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Alex Bailey is one of the main protagonists of the Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.

She is the twin sister of Conner Bailey, daughter of John and Charlotte Bailey, and granddaughter of The Fairy Godmother. She is a human who has fairy magic in his blood. Unlike her brother Conner, who doesn’t like to use magic, Alex loves to do magic, she has activated portals that lead to the Fairy Tale world. Alex ended up becoming the next Fairy Godmother and leads the Happily Forever After Assembly. Alex, along with Conner, travels through books and has adventures in them. Together, he and Alex are the first children born from two people of different worlds.

Appearance and Personality

Alex Bailey is described as looking a lot like her brother and so she has short strawberry blonde hair and has bright blue eyes. Her outfits are prone to change throughout the books so they come from jeans and shirts to dresses with heels. She also used to carry a wand.

Alex is usually described as an intelligent girl. She would almost always answer any problem put on the board.

Alex is curious, for she kept tossing socks and old books to see where they would end up. She also wanted to check the Gingerbread house, despite not thinking about the story of “Hansel and Gretel”.

Alex often tries to do things by herself so her brother wouldn’t get into trouble. This was especially shown when she snuck out of the house.

Alex has a more trusting side of her personality. She knew Froggy or the Unicorns wouldn’t harm her or Conner.

Alex does have a brave/courageous personality. She knew she could take away Ezmia’s power using just her words.

Alex can be very helpful, such as when she helps out the kingdoms three times a day with their problems.

When Alex thought the Masked Man was her father, she was very determined to capture him. She forced Cornelius to try and locate him, and when he refused to, she attacked him. This aggression was caused by the witches so they would use her as a weapon for the Other world.

Overall Alex is bright and does her best to help save the day and help her friends.


When Conner and Alex were born, this caused the Fairy Tale world and the Other world’s time differences to synchronize into the same pace, due to them being children of both worlds.

Alex and Conner were always together, even attended the same classes. One time in Elementary school, Conner said he wants to be a fireman. Alex responded by saying “How can you help other people if you can’t help yourself?” This was just a joke, but it haunted Alex for a very long time.

As a kid, she and Conner would visit their grandmother and listen to the fairy tales in the “Land of Stories” book. They became fascinated with what they read. Alex would often wish she would be in those stories.

Like her brother, Alex felt bonded with her father. Whenever she felt like she had a terrible day at school, she would go to her father to tell him her problems. Mr. Bailey would tell his daughter a story that would make her feel better and Alex would feel great again. When her father was killed in an accident, Alex felt miserable. The family had to move to a smaller house. Alex and Conner would hardly see their mother, for she is a nurse who works in a children’s hospital. They also didn’t see their grandmother very often, for she had places to see. Conner and Alex felt that their lives would be forever miserable without their father.

The Wishing Spell

After a hard time in school, Conner and Alex head to their house. When they enter the house, they see their grandmother, who showed up in their front door. She came to celebrate the twin’s twelfth birthday while their mother was at work. After the celebrations, their grandmother gave them a special gift, the “Land of Stories” book that they have read when they were kids. As happy as they were, their grandmother had to leave when she takes them to school tomorrow. Conner and Alex didn’t want her to leave but they knew she must be busy. That night Alex was happily reading her childhood book: The Land of Stories. When she was reading through the book, she wished she would go into the book. Then suddenly, the book glowed and hum at night. Alex was fascinated by this.

For a whole week, Alex kept throwing objects into the book out of curiosity. During school, Alex wasn’t paying attention in class, which was unusual. When the book glowed during Class, she told her teacher, Mrs. Peters that she needed to use the restroom, and she ran off while carrying the backpack, containing the book inside it. She went into the girls bathroom and told the book to stop glowing. Fortunately it stopped glowing. She was shocked when she realized that Conner was in the Girls bathroom with her. Conner wanted to know why was Alex acting strange all week. Alex told him that the book has been glowing and it may be even magical. Conner thought that she was going crazy, and he wanted to calm her down, until the book glowed. Alex told Conner that she’s been throwing socks and books into the book and she guesses that it may a portal somewhere. Conner was apprehensive of the book, especially since a bird just flew out of the book, and he told Alex that they should get rid of it. Alex didn’t want to throw away the book and so she ran back to class, with Conner following behind her.

During class the book glowed again, which caught the attention of the teacher Mrs. Peters, and she asked Alex what was in her backpack. Alex was scared that if Mrs. Peters saw the book, she will possibly call the government and they will take her and her family away. Conner threw a book at Mrs. Peters in order to make her focus on him. An Mrs. Peters made Conner go to detention while Alex got away with the book. After school Alex left to go home while Conner had to stay behind to have three weeks of detention. Alex ran back home and kept throwing objects into the book and watched them fall in. She placed her arm elbow deep to see where it ends up, when suddenly Conner bursts through the door. Alex was shocked by this and she lost her balance, which made her fall into the “Land of Stories” book.

Alex landed in a grass plain with trees, and Conner landed right next to her. Alex was surprised to see the land, it reminded her of something. Conner was mad at Alex for going into the book, and now they can't go back home. Alex was glad that even though she is far away from home, at least her brother was with her. Suddenly a group of knights passed by and placed a wanted poster of Goldilocks. Alex was excited that she was in the fairy tale world. She told Conner about this news, he refused to believe that they were in a another dimension and so he asked Alex what were they going to do. Suddenly Alex and Conner were encountered by Froggy, a talking man sized frog. Froggy offered to take them to his shelter in order to avoid wolves. Alex wasn’t as scared as Conner and even trusted Froggy for his assistance. They followed Froggy to his home. After they felt comfy, Alex and Conner asked Froggy where they were and who was he. Froggy informed them that he was a man who was transformed into a frogman by an angry witch. He tells them that they were in a dangerous part of the fairy tale world, especially since, Snow White’s wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen, has escaped prison. Conner and Alex wanted to know if there was a way home, so Froggy gave them a journal that will take them to a journey around the kingdoms in order to make a special wish called “The Wishing Spell”. Conner and Alex decided to use this as an opportunity to return home. The next morning the twins said goodbye to Froggy, who didn’t want to come with them for he feared what the world would think of him. Alex and Conner traveled through the Woods and briefly encountered the “Big Bad Wolf Pack”, who were descendants of the original Big Bad Wolf. They were saved by Goldilocks, who didn’t seem as bad as the world viewed her as. After that they reached Rapunzel’s tower.

Once they entered the tower, Conner and Alex read through the journal, which explained that they need to collect eight specific items, which were around the kingdoms, and once united the spell would be activated and it would grant any wish, including a way to return home. Conner took one of Rapunzel's leftover locks in the tower, and so there were only seven more items to go. After that, the Twins traveled to Cinderella’s palace so they could get one of her glass slippers.

Once they entered the Charming Kingdom, the Twins met Queen Cinderella and her husband King Chance Charming. Conner and Alex learned that there were four Charming brothers, three were married to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. There was also a fourth Charming who got missing. After the kindness the royal family showed them, the twins didn’t have the heart to take one of the slippers. As they were leaving, the twins heard more news of the Evil Queen. Alex was worried that they could be in danger, but Conner didn’t think that this would involve them at all and told Alex to not worry. When they woke up the next day, Alex realized that a glass slipper was in their pack, even though none of them took it.

After that, the duo traveled to The Red Riding Hood Kingdom, where there was a wall surrounding the kingdom. Alex told Conner that they were in the middle between the entrances and that it could take them a day or two to enter the kingdom. This made Conner very angry. Conner found a way in the kingdom by climbing a tree and hopping over the wall and landed on some hay. After Alex followed Conner, they traveled around the Kingdom and met up with Jack, from “Jack and the Beanstalk” who was heading to Queen Red Riding Hood’s castle, so the twins followed him. Once they entered the castle they met Queen Red, who was absolutely obsessed with Jack and wanted to marry him. While she was distracted, the twins traveled to the basket room to find a piece of Red Riding Hood’s basket. There were too many baskets, so the twins had to leave the castle, to search again that night. They didn’t have any luck finding the basket the second time they visited. They had to hide when a mysterious woman snuck into the basket room, founded the basket and took a piece off of it, and lit the room on fire after she realized she wasn’t alone. The twins took a piece off of the basket and left the burning castle. This concerned them for they realized someone was also looking for the “Wishing Spell”. They later noticed Goldilocks and Jack telling each other that they missed each other, and they hope they could get together after clearing Goldilocks’s name.

After leaving the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, Alex and Conner were lost in the woods, this made Conner very angry because they couldn’t find their way through the woods. Suddenly they were caught by a Troll and a Goblin, named Bobblewart and Egghorn. The twins were taken all the way to the territory of the Trolls and Goblins, which was deep underground with human slaves. There were lots of Trolls and Goblins who ordered the slaves to give them food and drinks. There was a Troll king, with his daughter alongside him, and a Goblin king. Between them was a stone crown. The twins were taken to the dungeons, which were full of human slaves, including the travelling tradesman who gave Jack the magic beans. The twins lost hope until they were approached by the Troll king's daughter, Trobella. She was madly in love with Conner and even called him "Butterboy". She would free them in exchange for a kiss from Conner. Conner didn't want to kiss her so Alex made Conner take the kiss, so they would be free. After they were freed, Alex and Conner led the slaves to the surface. Before they could go, Conner noticed the stone crown and approached it (it was one of the items for the wishing spell). Unfortunately, as Conner grabbed the crown, he fell down on the Goblin King's lap. Conner and Alex barely made it out of the territory from the angry Trolls and Goblins.

Alex and Conner ran all the way to the Fairy Kingdom in order to obtain a fairy tear. They met a fairy named Trix, who cried because she turned another fairy's wings into dry leaves, after he insulted her. This made the Fairy council furious and soon she will go to trial that will determine her fate. Alex felt bad for her, but Conner saw this as an opportunity to get fairy tears. So he told Trix that she was probably going to get crushed by an ogre after she gets banished. Trix cried after hearing this, Conner's action upset Alex, but Conner took one of her tears. Alex said that she wants to help Trix out during the trial, even though Conner didn't want to for he thought it was a waste of time. Although Conner decided to go to the trial in the end to at least support Trix. Once there the Fairy Council decided to banish Trix for misusing magic. Conner didn't think this was fair, so he told the Council that their rules were stupid. Alex told him not to make them angry, but he complained to the Council that while they were busy looking through something so small and pointless, he and Alex have been kidnapped by the Trolls and Goblins. The Council felt ashamed and so they cleared Trix of all charges and left to teach the Troll and Goblin kings a lesson. Alex was proud of Conner for being there for Trix.

After that, Alex and Conner traveled to the Sleeping kingdom to obtain Sleeping Beauty's spindle. They noticed that everyone was sleeping from withdraw, due to the 100-year sleeping curse put upon them. Conner and Alex meet Queen Sleeping Beauty and her husband King Chase, who were busy discussing what to do to keep the citizens up from sleeping. Conner suggested using a rubber band to keep the people up. So while he was searching the backpack for rubber bands, the Glass Slipper slipped off the pack. King Charming thought they stole the slipper so he ordered guards to chase them, although Sleeping Beauty halted them. She met a person who was also looking for her spindle, along with other items, to complete the wishing spell. So she decided to give the twins the spindle, as long as they return it to her.

Later Alex and Conner disembarked for the North kingdom, where they would take one of the jewels from Snow White's glass coffin. They had to move past the guards, who were on the lookout for the Evil Queen. Alex and Conner snuck into the room that was suppose to have the coffin, but it was just a dead end. Queen Snow White spotted them and demanded to know why they were here. The twins explained that they were on a scavenger hunt and the jewels were part of the list. Snow White told them that she gave it to the dwarves that helped her out. She warned them that if her stepmother is also looking for the items they were looking for, the Evil Queen wouldn't hesitate to harm them for she is heartless.

Alex and Conner went into the woods afterwards, to find the jewels. They noticed a curvy tree similar to what their father told them as kids. Alex got into a fight with Conner, that if that tree was from their father's childhood, than it means that their father lived in the fairy tale world. Conner got angry about why didn't their father tell them about this. Alex calmed him down by telling him that he probably felt that they would be to young to understand the truth and so he would tell them when they got older. Unfortunately that never happened for their father died. After calming down, the twins went into the mines to get the jewels, which they succeeded. Suddenly they were approached by the Big Bad Wolf Pack. Their leader, Malumclaw, told the twins that they had to follow them to their benefactor, who needs the twins for something important. Conner and Alex escaped the wolves by hopping into a minecart and thrusted through the mine. Unfortunately they crashed through a dead end, but made it out alive. Then they were knocked out by Bobblewart and Egghorn, who captured the twins once again.

As Alex and Conner woke up, they learned from the troll and goblin, that the whole species is furious at them for telling the fairies. So Bobblewart and Egghorn are taking the twins back to their territory, so every troll and goblin can beat up Alex and Conner. In order to escape, Conner drew his own blood to attract the attention of the big bad wolf pack. As the monsters were distracted by the howling, Alex broke Cinderella’s glass slipper and used the shards to cut the net the twins were trapped in. The twins ran for their lives as the troll and goblin were eaten by wolves. The pack was chasing the twins to a cliff where the twins had to either jump to the sea, or stay and get captured by the wolves. Conner pushed Alex off the cliff and followed after her.

Conner and Alex nearly drowned, but were saved by some mermaids, who provided them a magic bubble that allowed them to breathe. Alex was angry at Conner for nearly getting them killed. The mermaids took the duo to the Seafoam Spirit, who is the mermaid from “The Little Mermaid”. The Seafoam Spirit had the power to read their thoughts via water, and so she knew that the twins needed one more item for the Wishing Spell. The item was the saber, the same one where the little mermaid’s sisters traded their hair to the Sea Witch so she could give the mermaid the saber to kill the prince that broke her heart. The saber was in a bush pit located in the Sleeping kingdom, the bush was enchanted to trap anyone who comes there. The spirit gave the Twins shells that repel the vines, so they could get the saber. The Spirit warned the twins that the Evil Queen was also after the Wishing Spell. The woman with the basket, who is the Evil Queens Huntswoman, and the Big Bad Wolf Pack also worked for the Evil Queen. The spirit warned the twins that the Wishing Spell was used before, and it can only work once more, this made the twins more desperate to get the saber.

The twins were led by the mermaids out of the water and into the Sleeping kingdom. Wearing their shells, Conner and Alex went into the pit and the vines were repelled by the shells. It took a while but Conner founded the saber, thus completing the list for the Wishing Spell. As the twins were climbing out of the thorn bush pit, their shells were caught by some vines and broke apart. The twins were nearly dragged to the bottom, but they were pulled out of the pit by Froggy. Froggy explained that he was looking all over for them, because the Fairy Godmother wants to see them, and in exchange she will turn Froggy back into a man. Conner thinks that the Fairy Godmother wants to see them because she’s mad that they “stole” and broke one of the Glass Slippers. Conner and Alex were afraid that if they go to the Fairy Godmother, she will take away their items. The twins decided to go with Froggy to the Fairy Godmother so she could help out Froggy with his curse. Before they could do so, they saw Goldilocks carrying Queen Red, who planned on throwing the helpless Queen into the abyss. Before Red fell, she was rescued and captured by the Huntswoman and ran off with her. Alex and Conner didn’t know what to do, until they were once again approached by the Big Bad Wolf Pack. The Wolves demanded that the Twins, and to extension Goldilocks and Froggy, come with them to the Evil Queen, or they will rip them to shreds. Froggy ran off to find some help and he out hopped the wolves and left. The twins were prepared for the worst.

Conner, Alex and Goldilocks were lead by the wolves, to an area of the Sleeping kingdom that was completely dead. They arrived at an abandoned castle,(No longer abandoned as it was occupied by the Evil Queen). Once they entered the Castle, Goldilocks was sent to the dungeons, where Queen Red also resides, while the twins stood before the Evil Queen. The Queen, took away the items and prepared to use the Wishing Spell. Conner pushed the Queen, and she dropped the Fairy tear to the floor, which evaporated, and the Spell was incomplete. The Queen hit Conner in frustration for foiling her. The Queen needed a fairy tear so she looked through Alex using a Magic Mirror, and looked at her funny. Alex knew that the Evil Queen despises pretty girls, and she feared she would have to eat a poison apple. The Queen decided to tell the twins her tragic backstory. The Queen’s name is Evly, and a long time ago she was a prisoner to the Enchantress, who cursed Sleeping Beauty to slumber. Evly was forced to work for her, but she fell madly in love with a man named Mira. The Enchantress was furious and tapped Mira into the infamous Magic Mirror. Evly was saddened with vengeance and so she used a knife, dipped with a powerful poison, and stabbed the Enchantress. The Enchantress ran off to the woods, and presumably died. Evly couldn’t get Mira out of the mirror, no matter how powerful a witch’s magic was. Evly was heartbroken with grief so she asked a witch named Hagatha to remove her heart, and turn it into stone, so she wouldn’t have to live with this pain. Because of this Evly was truly heartless and emotional, unless she touches the heart of stone, and so that’s why she never loved Snow White and always treated people terribly. Evly wants to use the Wishing Spell so she could free Mira. The story was too sad for Alex, so she cried out some tears, which Evly collected and placed them into the Wishing Spell items. This activated the Wishing spell.

Alex was confused to know how did the tear worked if it had to be a fairy’s tear. The Evil Queen then used her wish to free Mira from the mirror. The spell worked and Mira was free. Evly held on to her heart of stone, and felt happy to see Mira again. Mira unfortunately died from being trapped in the mirror for too long. Evly was saddened by this and ignored the world around her. At the same time, Froggy arrived with Jack and Snow White’s Knights, the knights were prepared to blow up the castle, so Jack and Froggy needed to save their friends inside it. Alex and Conner tried telling Evly to let go of her heart so she could get out of the doomed castle, but she wouldn’t listen. A cannonball knocked the magic mirror and it trapped Evly and Mira’s body, so they were trapped in it as the mirror shattered. Froggy arrived to save Alex and Conner from the crumbling castle, and so they managed to escape. Alex and Conner witnessed Goldilocks fight the Huntswoman, who was going to lose the fight from the wicked lady. Jack launched a cannonball to the Huntswoman and save Goldilocks. Unfortunately the knights arrested Goldilocks for the number of crimes she committed on the kingdoms.

Alex and Conner were headed to the Northern Kingdom again with their friends, they were said that they couldn’t use the Wishing Spell to return home. They stayed in the castle for a couple weeks, needing to relax after their long journey. They learned that Goldilocks escaped prison and Jack went missing. The twins knew that wherever they were, they finally had each other. The twins, Queen Red and Froggy were invited to join the royals into celebrating the birth of Cinderella’s baby, Hope. The twins arrived there and felt happy to celebrate with all the people they grew up with. The twins learned that Snow White was the one who freed the Evil Queen, because she heard her tragic story and felt bad for her. Sir Lampton, Cinderella’s head of the her royal guard was the one who put the glass slipper in their bag for he knew they needed it. Sir Lampton told the twins that the Fairy Godmother would like to see them now. The arrived in a room and met the Fairy Godmother, who was revealed to be their Grandmother.

The twins couldn’t believe their eyes to know that their Grandmother, and therefore their father, actually came from the fairy tale world. She explained that she had the power to travel from the fairy tale world to the human world, which is called the other world. She told her grandchildren that their father wanted to go to the other world so he could be with his love Charlotte. Her son John loved the other world for the hard work the people go through. He fell in love with Charlotte and even dated her. The Fairy Godmother forbade John to go to the other world because back then there was a time difference between worlds where the other world was faster than the fairy tale world. She didn’t want to lose her son from time. So to return to the other world he had to use the Wishing Spell, to reach to Charlotte. Then a miracle happened when the twins were born, the world synchronized in time. This was due to the twins being born from two different worlds. After explaining everything, the Fairy Godmother went to the celebration with her Grandchildren to say goodbye to everybody. She turned Froggy back into a human, he was revealed to be the missing fourth Charming, Prince Charlie Charming. The Fairy Godmother then summoned a portal that lead back to home. Conner immediately ran to the portal and said a quick bye to everyone. Before Alex went back home, she told everyone in the castle “Thanks for being with her as a child”. She headed home with her Grandmother and while they did that, Alex asked her when will they return to the Land of Stories. Her grandmother replied “Soon”.

The Enchantress Returns

Alex and Conner finally returned home from their adventure. They’re reunited with their Mother, Charlotte, who was very happy to see them again. She told them that she had to give out so many excuses to their school on why they have been missing for three weeks. Alex and Conner’s Grandmother has to return to the Land of Stories, to finish up some business. She promised she would meet them again some day, and even teach them magic, something Conner doesn’t think is good for him.

A year has passed since and Conner and Alex became thirteen. They never saw their grandmother, or any piece of magic, for a whole year. Alex would often dream about returning to the Fairy Tale world. Alex usually went into another town, where she would take her studies at. She went back to her town and went to school with Conner. She headed to the library, to read the fairy tale books. She was especially excited to see a picture of the Fairy Godmother (who looked nothing like her Grandmother). Alex hugged the book and whispered to it “Please take me back, at least give me a sign”. She was shocked when she realized that Conner was behind her the whole time. She told him that she was just checking if there was any sign from their grandmother. When Conner left, Alex realized that the picture of the Fairy Godmother now resembled her Grandmother. She was given a postcard from her grandmother.

After school, Conner and Alex went back to their home and saw some flowers for Charlotte Bailey, from Dr. Bob. Alex assumed that they were delivered to her just because he was nice. Conner predicted that Dr. Bob has been dating their mother for the last six months. This started when Bob gave the twins a border collie, named Buster, and now the flowers appear to be the answer. This was confirmed by Charlotte when she came home. She said that Bob made her happy and feel able to move on from her husband's death. The same thing applied to Bob when his wife passed away, so when they met each other they fell in love. Conner and Alex were angry at their mother for doing this to their father, they feel betrayed. They later had a chat with Bob, who told them that the dog wasn’t a bribe and that he cared for the twins too. He even told the twins that he was going to engage their mother and asked for their blessing. Conner and Alex had a private discussion about this and agreed that they were doing this for their mother, as long as Conner doesn’t call him “Dad”.

Alex went into another town to finish all of her studies there before dinner starts. When she returned, Alex, Conner and Bob prepared a dinner, from Charlotte’s favorite restaurant, and waited for her to come back. She didn’t come for hours, and this worried the twins a lot. The last time they waited for a parent they lost one. Then the door opened and a dozen knights from Cinderella’s guard entered the house, alongside Xanthous, a fire fairy from the Fairy Council, and the Fairy Godmother. The twins were surprised to their Grandmother again, but she wanted to know where their mother was. The twins said that didn’t show up for dinner so she’s missing. This concerned their Grandmother so she decided to give the twins some news, their mother has been kidnapped.

Conner and Alex were shocked and demanded answers but their grandmother wouldn’t give them answers. The Fairy Godmother turned the knights into gnomes, so that if any danger comes they will fight back. She revealed that Buster the Border Collie was really Sir Lampton, the head of Cinderella’s royal guard, and left him and Xanthous to watch the twins. Alex and Conner were angry at their Grandmother for not showing up for years and now she puts them under house arrest, without even telling them what’s going on. Their Grandmother hopes that they understand that she is doing this to protect them, and then she leaves to the Land of Stories.

For weeks Conner and Alex have been waiting in the house, wondering whether their mother was all right. They only received minor updates on what’s been going on in the fairy tale world, such as Charlotte being kidnapped by someone in the Land of Stories. Alex and Conner were thinking how did their mother get kidnapped from the fairy tale world. Conner thought that maybe there are entrances from the other world to the fairy tale world. Alex took these words to heart and formulated a plan. Then Xanthous and Sir Lampton had to go back to the Land of Stories, for important business. They were going to leave Mother Goose to watch the twins.

Mother Goose arrived, although she surprised the twins by revealing to be an old magical lady, who rode a horse sized gander named Lester. Mother Goose had a fun time with the twins, especially Conner, who thought Mother Goose was amazing. Mother Goose would tell Conner and Alex stories of how her life, including one where she is the Mona Lisa. Alex was glad to see Conner happy, she was ready to set her plan in motion. When Mother Goose ran out of bubbly, Alex gave her an alcoholic beverage. That made Mother Goose drunk and she mentioned someone named Ezlia. Alex forced Mother Goose to tell her who is Ezmia. She told Alex that Ezmia the Enchantress m, who previously cursed Sleeping Beauty, attacked the Fairy tale kingdom with her thorns, and kidnapped Alex’s mother. Alex ran away from the house that night, to travel to her grandmother's house.She hoped that there was a portal to the fairy tale world there. She ran into an old wooden bridge, which caused her to fall off and hold on to it for dear life. She thought she was going to die, when suddenly Conner saved Alex from falling off the bridge. He knew where she was headed, and so he took Lester and found her at the bridge. Conner demanded to know why did Alex left him behind. Alex told Conner that she was heading to their grandmother’s house to see if there was a way to the Land of Stories. Alex didn’t want Conner to get in trouble by bringing him into this, especially since she made Mother Goose tell her what’s been going on in the Fairy tale world. She told Conner that the Enchantress was back and she has started taking over the Land of Stories and kidnapped Charlotte. Conner didn’t care how much trouble they would be in, as long as they’re together. The twins entered their grandmothers house, and looked for a way to the Land of Stories. Conner spotted a painting that looked like the Ugly Ducklings pond. Alex grabbed the painting and activated the way to the fairy tale world. Unfortunately it teleported the house, with the twins inside, under the lake. The twins had to get out of the house to avoid drowning. After getting out of the lake, Alex and Conner realized that they were back in the Land of Stories.

Conner and Alex realized they were back in the woods, a place that brought bad memories. Conner and Alex followed a fox wearing a hood, naturally they followed him. They saw several hooded animals talking about what to do about the Enchantress, since she completely covered the Sleeping kingdom in vines. The animals left once they realized they weren’t alone. Alex and Conner were approached by one of the hooded animals, who turned out to be Froggy. The twins were delighted to see Froggy again, and they were surprised to see him as a frogman again. Froggy was turned back into a frog by the Fairy Godmother to see how the criminals of the kingdoms were reacting to the Enchantress situation. Alex and Conner told Froggy that they snuck back to the world without permission from their Grandmother, so they could rescue their mother from the Enchantress. Froggy decided to help them out without letting the Fairy Godmother know about them, he made the twins come with him to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom.

Conner and Alex followed Froggy to the kingdom, when they went in, they met Red again. She and Froggy were required to join the Happily Ever After Assembly, to discuss what to do about the Enchantress attacks. Conner and Alex wanted to go into the meeting, without anyone noticing them. Conner saw a painting of Red in a large dress, and he suggested that he and Alex hide under the dress while she’s at the meeting. Everyone agreed to the plan, to Red’s dismay.

Conner and Alex were under Red’s dress, as she went into the Assembly. The twins saw what was happening under the dress, through a few loose seams. They heard that the Enchantress had kidnapped Cinderella's daughter, Hope, and that she was taught by the Fairy Godmother herself. The Fairy Godmother stated that ever since Ezmia was stabbed by the poison from the Evil Queen, she has become stronger and has lost all good inside. In other words, even the Fairy Godmother doesn't know how to stop her. Then everyone witnessed the Enchantress appearing in the room, and she is happy that they are all here. She said that she has kidnapped the Fairy Godmother's granddaughter (In reality she has Charlotte Bailey, who has pretended to be Alex in order to protect her.) Alex figured out that when she went into another town, Ezmia accidentally took Charlotte who was in town. Ezmia asking the royals to lend their kingdoms to her, and in return, she will spare them. Despite the events that have happened, no one complied. Ezmia then stole the Fairy Godmother's soul. This made Conner want to come out of the dress and his grandmother, but Alex stopped him so no one would know they were here. The Enchantress left the room, and for the first time ever, no one knew what to do.

As Conner, Alex, Froggy and Red returned to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, they noticed the wall that surrounded the kingdom has vanished. Conner realized that Ezmia has continued her attack across the kingdoms. When they entered the library section of the castle, they were reunited with the outlaws, Jack and Goldilocks. They came to the castle to see if they could do anything to help, but no one thought anything could stop the Enchantress if the Fairy Godmother couldn't. Conner then realized that there was a book in the library, that had a list of spells and legendary items, and he told the group that they could assemble a weapon that could defeat the Enchantress. The group didn't think anything from the book was real, as they believe they were just legends. Conner tried to remind them that the "Wishing Spell" was considered fake, but he and Alex proved that it was for real. So what made them think that whatever is in the book was fake? This brought back hope for the group and so they read anything that could potentially stop the Enchantress. The best one was an item called "The Wand of Wonderment". It was a wand that could only be assembled by combining six cherished items from the six most hated/feared people in the world. Whoever held onto the wand, could be invincible. The group realized that they would have to go across the world in order to steal items from dangerous people, so they gave up hope again. Conner made every pay attention on him again (by burning one of Red's portraits). Alex told Conner that this quests is basically suicidal, but Conner said that even though this quest sounds like suicide, it would be even more suicidal if they didn't do anything while the Enchantress destroys everyone and everything they love. This made the group lighten their spirits again, and now they were prepared to save the world.

The six most hated people in the world were, the Snow Queen, Cinderella's wicked stepmother, the late Giant from the beanstalk, the Evil Queen, the Sea Witch, and the Enchantress. The group needed their most cherished items, so they predicted what items they could possibly be. They needed the Snow Queen's Ice staff, something from the wicked stepmother, something from the Giant, the pieces of the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror, the Sea Witch's jewels, and something from the Enchantress. The group knew they had to use some sort of transportation, Froggy suggested that they use a wooden ship powered by sails to make it fly, like a hot air balloon. Queen Red rounded up her civilians to build the ship, while the others prepare supplies and destinations to get ready for the trip. The morning the group would disembark to their journey, Alex noticed Conner wasn’t up. She went to check on Conner and he told her he saw some ghost girl. Alex believed him and agreed to not share this with the group. With everything ready, Conner, Alex, Froggy, Queen Red, Goldilocks, and Jack, boarded the ship (the 'S.S. Granny', dubbed by Red) and flew to the skies as they made their destiny to the snowy mountains of the Northern kingdom. Where the Snow Queen currently resides.

The 'Granny 'arrived to the mountains. Conner and Alex, with Jack and Goldilocks, entered the Ice castle of the Snow Queen. From there they saw her sitting at her throne, with her manipulative Polar bears beside her. Jack distracted the bears, while the twins approached the blind queen. They almost grabbed her staff, until they made a crunch of snow caused by stepping on it. The Snow queen attacked them, she tried freezing them, but she couldn't see them. The Queen was escorted by one of her Polar bears, he would be her eyes by telling her where the twins were. The duo entered a room, with walls that were very reflective. The bear couldn't tell which one of the reflections were the real Alex and Conner, so he made the queen freeze the wrong Alex and Conner. Eventually the bear was accidently frozen by the queen, she was so furious that she shrieked so loud, it caused a bunch of snow to drop on her, knocking her out. Alex was going near the Snow Queen, to check is she was dead, when suddenly the blind queen grabbed Alex and told her a prophecy. She said, “Of the four travelers, one will not return”. Alex was confused by what could she mean by this. After that, Alex and Conner swiped her staff and froze the other bear attacking them. Once they had what they needed, they reunited with their comrades, and left the kingdom.

The group travelled to the Charming kingdom in order to get the Stepmother's item. Conner went with Alex and Red and entered the Stepmother's house. They met her daughters, and had a conversation with her. The Stepmother, who's name is lady Iris, assumed that they came to her to mock her in the face for being cruel to Cinderella. Alex asked her why was she so cruel to Cinderella. Iris replied by saying her second husband would always spend his time with Cinderella before he died. When he passed away, every time Iris saw Cinderella, she would be reminded of him and it would cause her heart break. Conner and Alex noticed Iris's ring, and that made them believe that the ring was her most prized possession. Conner told Iris that they are on a quest to stop the Enchantress and save Princess Hope. He told her that if he gives them her ring, it would be the nicest thing she has ever done for Cinderella. Lady Iris agreed, and gave the group her ring. As the group was leaving, they heard news that the Enchantress had knocked down Rapunzel's tower. After learning that the Enchantress was destroying monuments in order to bring down symbolism, Conner believed that the Enchantress was after souls.

The crew of the 'Granny', returned to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, the beanstalk had been chopped down so they had to wait for it to grow back. Alex, Conner, Froggy, Jack, and Goldilocks, climbed up the beanstalk, a task that proved to be difficult. Once they reached the top of the beanstalk, they saw the Giant's castle. Once they entered the castle, they noticed many portraits of the Golden Harp, who was in Jack's house in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom. As the group realized they came to the castle for nothing, they were hunted by a giant cat. The group ran back to the beanstalk, with the cat following after them. Red had to chop down the beanstalk, and she did it with tremendous strength. The Cat went back to the clouds, and the group was safe. Alex and Conner had to tell the Harp that she was coming with them.

The group didn't know what would happen if the harp touched the wand and how would she even be a part of the wand. Until they figured out how to make the harp a part of the wand, the crew voyaged to Sleeping kingdom, where the wrecked remains of the Evil Queen's castle resided. Alex and Conner were the only ones to fit into an entrance that leads to the wrecked castle. The twins used the wand to collect the remains of the Queen's Magic Mirror. They realized they weren't alone when they saw Evly in some shattered remains of glass. Evly didn't recognize them at first, due to the mirror's curse making the prisoner forget who they were. Conner made Evly remember who she was, by mention her title "The Evil Queen". Evly felt bad for what she has done, and asked the twins to forgive her for what she has done to them. The twins forgave her, due to her not being able to feel her emotions. Conner and Alex suggest that when the wand is complete, they could use it to free Evly. Evly didn't want to be free, for she believed she deserved to be alone. Evly told them that they were being followed by a ghost girl know as "the Lady of the East". She also told them that the only thing Ezmia loved most of all was "herself". The twins wanted to more answers, but Evly forgot who they were again, due to the curse. Knowing that there was nothing they could do to help her, the twins returned to their friends, and left the kingdom.

The group then discussed how were they going to get the sea witch's jewels, they have to trade her something valuable. Goldilocks suggested that they trade Red for the jewels (A Queen is valuable). Red didn't want to go with it, she absolutely refused. So Goldilocks decided to dress up as Red and be given to the Sea Witch. Alex then told Conner about her experience with the Snow Queen, when she told Alex the prophecy of the travelers. Conner didn't think this made any sense, as there were six travelers in total. Then, Conner and Alex saw the ghost girl again. Conner kept asking her "what did she want"? The ghost girl disappeared again. Even though she never met the ghost before, Alex thought she looked familiar. The 'Granny' landed on the sea, the crew didn't know how to get under water. They were surrounded by mermaids, the "Seafoam Spirit" was there too. The spirit wanted to help out the twins with their quest to stop the enchantress. She gave the crew special sea shells to breath underwater. She also provided the group a giant sea turtle, he will help them reach the bottom of the ocean quickly. Within a half hour, the group reached the bottom of the ocean, into the lair of the Sea Witch. The group entered the lair, Alex and Conner went into the Sea Witch's room, with Goldilocks and Froggy beside them. The quartet met the Sea Witch, she wanted to trade a few pearls for "Red". Conner demanded the witch gave them her jewels, he made up a story about how he and his friends were cursed to become a frog and two kids. The Sea Witch changed her mind and decided to the trade, which was complete. But as Froggy and the twins were leaving, the witch used her cuttlefish to taste Goldilocks, to see if he tasted royal blood. The Sea Witch was furious once she realized she had been tricked. She, with help from her sea pets, attacked the group. During the battle, Conner kicked the witch's cuttlefish (which trapped her head in his mouth). The group ran back into the turtle and went back into the 'Granny'. As the ship started flying again, a few anglerfish jumped out of the water and ripped the sails. The 'Granny' crashed landed into some part of the kingdom. Before Conner and Alex blacked out, they saw a Troll and a Goblin walked toward them.

Conner and Alex woke up in a minecart, driven by a troll. They saw their friends, and the harp, were in other carts. When they realized they were returning to the Troll and Goblin Territory (renamed to Trollblin territory, they were worried. When the group reached underground, they noticed that the Trolls and Goblins weren't as ugly as they remembered, they were even clean. They also noticed the human slaves were not even rugged or scared, they were absolutely bored. Conner and Alex were taken to the waiting rooms, where they were to dance with the Trollblins. They saw their future stepfather, Dr. Bob, also in the waiting room. He said that he has been searching all over for them, after sneaking into the door that led to the Fairy Tale world behind the Fairy Godmother's back. Then everyone, except for Conner who stayed in the back of the line, danced with the Trollblins. Alex noticed Trollbella, and she wanted her Butterboy with her. Suddenly an hourglass appeared and the sand was almost gone. Alex heard Trollbella say that Ezmia had asked her to surrender her throne to her, Trollbella didn't take her seriously and refused to. Alex knew that when the hourglass ran out of sand, something bad was going to happen. Then when the hourglass's time was up, a flood of water rushed toward the crowd. Everyone ran for their lives to the exits, while Alex and Conner stayed behind and used the ice staff to freeze the water. The ice broke, and the twins joined their friends into the surface.

Alex, Conner, their friends, and the Trollblins, barely made it out of the territory. The group only needed one more item for The Wand of Wonderment, The Enchantress's item. As the group decided to wait until something came up, Conner and Alex went to a walk. As they were walking, they met the ghost girl again. She motivated the twins into following her, the twins gladly did so. Conner and Alex went into an underground entrance, that led into Sleeping Beauty's castle. The twins met King Charming there, who they told if they know who the ghost girl is. He told them that is the ghost of Queen Beauty (from the story "Beauty and the Beast”). The ghost of Queen Beauty told the twins that they need to stop the Enchantress. Another ghost arrived, The ghost of Hagatha (Ezmia's Master). She told the duo that the Enchantress planed on creating a portal that led into the otherworld. She will create the by conquering the past, (destroying national monuments), conquering the present, (Taking the thrones of the Happily Ever After Assembly) and conquering the future (Kidnapping the heir of man and magic). She also needed to master the seven deadly sins. Alex realized that if Hope was the heir of man, does that mean Alex is the heir of magic? Alex told everyone that even though she wants to be a fairy, she can’t possibly be the next Fairy Godmother. Hagatha told her that she has strong magic in her, and so that’s why she is worthy to be the heir of magic. Agatha told the twins that Ezmia's greatest possession was her "pride". The twins knew what the final item was, so they had hope again. A third ghost, named Gloria told the duo that she needed them to return to their friends. She said that she helped built the wand, and now the twin's must take Ezmia's pride. When the siblings returned to their campsite, they learned that the Harp had touched the wand and became a part of the wand, sacrificing her life. Conner knew that the Harp's name was Gloria, and told the group what was the final item.

Suddenly, giant cursed vines launched out of the ground and began capturing the royals. Conner had to save Trollbella from getting pulled underground. The pull was too strong for Conner to handle, so Alex had to grab Conner too so he wouldn't fall in. Conner didn't want Alex to get pulled in too, so he kicked Alex and she let go of him. Alex saw her brother and her friends get taken underground. She noticed a large tower, made of rocks and roots, and so she ran towards it. As Alex was running, while holding the incomplete wand, she thought to herself how was she going to take Ezmia’s pride? She knew that she was going to have to insult the Enchantress. Alex climbed the tower and entered a room, where the royals, fairies, and friends were. Red was about to give up her throne to Ezmia, when Alex showed up (with the incomplete Wand of Wonderment in her hands) and interrupted the spell. Ezmia warned Alex to go away or she will kill her, Alex then insulted Ezmia and called her a bully. Ezmia was furious, so she blasted Alex out of the tower and Alex fell far away and possibly died. Everyone was shocked, but not as shocked as Conner, who witnessed his only sister get blown away.

Alex was falling down and down, she thought she was dead. She “woke up” and noticed she was in a cave. She met four girls. Their names were Alice, Wendy, Lucy, and Dorothy. They came from the stories, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, and “The Wizard of Oz”. Alex realized that she was dreaming and wondered how is she alive, she realized that the Wand of Wonderment took Ezmia’s pride, and it made her invincible. The girls asked her if she was going to kill Ezmia with the wand. Alex knew she had to, but she hoped there was another way. She realized that she could take away Ezmia’s power, by apologizing for all the terrible things that happened to her. Alex woke up and found herself on the ground near Bob. She turned him into a winged horse, and rode him to the tower.

Ezmia kept demanding Red to give up her throne, but no matter how many times Red gave up her throne, the portal wouldn't open. Conner insulted Ezmia and so she grew tired of him, and was prepared to blast Conner, when suddenly Alex arrived. Conner kept motivating Alex to blast Ezmia with the wand. Ezmia realized that Alex was the true heir of magic, and compared herself to Alex. Alex said that she would never do all of those terrible things Ezmia has done. Ezmia dares Alex to strike her, but Alex threw away the wand (because she doesn’t need the wand to defeat Ezmia). Alex forgave Ezmia for all the trouble she has gone through as young fairy. Ezmia was ready to kill Alex, until she lost her power. Ezmia was turning old and her control on the vines withered away. Everyone thought it was over, then suddenly Ezmia took the wand and her power returned. Conner ran to Ezmia, welding Goldilocks’s sword and chopping any vines that came to him. Ezmia blasted Alex, until Alex was saved by Ezmia's assistant Rumpelstiltskin. Conner then sliced the wand in half, and Ezmia's power was drained again. The twin's watched Rumpelstiltskin die, who saved Alex in order to redeem himself for helping the Enchantress. Ezmia was turned into nothing but dust. In the aftermath of the event, the Fairy Council freed all of the souls the Enchantress has captured, including the Fairy Godmother. She turned Bob back into a man, and he was happy to see his true love Charlotte again. Everyone felt happy that the Enchantress's reign of terror was over.

All of the kingdom celebrated the twin's victory on the Enchantress. Froggy was turned back into a human by the Fairy Godmother, Conner didn't even recognize him. The Happily Ever After Assembly took away all charges on Jack and Goldilocks, for helping collect the items for the Wand of Wonderment. Although they stole Red's necklace and stole some horses and left to return to a life of crime. Dr. Bob engaged himself to Charlotte. Conner and Alex were so happy, that they wanted to celebrate the wedding at the Fairy Tale world. Then the wedding came, and Alex and Conner were happy that their mother was happy. The twins learned that the Fairy Council had a secret meeting, they brought back Mother Goose from the other world, and even excluded the royals out of their meeting. The Fairy Godmother came to the twins to share some terrible news, the bridge between the worlds will be closed by her and the Fairy Council. Alex and Conner were shocked by this. Because Ezmia almost opened up a portal to the other world, the council decided that by closing the doorway, both worlds would be safe from harm. Alex left to her room crying and stayed there for hours. She realized that she had a future here in the fairy tale world, and it was going to stay away from her. Alex’s Mother entered the room and started crying to. Alex wondered why was she crying if she wasn’t going to lose anything. Charlotte was going to lose someone important. When Alex asked what did she mean by that, Charlotte told her that she isn’t going to let her leave the place she calls home.

Alex had decided to stay in the Fairy Tale world and be the next Fairy Godmother. She was going to tell Conner her decision, but he had already left the palace. Eventually Conner arrived to the castle gardens at dusk, where the portal would open and close for the final time. In order to communicate and see the Fairy Tale world from the Otherworld, Conner was given a magic mirror. The portal was opened and Conner was prepared to leave with his mother, stepfather, and Cinderella's stepfamily, when he noticed Alex stood behind. He asked Alex why wasn't she following him, she told Conner that she has decided to stay in the Land of Stories. Conner was shocked, he expected his mother to talk some sense into Alex, but she was the one who gave Alex the decision. Alex was going to tell Conner earlier, but he left his room earlier. Alex wanted to stay, for she was destined to be the next Fairy Godmother. Alex told Conner that each of them have their own destiny, Conner's is to be an author to spread the stories. Conner knew that Alex had made up her mind, and gave her one "final" hug. Conner had to get back into the portal as it was closing.

A Grimm Warning

Alex has been training to be a fairy godmother. She had learned her magic very quickly, she has her own wand, and she has almost been completely devoted to being a fairy. She often talks to Conner, via mirror, about her daily life. She learned, from Conner, that their Mother is happy to be with Bob; although she misses Alex all the time. Alex tamed Cornelius, a chubby unicorn with a broken horn, and rides him to travel across the kingdoms to help those in need. Alex resides in the Fairy Kingdom. Where she gets a lesson, from her grandmother, about magic. Sometimes she gets so helpful, she gets carried away and doesn’t think about the consequences of her magic. She gets so caught up with her life on training to be a fairy, she often doesn’t talk to her brother. Due to her quick training on being a fairy, Alex is to be given a fairy inaugural ball, where she will be a member of the Fairy Council. She told Conner about this news and she learned he was heading to Berlin for a field trip, to hear three stories created by the Brothers Grimm. Conner wished she could see Europe with him. Alex realized that if they chipped off a piece of their mirror, they could see each other through that piece. Alex wished good luck to Conner and turned off communication.

Alex woke up the next day to start up her daily routine, grant people three wishes by noon. She went to her noble steed Cornelius, a chubby unicorn with a broken horn. Alex rode Cornelius to help out two villages. She helped the first one with giving three girls dresses, they didn’t like the dresses. She helped another village repairing a well, the well was overflowed with water and it washed the whole village. Alex headed to a village in the Eastern Kingdom, where farmer Robins and his son lived. Farmer Robbins didn’t want Alex’s help; last time she helped him build his fence, she made one put roots and the herbivores ate the fence. Alex wanted to help build the fence again, but farmer Robbins shouted at her to leave and turn a maid into a princess or he will do something he will regret. Alex refused and built the fence, by hand, in two hours. She left with Cornelius back to the Fairy Kingdom, where she met up with the members of the Fairy Council, Tangerina and Skylene. They were talking to her about how she will dress up as fancy as possible, for it will be a glorious celebration. This news placed more pressure on Alex. She went to her Grandmother’s room quarters. Alex told her Grandmother that she had a rough day because the people she helped weren’t very thankful of her assistance. The Fairy Godmother told her granddaughter that sometimes people aren’t always asking for help, for they want to complete their own dreams themselves. The Fairy Godmother took Alex to a special room, the hall of dreams. It was a room where dreams across the kingdoms could be seen in this room. Alex learned from her grandmother that there were people in this room who completed their own dreams without fairy assistance, and Alex understood now. Alex learned that her own Grandmother’s dream had come true; to complete Alex’s training. Alex left, with nothing else to do but to relax for the upcoming fairy inaugural ball.

Alex was trying to find something to distract her from the pressure of being in the fairy inaugural ball, when Mother Goose gave her great news. She told Alex that Jack and Goldilocks were to be married today at the Dwarves Woods. Alex wanted to go to the wedding, for it will also distract her from the pressure within her. She went to go ding Cornelius. She did find him and he was accompanied by Farmer Robins’s son. Alex wondered why was he here, “Did he come here for trouble?”. But at the same time she was infatuated to see him. His name was Rook Robbins and he came to Cornelius to see Alex again. He was fascinated by her determination to repair the fence and he wanted to go on a walk with her. Alex couldn’t stop thinking about him, he almost left when she didn’t say anything. She promised she would go on a walk with him someday, and he grew excited. When he left, Alex was feeling in love. She rode Cornelius to the Dwarves forest, where the wedding was about to start. Alex met up with her friend Queen Red, who was talked into participating into the wedding by Froggy. Alex told Red about her experience with Rook and Red was excited to hear this. She told Alex to visit her kingdom tomorrow, so she could talk to Alex about what to do during the walk, while she deals with speaking to her citizens. By the time they finished talking, the wedding started. Jack was accompanied by his best man Froggy, while Goldilocks was accompanied by her maid of honor Porridge, her horse. Mother Goose brought the two together and the two lovers were officially married. Goldilocks and Jack ran off together, happily married. Alex felt happy for them, this brought her more hope to have a happy life.

Alex headed to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, where Queen Red and the House of Progress, were helping out the citizens with their problems. Red gave Alex advice on what to do, and what not to do, when she is walking with Rook. Alex was pretty sure all of these suggestions were for Red only, and not in general. Unexpectedly, Bo Peep arrived to the House of Progress and announced that she wants the throne of Queen Red. She, and lots of citizens, have grown tired of being under Red’s rule. Now they want somebody else to be the next Queen. Red decided to have an election, to determine who will be the Queen.

Alex left the the House of Progress to go on a walk with Rook. She met him and had an awkward moment, neither of them knew what to say or do. They decided to talk to each other about their lives. Alex was worried that Rook wouldn’t see her the same if she told him who she was. So she told him that she was a person who grew up in a faraway land. She told him that she learned she was a fairy since she was twelve, and is training with her grandmother to be a fairy. Rook told Alex that he is 115. This was due to him being caught in the hundred year sleeping curse. His Father hated the fairies, for not doing anything to stop Ezmia. Rook was happy that Ezmia was killed, although his father may never be the same ever again. Alex took this story to heart; she was worried what would Rook think of her, if she told him she was the one who defeated Ezmia. Rook asked Alex what did she do today; Alex replied by telling him about Bo Peep challenging Queen Red’s throne. Rook was surprised by this and wondered what would provoke Bo Peep to do this unexpected action. Rook had an idea, but he wasn’t sure if Alex was willing to go with it. Alex wanted to hear it, and Rook told her that maybe they should spy on Bo Peep and see her motivations. Alex knew this was childish and irresponsible; so she surprised herself and Rook, by telling him she wants to spy Bo Peep. Alex and Rook rode Cornelius to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom. They spotted Bo Peep making sure she was alone. Once she was sure the area was clean, she entered a barn and was near a mirror. Alex knew it was a magic mirror. Bo Peep activated the mirror, and a man appeared in the other side. She told him that she was getting closer to become Queen, so that way she would have the authority to set him free from his prison. The man in the mirror doubted her goals and was sure she would fail. He turned off the mirror and Bo Peep started crying. After Bo Peep left, Rook asked Alex some questions, “Who was the man in the mirror?”. Alex had a theory, “that the man had recently been trapped in a mirror, and that made Bo Peep to have the decision to become queen”. With the authority, she can find a way to free her lover, just like the Evil Queen and her lover, Mira. Alex and Rook left the kingdom after that. They said goodbye to each other and hoped to see each other sometime again. Alex felt ready for the fairy inaugural ball. At the same time, she felt excited when she was with Rook, he made her feel like she was filled with butterflies.

The day of the fairy inaugural ball had finally come. Everyone was all set up to make it perfect, except for Alex. Alex wanted to make a dress, one that everyone will remember her as. She tried putting on multiple dresses, eventually she liked one that is plainly white. She noticed the piece of the mirror had been glowing nonstop; Alex figured that Conner was having the time of his life in Europe and wanted to tell her about it. Alex didn’t bother to reply, she didn’t want Conner to make fun of her dress. She was about to leave her room, when she met up with Tangerina and Skylene. Their dresses were fancy and enchanted, it made Alex feel underdressed. They knew that she must be feeling under lots of pressure. They gave her advice to wear whatever makes her feel like herself. When they left, Alex thought of her present life, she thought of how Rooks often made her feel like she had butterflies. She changed her dress one last time. The Fairy Godmother, Mother Goose, and the Fairy Council waited for Alex to come to them. when she came, they were awed to see her dress; the same white dress, this time covered in enchanted butterflies. Alex went to the middle of the area, where she was looked by every fairy in the kingdom. Before Alex could be officially a member of the Fairy Council, she had to past four tests; she already past three tests. They were the tests of Courage, Grace, and Kindness. To past the test of Heart, Alex had to explain why she should join the Fairy Council. Alex though long and hard, she said that the world didn’t look up to the fairies because they believe the fairies have never had a tough life. Alex can be the fairy for them, for she knows what they feel. The Fairy Godmother officially made Alex a member of the Fairy Council and the Happily Ever After Assembly. Everyone was happy after hearing those words, they celebrated pretty hard. Alex noticed a guy staring at her. He ran away, after realizing his cover had been blown. Alex ran after him and realized it was Rook. Rook came to the party, hoping to surprise Alex, but when he realized it was Alex’s Ball, he learned that she was the one who defeated Ezmia. Alex was worried that Rook wouldn’t treat her as the same girl he walked with. She assured him that nothing will change and that the reason she is wearing butterflies is because they symbolize the butterflies he gives her. The Butterflies flew off of Alex the moment Rook kissed her for the first time.

A few weeks had passed by after the Fairy inaugural ball. Alex felt happy and free, with nothing on her mind. She would attend Fairy Council meetings, help the people of the kingdoms with their troubles, and go into walks with Rook. She was so preoccupied with her responsibilities, that she didn’t even think of asking Conner how was his trip to Europe. She was given a letter from Queen Red. Today was the election; by the end of the day, someone will be Queen. Alex was invited to attend the election. She went to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, and was beside Red, as she made her speech. By the end of the election there was a winner, Bo Peep was to be Queen of the Bo Peep Republic (the new name of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom). Red was absolutely miserable when she heard this news. Red and Froggy went Alex to the Fairy Kingdom, where Red will stay until she knows what to do with her life. Emerelda, the leader of the Fairy Council, ran to Alex and gave her bad news: Alex’s grandmother was ill. Alex was shocked, for her Grandmother has never been sick in her life. At the same time, another surprise had come up: Froggy has turn back into a Frog man.

Alex went to her Grandmother’s bedroom, where she was sleeping soundly as if there was not a care in the world. Alex asked the fairies what was wrong with her Grandmother. Mother Goose explained to her, that for years the Fairy Godmother has been trying to find an heir to lead the kingdoms. When she made Alex her heir, she decided to finally rest after all of those years. Alex believed that it’s her fault that her Grandmother is dying. Mother Goose reassured to her that she is saving her. Emerelda told Alex that only time will tell on the Fairy Godmother’s fate, it all depends how much magic she has in her. Due to the Fairy Godmother dying, her most recent spells are also dying with her, such as Froggy’s curse returning. Alex told Froggy she will do everything in her power to turn him back into a human. But Froggy surprised everyone by announcing he wants to stay a frog. Alex left, knowing there was nothing she could do to help her Grandmother. She was the only family she had in the Land of Stories, she wished she had her brother with her. Mother Goose heard her desire, and told Alex that she sent Conner to a mission. The mission was to check to see if the portal between worlds was open. Alex was excited and hoped it was open. Red came to the two and told them that she saw Conner running towards them. Alex ran outside the palace and was reunited with her brother again. Conner was happy to see Alex too, but he had news to tell everybody. He told them that an army from two hundred years ago had arrived to the Land of Stories and they were planning to take over the world. Conner told Alex that he was trying to contact her about this news. He was angry that even though she had a Fairy inaugural ball, she could have picked up and checked on him. Alex told him that it has been weeks since the Fairy inaugural ball ended, meaning Conner had been trapped in a portal for weeks. Conner wanted to know why was the portal even open if it is supposed to be closed. Alex gave him bad news, their Grandmother was dying and the magic with her is dying as well. Conner was sad, and angry at Mother Goose for not telling him about his Grandmother’s illness. Conner told Alex to use the Land of Stories book to send his friends, Bree and Emmerich, back home, for they are in danger and must return to their families. Alex tried opening the portal, but it didn’t work. Mother Goose figured that the portal only opened on the Otherworld side. Alex thought this was good news, for this meant there was still magic in her Grandmother.

Alex attended a Fairy Council Meeting, with Conner beside her. The fairies were angry at Mother Goose for never telling them about the Grand Armeé. Mother Goose told them something they never knew: she was the Fairy Godmother’s first apprentice. She had potential to be a Fairy Godmother, but she wasn’t willing to be one. She knew how disappointed the Fairy Godmother was to hear about this. So Mother Goose did her best to hide this invasion from the Fairy Godmother, so she wouldn’t be disappointed in her again Conner told the fairies to give Mother Goose a break; because at least she did something to stop the crisis. The Fairies appointed Alex to be Fairy Godmother, until her grandmother recovers. Conner told the fairies what he heard from the general, to go to Pinocchio Prison, and recruit the prisoners. The fairies were concerned to be involved in a grand scale war. Alex wanted to check the prison with Conner, to see if the armeé really did recruit the criminals. Conner met up with Bree before he left. He told her what he had to do, and apologized to her for bringing her into this trouble. He felt relieved when Bree reminded him that she knew the risks of joining this adventure. Conner rode Lester the giant goose, along with Alex, and together they flew to Pinocchio prison. When they arrived, the twins noticed that the entire prison was empty, except for one. The only prisoner who had remained in bars was Gretel, who was sentenced to life for murdering her brother Hansel. Gretel told the twins that the Armeé came to the prison and recruited every prisoner for their army, except for Gretel, who felt that she belonged in prison. Gretel told the twins that the Armeé recruited a prisoner, called the Masked Man, and he promised them that he will give them a dragon egg. The twins were shocked when they heard this news. Conner noticed the Masked Man’s cell, which was filled with carvings of hooks and hearts, as well as drawings of pirate ships and winged creatures, there was also a mirror in the cell. Alex and Conner left the prison, rode Lester, and witnessed the Armeé train their allies how to use weapons. The twins were shocked to realize that their biggest nightmare had become a reality. Conner and Alex returned to the Fairy palace, where they informed the Fairy Council about what they had learned. Alex created six magical swans, and ordered them to pick up the royals, and some old friends. The royals came to the meeting, and it was time for the Happily Ever After Assembly to discuss what to do about the invasion. Alex told the royals that they should divide their troops to attack the Armeé and to defend their kingdom at the same time. Conner suggested that the fairies would also help fight, but the fairies didn't want to fight due to their code of magic. Conner told them that if they don’t fight, the world could potentially end without their help. The fairies decided to help, knowing that they would at least use their magic for the greater good. The royals wondered whether they were to stay in the Fairy Kingdom or their own kingdoms. Conner told them that they shouldn’t stay in one place, for if they were caught by the Grand Armeé, they would be killed. Conner remembered the story of ‘The Secret Castle’, and realized that the Grimm brothers didn’t just leave a warning, but a plan as well. Conner gave Alex the idea of creating a magical path, that will move the royals around the kingdom, and the only ones who would find the royals are the one who have seen them disembarked. Alex created the path, made sure the royals, Red, Bree, and Emmerich, were in the carriages, and watched them leave. Before Alex returned to the palace, Rook came and wondered what was going on. Alex told him that any army was coming, and he needed to hide. So after Rook left, Alex entered the Fairy Palace. Conner and Alex then rode on Lester, so they could try to recruit the Troblins and the Elves to join their army and defeat the Grand Armeé. As they were flying to Troblin Territory, Conner and Alex were trying to ask each other about their respective lovers. Conner claimed he didn’t love Bree, and Alex claimed that she didn’t love Rook. Although both of them knew they weren’t fooling the other. They arrived at Troblin Territory, Conner was surprised to see the place still covered in water. Alex told him that Trollbella decided to add some wooden rafts to make it a floating city. Conner felt in dismay when he saw Trollbella again, he knew that the troll Queen had a big crush on him. Trollbella hugged Conner, but cried when she told him the big news, she has an affair with a troll named Gator. Alex and Conner were surprised to hear this news.Alex wanted to make things quick, so she reminded Conner to tell Trollbella about the Armeé. Conner told Trollbella that his heart is broken, due to Trollbella choosing someone else over him. So he told her that in order to fix his heart, she needs to give him the troblin army. Trollbella was shocked at this request, so Conner told her about the Armeé and that without the help of the troblin army, the Armeé will win. Trollbella wasn’t interested in this news, but all of the troblins wanted to fight, due to them being bored from swimming in water all the time. Trollbella believes that an army sounded too much to fix a simple heartbreak. Conner pretended he had a heart attack, and that made Trollbella feel bad. So she decided to help out the Bailey twins. As Conner and Alex were swimming to the army raft, Conner told Alex that he was disappointed that Trollbella chose Gator over him. Conner and Alex went over the plan on dividing the troblin army in half, so that way the whole entire army wouldn’t be lost. The troblins demanded one thing in exchange for helping the Happily Ever After Assembly, they want the right to leave their kingdom. Conner reminded them that they were imprisoned here due to their obsession on enslaving people. Trollbella made the troblins to promise to never kidnap a human without their permission. Before they left the to the Elf Empire, Alex realized that the Elves were going to need something in exchange for their army. Conner and Alex rode Lester and arrived to the Elf Empire, where they would convince Empress Elvina to lend in her army to fight the Grand Armeé. They met her face to face, and she wasn’t happy to see them. Elvina had heard of the army and planned on hiding in their large tree until Armeé was gone. Conner tried to tell them that the Armeé won’t leave until the elves help defeat the Armeé. Elvina told the twins that when the Happily Ever After Assembly was first formed, the Elves were only given a small piece of land that was infested with predators and witches. The Elves complained about this to the Assembly, but since they complained, the elves weren’t allowed to join the Assembly. Alex and Conner didn’t know what to think about this information. Alex promised to the elves, that if the elves help them defeat the Grand Armeé, she will do everything in her power to abolish the Happily Ever After Assembly. Conner and the elves were surprised to hear this news. Alex said that the Happily Ever After Assembly is unfair, due to it being to exclusive and that the kingdoms were far from being united. So she planned to make a new assembly, called the Happily Forever After Assembly, and asked the Empress to join her. Elvina agreed and gave Alex her army. Before Alex and Conner told Elvina about the plan to divide the armies, the Empire was under attack. Conner told Alex that they had to leave, so they could return to the Fairy Palace and make a new plan. The twins rode Lester and dodged almost all of the Cannonballs the Grand Armeé shot at them. A cannonball hit Lester at his wing, and they all crashed hard at the ground. Alex blacked out, with Conner and Lester beside her. Alex and Conner and Lester were spotted by a witch named Haggeta, who brought them to her cottage, and healed them with her healing flames. Alex woke up, and realized that she and Conner had blacked out for hours. Haggeta told them that neither of them could leave, until the flames healed their wounds. Conner assured to Alex that the armies were at least warned by the kingdoms. Alex was worried that kingdoms, such as the Corner Kingdom and the Bo Peep Republic couldn’t possibly handle the attack from the Grand Armeé. Hagatha, not knowing what was going on, asked what was the Bo Peep Republic. The twins told her it was the new name of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom after Bo Peep became Queen. Haggeta told the twins that the only reason Bo Peep became Queen was to free the her lover. Alex asked Haggeta if Bo Peep loved the man in the mirror, Haggeta told the twins that it was a mirror of communication, the man was in prison and he wanted Bo Peep to become Queen, so she could free him. Conner remembered the mirror in a cell, he realized that Bo Peep was in love with the Masked Man. Haggeta told the twins that the Masked Man was dangerous, even Bo Peep knew he was deadly so she caused him to go to jail. This was because Bo Peep had a child with the Masked Man, and she was worried he would see the child as a threat. Haggeta took the child to somewhere secret. Conner and Alex knew the dangers were increased, now that they know more of the Masked Man’s backstory. They told Haggeta about the rumors of the Dragon egg. Haggeta warned them that if there was a dragon, the world would be over. The twins’s wounds were finally healed. They prepared to leave, when suddenly Xanthous arrived. He told the twins some good news, the Grand Armeé was losing. This was due to the citizens joining the soldiers, and so the Armeé was vastly outnumbered. Conner and Alex knew that there was hope, but they had to bring the armies together to fight the dragon. So they rode Lester and flew up to the sky. Alex told Conner that she was going to create a spell that would round up the kingdoms armies and send them to the Fairy Kingdom. She needed Conner’s help. Conner believed that he couldn’t possibly help her, due to him not knowing how to do magic. Alex encouraged him to believe, and so Conner helped Alex create the spell. They became a ball of light, and they were joined by the armies to form one giant ball of light. They all made their way to the Fairy Palace. Alex and Conner landed in front of the Fairy Palace, with the armies beside them. They were shocked to see the Grand Armeé in front of them. They were even more shocked to see the royals and their friends tied into stakes, they were to be executed. Conner knew there was no time to wonder who told the Armeé where the royals were. So Conner told the armies to defend the western, eastern, and southern areas of the Fairy Palace. After the royals were freed, Alex noticed Rook trapped in one of the carriages. She realized that Rook knew where the royals were and told the Armeé where they were. So she angrily left Rook, and told him she never wanted to see him again. She ended up losing control of her powers, due to realizing that it Rook Robins told the Armeé where the royals were. Alex blasted some Grand Armeé soldiers away, albeit violently, and Conner was shocked and impressed. Alex believed that she would become Ezmia, due to Ezmia’s heart being broken before. Conner told Alex that she would never be like Ezmia, and that she needs to hold her grip. Conner then went to help out Trobella and the Troblins, who were having a hard time fighting the Grand Armeé. Gator was killed by a soldier, and Conner was nearly killed by the soldier. Conner was saved by Alex, and most of the Armeé retreated. Conner knew the war had to end, before more innocent lives were vanquished. He ran to the Armeé and told General Marquis that he and his men were trapped in the portal for two hundred years, so Napoleon and the rest of the Armeé were gone. General Marquis didn’t believe him, so he summoned the dragon. Conner and the rest of the Happily Ever After Assembly were shocked to see the dragon. The dragon was controlled by the Masked Man, he had the eggshells, and the dragon believed that the Masked Man was his mother. The Masked Man ordered the dragon to scorch Marquis, because he outlived his usefulness. Before the Masked Man ordered the dragon to attack the palace, Bo Peep appeared and begged him not to kill the fairies. The Masked Man told the dragon to kill the fairies. Bo Peep then died, due to her heart breaking. Conner asked Mother Goose how to defeat the dragon, because she fought the dragons before. Mother Goose told him that she only wrestled the small dragons, his grandmother was the one who knew how to defeat them. Alex ran into to Fairy Palace, where she believes she could wake up her Grandmother. She entered her grandmother's bedroom, and begged her to wake up and kill the dragon. She was surprised to realize that her grandmother had left the room, without making a sound. Conner and the other's were prepared to run away, when suddenly, the Fairy Godmother appeared. Alex joined up with Conner, and saw their grandmother walk to the dragon. The twins told their grandmother to come back, but to their surprise, the dragon was scared of the Fairy Godmother. Their grandmother vaporized the dragon into nothing but ashes. The Masked Man, and the remaining Grand Armeé soldiers, retreated to the woods. The Fairy Godmother fell to the ground. The twins came to her side, and were sad to realize that she was dying. They told her that they loved her, and she disappeared into star bits, that flew to the sky. The twins hugged each other as the sun rose over the land. After the battle, a ceremony was celebrated by everybody in the Fairy Tale World. Everybody was happy that they defeated the Grand Armeé. A statue was created, in memory of the late Fairy Godmother. Conner sent Bree and Emmerich home, through an old portal conjured up by Mother Goose. Alex visited the hall of dreams, where she realized that the dreams of the people had diminished. Conner was going to tell Alex the news he learned, but he completely forgot what he just learned after seeing the Hall of Dreams. Alex told him that she’s going to have do her best to make people happy again, given that most of them lost their hopes and dreams after the war. Conner told her he will be staying with her so he could help her out with her problems, and so Bob could forget about the money Conner spent during his adventure in Europe. Before the royals could go to their homes, Alex made them stay a little longer. Once Empress Elvina arrived, Alex made the decision to abolish the Happily Ever After Assembly. Everyone was shocked by this news, but once Alex made a point that the kingdoms were far from being united, they decided to join her to form the Happily Forever After Assembly. After the meeting, Alex noticed somebody was in her grandmother's room, she was shocked to see the Masked Man. Alex saw he had a potion in his hand, and she threatened to blast him of he didn't remove his mask. Once he did, Alex was shocked to see the face of her father. Once the Masked Man escaped, the Grand Armeé attacked the Fairy Palace. It was only a few dozen soldiers, and the soldiers retreated once the fairies arrived. Conner went to his Grandmother’s room, where he saw Alex in shock. Conner asked Alex what happened and why was the Masked Man here. Alex told him she saw the Masked Man had stolon a potion, and she made him remove his mask, and she was shocked when she saw his face. Conner was in complete disbelief when he heard Alex say “Conner, the Masked Man, he was Dad!”

Beyond the Kingdoms

Alex had spent the last six months tracking down the Masked Man, whom she believed to be her father. She's been obssesd with trying to catch the crook, at the same time her powers became stronger and deadlier. She's dragged her brother and friends into helping out with her goal. This caused them to not be afraid of the Masked Man, but rather Alex. The Fairy Godmother had been neglecting her duties, thus losing her assistance from the Fairy Council and the Happily Forever After Assembly.

Alex and friends had heard that there were witches gathering around a hut in Dead Man's Creek, an area in the Dwarves Forest where coffins filled with Corpses are sent to the bottom of the creek, and then plucked by witches for their potions. The witches were having a meeting, discussing that there was a rumor that the Fairy Council was planning a witch hunt. DIsguised as witches, the twins, Jack, a pregnant Goldilocks, King Froggy, Red Riding Hood, and the third little pig, were listening to the witches argue amongst themselves on how they felt about the rumored witch hunt. Then the Masked Man and the remaining Grand Armee soldiers intruded the hut and disrupted the meeting. He explained that his defeat from the previous Fairy Godmother was intended to fail, for he stole a potion in the palace after the fairies were distracted. He asked the witches to join him into conjuring up an army and that together they could get revenge on the fairies and the royals. Around that time, Goldilocks' disguise fell off, and the twins leaped towards the Masked Man. The witches were terrified, now that they knew the Fairy Godmother had discovered them. Alex couldn't find the Masked Man easily, due to the scattered witches and soldiers. So she made vines out of the ground to subdue everyone in the hut, including her friends. Conner told his sister to let them go and to take it easy with her powers. Alex spotted the Masked Man going up the chimney, and so she and her brother followed him to the roof. Alex used her vines to lift the hut very high in the air, over the clouds. Alex told the Masked Man that he had nowhere to go and that he had to give himself up. The man refused, so Alex shouted to him why did he decide to betray his own children. The Masked Man replied by saying, "Family betrays you the most." He jumped off the hut and fell below the clouds. The twins screamed, believing that he killed himself. Alex was so shocked, that she dropped the hut from air and it hurled to the ground. She noticed this at the last minute, and used her magic to slow the hut down. When the hut hit the ground, Alex and her friends and enemies survived the crash. Knights from the Northern Kingdom arrived to arrest the Grand Armee Soldiers. Alex told the knights to let the witches go, as she noticed none of the witches were responsible for the kidnappings of twelve children. Alex learned from some knights that the Masked Man's body couldn't be seen, meaning he was alive. She spotted Colonel Baton of the Grand Armee, and summoned vines that squeezed everybody around her. She interogated the Colonel into the whereabouts and plans of the Masked Man. Baton didn't know anything, and that made Alex squeeze everybody tightly. Conner shouted to Alex that she had to stop her vines. Alex snapped out of her anger and realized she hurt her friends. She said she was sorry, and so she ran to the woods.

Alex later participated in a Fairy Council meeting, where the fairies ordered Alex to cease her pursuit for the Masked Man. They wanted her to focus her Fairy Godmother duties on the peace of the Land of Stories. Alex snapped back on them, reminding them that the Masked Man had a dragon and that he had a plan to make another army. The Fairy Council didn't see the man as a threat nor did they took his threat seriously. Alex told the fairies that the Masked Man is her Father and she wants to question him. The fairies couldn't see a connection, for the man was in jail while the father had died in the Otherworld. When the fairies asked for Conner's opinon on the Masked Man's identity, he merely said that perhaps Alex was under stress from the war the day before and that she hallucinated their father's face on the Masked Man. Alex felt distraught from her brother's words, she felt like the Masked Man was right about family betraying each other the most. The Fairy Godmother was still stubborn about listening to her everyones doubts, so she said as the head of the Happily Forever After Assembly, she is in charge and decides what she gets to do. The Fairy Council decided to remove Alex as Fairy Godmother and commanded her to stop pursuing the Masked Man. Alex was completly angered by this, she lost herself and her powers to control of her body. She blasted lighning towards the Faries and then disappeard into thin air.

An Author's Odyssey


Worlds Collide



Conner Bailey: As her twin brother, Conner is Alex’s closest companion. Even though they don't see eye to eye with everything, they make it through the most difficult challenges together as they got each others backs. Usually Alex is the smart one of the duo, but Conner has been known to talk his way out of trouble. When the two were about to be separated from the world's, Alex told Conner that they will always be a part of each other's hearts. Alex would always talk to Conner about her adventures in the Fairy Tale World. She would get so caught up with her new life, that she would forget about talking to Conner. This was shown when Alex didn't bother to check on Conner after his trip to Europe. She was overfilled with joy, once she was reunited with Conner. When Conner anounced that he would be staying in the Land of Stories, Alex made him the future Head Fairy Dude. Alex told Conner that the Masked Man was their father, but he refused to believe her. This caused her to lose faith in her brother.

Froggy: Alex was scared of Froggy at first, although she wasn’t open about this. Alex trusted Froggy when he offered to assist her and Conner. Alex always had to remember that Froggy's frog form isn't his true form. When she became skilled with magic, she offered to turn Froggy back into a human, but he politly refused.


  • While Alex is intelligent, she doesn’t have any friends, due to them being jealous of her. As such, she wishes she was more like Conner.
  • Alex was the one who activated two portals to the Land of Stories, although they don’t start out easy.
  • When she read “The Little Mermaid” as a child, Alex was terrified of the Sea Witch.
  • Alex figured out that the prophecy the Snow Queen told her meant her, Conner, Charlotte, and Bob. Alex was the one of the four travelers to not return to the Other world.
  • Alex was the only one to defeat Ezmia, especially since the Fairy Council didn’t even try to fight Ezmia.