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Alef is the protagonist of Dragon Quest.


Alef is dressed properly for combat, donning blue full plate armour, a helm that superficially resembles the helmet of Ortega with an added ponytail, a large circular shield embedded with a red jewel in its centre, and an impressively-sized claymore sheathed at his side.


Alef is mostly silent, only communicating in answers of 'Yes' and 'No'. Other characters in the story will answer as if he speaks to them in conversation. Despite this, he has one line of dialogue at the end of the game.


When the Dragonlord steals the Sphere of Light, Alef is summoned to Tantegel Castle by King Lorik. He is informed of the heroism of his ancestor, Erdrick, and how he needs to follow in his ancestor's footsteps to save the Kingdom of Alefgard from the threat of the Dragonlord. The King gives him some money to start his journey, and advises him to speak to the guards. One of the guards tells the Hero something the king did not: How his daughter, Lady Lora, was kidnapped by the Dragonlord's minions.

Alef sets his journey to Alefgard, where he also goes to places such as Galenholm, Kol, Rimuldar, and Cantlin. A monument within a cave that bore his ancestor's namesake teach him about three items that were needed to reach The Dragonlord's Castle. After obtaining the Staff of Rain, the Sun Stone, and the Mark of Erdrick, he is accepted as the true heir of Erdrick and is entrusted with the Rainbow Drop. With the Rainbow Drop, he is able to access The Dragonlord's Castle.

Along the way to encountering the Dragonlord, Alef also rescues Lady Lora, who is being imprisoned in Quagmire Cave and is being guarded by a fierce Green dragon. Alef also visits the ruined city of Damdara, where he defeats a Knight aberrant and reclaims his ancestor's armor. He also reclaims his ancestor's sword, which is hidden in The Dragonlord's Castle.

Lastly, Alef makes his way to the lowermost level of the Dragonlord's Castle and confronts the Dragonlord himself. The Dragonlord gives Alef a chance to rule the world by his side, but he refuses, and they battle. The Dragonlord transforms into his true form in an attempt to kill Alef, but Alef kills him anyway. After Alef kills the Dragonlord, he reclaims the Ball of Light, and the monsters are banished from Alefgard.

His destiny is fulfilled, so Alef returns to Tantegel Castle, where Lorik offers him his throne as ruler over Alefgard. He declines, explaining if he is to rule a kingdom, it must be that of a land he finds himself. With that, he sets out alongside Lady Lora to find a new land to rule.


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