Alex is an former assassin for the Ilian Church and a childhood friend of Elisanne and a redeemed villainess.

She is voiced by Olivia Howard.


Common aspects: She has pale skin, orange eyes, and short blonde hair.

Regular form: She wears a dark cloak, a white shirt, and black pants. She also wears brown boots and brown gloves.

Gala Form: She wears a white hood, tank top, and white pants.

Combat Capabilities

In her regular form, she uses daggers as her weapon of choice and two of her skills are Shadow Weaver (Which hits surrounding enemies four times with 166% shadow damage, delivers a 5% cut to them for ten seconds with a base chance of 40% and inflicts them with twelve seconds of poisoning), and Silent Reaper (which inflicts targeted and nearby enemies with 3 hits of 121% and 1 hit of shadow damage. The damage is doubled when inflicted on broken enemies.


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