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Aldred is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost who serves as the main protagonist for the "Scars of the Syndicate" raid event and essentially serves as the main protagonist for the Syndicate storyline as a whole.


Aldred has red hair and a scar across his face. Due to wyrmbinding, his left arm is a dragon claw and he has a dragon tail. Not only that, but he is heterochromic with his left eye being yellow and his right eye being red. He wears completely black clothing.


A boy fused with a dragon by the Syndicate, an organization active in the world's underbelly. He embraces his monstrous power in order to seek revenge against those who experimented on him and robbed him of his family.



Sometime ago, Aldred lived happily with his parents and sister. However, that changed when they were all abducted by the Syndicate and used for their experiments.

Aldred in particular was used in wyrmbinding where he is fused with a dragon named Barbatos. From there, the Syndicate fueled his rage and led him to believe his family had perished.

Angered, he broke free and slaughtered any syndicate members he could get his hands on, along with freeing another syndicate experiment. A dragon named Andromeda. Grateful, Andromeda accompanied Aldred to make sure that nothing bad happens to him.

Scars of the Syndicate

While the halidom party are fighting off fiends, Euden performs shapeshifting to clear them out. Witnessing this, Aldred assumes Euden to be a successful experiment of the Syndicates and attacks him on sight with Euden fighting back in self-defense.

It is only until Andromeda intervenes and clears up the misunderstanding that Aldred puts his blade away. Euden offers to help Aldred take down the Syndicate, only for Aldred to turn him away.

However, what Aldred didn't realize was that the Syndicate, specifically the Doctor, had his eye on Euden for his plans regarding a fiend by the name of Aspedochelone. Upon finding out, Aldred follows the party and aids them in fighting off a hoard of fiends that the doctor unleashed upon them, including a manticore that uttered something that caught Aldred off guard.

The doctor then summons Aspedochelone with hopes of having Euden fuse with the fiend. However, Aldred and the party instead push the fiend back, but the doctor retreats while revealing that the manticore Aldred had slain was his sister, putting Aldred into a state of grief.

Eventually, Aldred stands again and helps the party face the doctor again, who fuses with Aspedochelone himself. With the Halidom party's help, Aldred manages to slay Aspedochelone and the Doctor. However, after doing so, Aldred loses control of his dragon blood and turns into Barbatos who threatens to kill the Halidom party.

When it seems as if Aldred had been completely consumed by Barbatos, Andromeda and the Halidom party's refusal to give up on him gives Aldred the power to take back control and suppress Barbatos before he can cause any harm. With the Doctor dead and Barbatos sealed away, Aldred leaves the Halidom on good terms as he continues his journey to destroy the Syndicate.

Adventurer Story

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Bellina Adventurer Story

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Grace Adventurer Story

While fighting syndicate members, he meets a woman named Grace who reveals herself to be a former member of the syndicate and somebody who had a part in his fusion. Upon hearing her wish for him to kill her and send her to her husband whom she believed he killed, Aldred refuses and tells her that he would rather her live in misery than ever grant her a mercy kill.

However, Aldred found Grace to be determined as she followed him around hoping he would kill her. Eventually Grace meets a syndicate member named Parker, whom she finds out to be the true killer of her husband, having used Aldred's escape and carnage as a cover up to do so. Aldred, overhearing this, arrives and convinces Grace to stand against the syndicate and fight to avenge her husband, and the two of them strike Parker down.

Now on better terms and considering each other frenemies, Aldred refers Grace to the Halidom as he leaves to continue his fight against the Syndicate.


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