of the Glade, and explains to him the rules and the proper functioning of the Glade. Then he introduces him to Newt, who he says will be in charge when Alby is not around, and Chuck, who is going to install his hammock and talk to him about the Maze doors.

When Gally stops Thomas from walking into the Maze, Alby arrives and tells him that he can't leave. After the doors of the Maze close, Alby tells Thomas "Welcome to the Glade."

At night, at the bonfire, Alby watches Thomas and Gally wrestle, before Thomas knocks Gally down to the ground, but Gally knocks Thomas down to the ground as well, causing him to remember his name.

The next day, Ben gets stung by a Griever and attacks Thomas. The Gladers manage to get Ben off Thomas. Alby arrives and tells Gally to lift up Ben's shirt. Gally complies and reveals a Griever sting on his stomach, leading Alby to tell the Gladers to carry Ben to the Pit.

Later, Alby and the Gladers banish Ben from the Glade.

The next day, Alby goes into the Maze with Minho to retrace Ben's steps, but gets stung by a Griever. Minho is unable to drag Alby out of the Maze, resulting in Thomas running into the Maze before the doors close.

At night, Thomas and Minho string Alby up in the vines on the walls of the Maze.

The next day, Thomas and Minho carry Alby back to the Glade and to Jeff and Clint.

When Teresa arrives in the Glade, she injects the serum she had with her when she arrived in the Glade into Alby's chest.

The next day, Alby regains his memories and remembers that Thomas worked for WCKD. He reveals this to Thomas.

At night, during the Grievers' attack on the Glade, Chuck is caught a Griever, but Alby sacrifices himself to save him.

The next day, Alby's name on the wall is crossed out by Gally, who took command.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Alby is mentioned by Newt, when the group goes to the Right Arm.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Alby is seen with Chuck and Winston in Minho's imagination (captured by WCKD) during a serum experiment. Alby's name is also seen on the memorial rock.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Alby was described as being a dark-skinned boy with short-cropped hair and face clean-shaven. He also had a permanent scowl on his face.

Alby was short-tempered and rather harsh, though he cared about the Gladers and wanted to keep them safe. As a child, however, he was fun-loving and kind.