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Aleph (Dragon Quest)

Alef is the protagonist of Dragon Quest (Warrior).


"Those who draw the blood of Lot." That it is not revealed at all about the past, identity. Novel version, the name of the CD theater version of "Aleph". The "Roto", is that of hero of "Dragon Quest III" of the succeeding crop (hereinafter referred to as "III"). In response to guidance of Lorik16 II, and it came to Arefugarudo. And wearing armor there is a helmet with a corner. In warrior type, combined light of the series after, further spell of attack and recovery, combat auxiliary it is possible to learn one way. In the novel version it has been written that I was in town the previous Domdora to be destroyed.

Equipment in the "IX" has emerged as a cosplay items. Significant design in the "sword of God Dragon Quest" is changed, (depicted in the figure of the previous work on the specific card illustrations) that appeared was also to leave "Dragon Quest Monster Battle Lord" of the figure. In the Wii version of "Battle Lord Victory", there is a production to wear armor, helmet of work now from the top of the clothes of the "sword of God". Uncommon in the hero of Dragon Quest, a scene that speaks the words there is only one.


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