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Aldamon is the hero in Digimon Frontier. He is a fusion of Agunimon and BurningGreymon.

He is voiced by Michael Reisz.


His physical appearance of Aldamon has different characteristics of the forms from which it is generated, Agunimon and BurningGreymon. Body structure, face, hair, arms and thighs of Agunimon, parts of the armor, wings, legs, tail and Rudri Tarpana of BurningGreymon (although the latter now have the possibility of extending into a three-part segmented configuration): Aldamon's physical appearance is a true fusion of the body parts of the two Legendary Fire Warriors. Aldamon is the perfect union of wisdom generated by the Human type and the power derived from the Animal type.

Digimon Frontier

Aldamon appears for the first time in the episode "Takuya vs. Mercurymon". Inside Sephirotmon , its Animal-like form, Mercurymon, Legendary Iron Warrior, proves to be a particularly difficult opponent for Takuya. The Digimon, in fact, absorbs the Seraphimon Digicode, previously acquired by himself, and becomes BlackSeraphimon, reaching a very high level of power. Neither Agunimon nor BurningGreymon can do anything against BlackSeraphimon and Takuya is finally defeated. On the point of being eliminated, the master of Fire receives from the Digi-egg Seraphimon himself a great deal of energy: thanks to it Takuya understands that the power of his two Digispirit can be combined into one. He then performs the Double Digivolution Spirit and digieves Aldamon, gaining enough power to defeat BlackSeraphimon, reacquiring Seraphimon's Digicode and returning it to the Digi-egg, which shortly afterwards hatches and gives birth to Patamon. Also inside Sephirotmon, Aldamon will also defeat and acquire Mercurymon's Digicodice and Human Digispirit of the same Mercury, blending, thanks to the Fire of which he is the master, all the Iron present in the sphere of the same name, eliminating any escape route for the Legendary corrupted Warrior.

Aldamon will be decisive also in the subsequent battle against Sephirotmon himself in the following episode, "The power of darkness", discovering his weak point and neutralizing the Digimon, acquiring then Digicode and Digispirit.

Despite the power of this form and the particular and important moment of the plot in which it is acquired, Aldamon will be the less used Digievolution Spirit by Takuya; this will occur because of the sudden achievement of an even more powerful form: KaiserGreymon.


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