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Alex is a major character of the Netflix thriller teen drama series Control Z, serving as one of the two tritagonists (alongside Isabela de la Fuente) of the first season, one of the two main antagonists of the second season, and will return in some capacity in the third season.

Alex is an openly, yet socially distant, lesbian student who is an expert with computers, but nevertheless shares a close friendship with the lonely Luis and a forbidden relationship with Gabriela, the National School's Biology teacher, being among those students whose secrets are leaked by the hacker, who at some points threatened to reveal her secret. After Luis is murdered by Gerry, she initiates a vendetta against him and those students who tormented him and did nothing to help.

She is portrayed by Samantha Acuña in her acting debut.


Season 1

Alex is one of the students, whose secrets are at risk of being exposed, targeted by the hacker. Alex's secret happens to be that she is dating her Biology teacher, Gabriela. She is shown to be friends with Luis, a lonely student who seeks solace through his drawings. At one point, when he falsely admits to being the hacker, Alex stands up for him: she blames his tormentor Gerry, for pushing him so far to said boiling point and rubs it in his face saying that she is not ashamed of her sexual orientation. She also defends Isabela when it is known to the school she is a trans woman and most students judge her. Initially resisting, Isabela rejects Alex's help, although she later apologizes for being so rude and the two start bonding. At one point, during Raúl's party, the hacker threatens to reveal Alex's secret unless she tells Sofia to jump off the roof into the pool. Despite Javier's objections, Sofia eventually obliges. She also released Gerry from the auditorium, on the hacker's orders, to save her secret from coming out, but also causing Gerry to almost beat Luis death, leaving him hospitalized. However, Alex's secret does end up coming out after Raúl is exposed as the hacker, resulting in him revealing her and the other students's secrets, causing Alex to walk out in sadness and shame, before witnessing Javier's accident caused by Gerry when he was threatening Raúl at gunpoint after finding out he was the hacker.

Season 2

Alex gains a more pivotal throughout the second season, as she is determined to make everyone, including Gerry, pay for her friend Luis's death, wanting them to feel guilty as she was when they did nothing about it. She targets most of the student body, including the principal (locking him inside the men's restroom and using a nest of bees to sting him), submitting them to such humiliating punishments, even setting Luis's house on fire, pretending to be held hostage half-naked inside a classroom to aovid any suspicion on her and trying to hold Sofia back, predicting that she will not stop investigating the Avenger's identity, by tampering with one of her pills and having her hospitalized, a trap that she avoids when she stages her accident and makes it look like she has fallen for the trap. In addition, she turns to Raúl, her former blackmailer, stealing all of his money in order to start a new life with Gabriela, now unemployed after their relationship is exposed and accepting a job offer at Spain.

Eventually, Alex lures Gerry to the school, forcing him at gunpoint to record a story apologizing to Luis for killing him and jump off the roof as a way to make him pay with his life, after Raúl posts an inquest in which everyone decides against sparing Gerry's life. However, before Gerry can make a choice, Sofia and Javier arrive on time and stop Gerry from trying to commit suicide. Sofia understands that Alex has the right to be angry at everyone for Luis's death, but convinces her that this is not the solution and none of the things she does would bring Luis back. Alex is not a killer and she knows it. Realizing the monster she has become, the repented Alex drops the gun as she tearfully apologizes to Sofia. She ultimately looks on in horror with Gerry as Sofia, Javier, Raúl, Maria, Claudia and Susana wrestle over Raúl's money (which Alex previously stole from him and Javier, Maria and Claudia need in order to save Natalia's life, having been kidnapped by drug dealers for failing to fulfill their deadline over the large sums she owes), turning to a dramatic ending that results in Susana falling off the roof to her death, much to their shock.


  • She is the third LGBTQ+ character to be revealed in the series.

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