I love reading books!
~ Alec

Alec is one of the Jewel Eight. A Scottish Fold who symbolizes Possibility, he is the seventh member of the Jewel Eight.


Alec is a male Scottish Fold who is entirely yellow in color with a bit of brown details. His eye is a Red Alexandrite and wears a pair of specs on his eyes. He also wears a brown collar with red spade attached.

Charm Form

Alec’s jewel charm is egg-shaped. It is colored yellow with a alexandrite shaped spade on it and 2 alexandrite crystals surrounding it. It is also decorated with white gold lines, and it also has a white book on the top.


Officially, Alec is described as a smart and caring character, who loves to read books. Usually his Jewel Power is increasing someone’s possibility.


As the Jewelpet of Possibility, Alec has the power of changing fate and probabilities something happening.

Notes and Trivia

  • Alec’s Jewel motif is the Alexandrite, which one of the five precious stones, together with the amethyst, chrysocolla, sardonyx and brown quartz.
  • His secondary motif however, revolves around spades.
  • Alec’s birthday is on March 3, which is considered as the day where Yuuma Jinnai and Alma Jinnai were officially wed. He is also the only Jewelpet who symbolizes the month of March.
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