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Liddy Holloway played Alcmene, Hercules' beloved mother. She long believed that her husband Amphitryon was able to come back to life for just a night to be with her, but she eventually accepted the truth about Hercules' patronage. Alcmene began to see Jason the Argonaut (and king of Corinth) soon after her husband's death. She had a fling with a man named Demetrius in one of the episodes before her wedding with Jason, but Demetrius turned out to be working for Echidna, the mother of all monsters. Since Hercules had killed all of Echidna's children, she wanted to make his mother suffer by having her own son killed right in front of her. Hercules saved his mother and trapped Echidna in a cave so she wouldn't harm anyone again. Alcmene was very proud of Hercules and all of his accomplishments, and most especially the great man he grew to be. She was so proud of him, in fact, that it seemed that she occasionally forgot about her other son, Iphicles, the mortal. She didn't mention anything about Iphicles on her death bed, only how she had no regrets about Hercules and how proud she was of him.

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