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Alena is a character from Dragon Quest (Warrior) IV.


Nature of some talented Zamoksva kingdom of princess as Fighter house. Features pointed hat and cloak figure seems eye-princess that was round and round hair and bright red hair color. Although personality roots friendly obedient, tomboy in reckless. But does not feel that the usual wording is friendly and a country's princess bright, such as the use and respect language in representing the behavior of the father is a king in the remake ("say" → "you said"), grew up there is also the environment unique word. Because there is no longer cormorant enemy to his opponent in the castle, but you try to go out wanting to try the skills, it is prevented from going out to the soldiers by the king of instruction. The walls of his room, which was temporarily repaired break in an attempt to leave the previous castle was again destroyed, although it was to escape so as not to be found from the castle, and caught up to be noticed by Kiryl and Borya, the journey with two people. Eventually allowed to go out freely to obtain the understanding of the king, and over the neighboring country Endor, the journey is to win the martial arts tournament, Zamoksva Castle residents suddenly everyone disappeared, and Naru new with Kiryl · Borya in order to find the mystery Go on.

Because the fifth chapter is Kiryl in Mintos fell ill, and Demuki to own Soretta south of the cave, and Going to look for seeds of Padekia that work in all kinds of diseases. In the remake it is to appeal that it is the owner of steroids such as breaking kick the door in front of the hero's eyes. from the fact that you have a common goal after the hero is allowed to recover the takeaway Kiryl the roots of Padekia Find Psaro the Manslayer, to join the fellow Ray.



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