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Aleu was the wolf-dog hybrid daughter of Balto and Jenna and sister of Kodi and his siblings. Aleu appeared in Balto II: Wolf Quest as the secondary protagonist, and made a second appearance as a puppy during Balto's flashback in the song "You Don't Have To Be A Hero" during Balto III: Wings of Change.

She is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who also voiced Eliza Thornberry and Vitani.


Aleu is 1/4 wolf and 3/4 husky. She is scornful of her wolf blood, but learns to accept it. She also is prone to correcting double negatives, as revealed twice: first to Boris and second to Nuk, Yak and Sumac. She spends most of her life at home because unlike her brothers and sisters (who also have wolf in them but don't look it), she isn't wanted by humans.


She is very stubborn and brave, prone to not listening to her father. She was also disdainful of her wolf blood (though she eventually learns to accept it).

Although she never realized it, Aleu acted more like a wolf than a dog; she had a reputation for being aggressive and had a high prey drive and stronger predatory instincts than a common dog. It is unknown how she developed her prey drive, as neither Balto nor Jenna possessed a prey drive.

Despite a very emotional blow at the hands of her father, the two reconcile at the end of her journey, and she remains very closely tied to Balto despite leaving him perhaps forever.



  • Her name might come from the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of Alaska.