The dead don't want anything. That's one of the benefits of being dead.
~ Alec Mason

Alec Mason is the main protagonist and player character of the video game Red Faction: Guerilla and the tritagonist of the television movie Red Faction: Origins. He is one of the main Red Faction revolutionists during the Second Martian Revolution, eventually leading the colonist faction to victory during the Battle of Mount Vogel. Originally travelling around the Earth to look for work, Alec journeyed to Mars on the request of his brother Daniel, taking a job as an AmRuKuo miner. After the brutal murder of his brother at the hands of the oppressing Earth Defence Force, Alec was forced to take his brother's place in the Red Faction and fight against the oppressors.

He is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voices Kanji Tatsumi, Booker DeWitt, Joel, Delsin Rowe, Jack Mitchell, Erron Black, Jason Todd, Rhys, Orkos, and Sam Drake.


Being personally responsible for leading the Red Faction forces into liberating the various sectors of the Tharsis region, Alec took over control over the guerrilla army with the help of the technician Samanya after their leader, Hugo Davies, was killed alongside numerous others during an EDF raid on their Badlands hideout. Alec and Samanya forged an alliance with the Marauders, which led to a joint attack on the Earth Defense Force on Mount Vogel, marking the end of the revolution with the destruction of the E.D.S. Hydra.


  • He is the franchise's most popular character and the most recognisable.
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