And we pray you will maintain this as a ship of peace.
~ Jansen, appointing David Ryder as Flight Commaner

Alex Jansen was a secondary protagonist in the 1988 South African movie Space Mutiny, which was also featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

He was portrayed by the late Cameron Mitchell.

Jansen was born and grew up on board the generational ship/manufacturing plant Southern Sun. Like his father and grandfather, he eventually became the leader of the community as they continued on their journey to a new habitable world ten years from their original homeworld. At some point he had a daughter named Lea Jansen.

Much of his free time was spent researching the new Valarian guests who had recently come on board the Southern Sun.

As the Sun approached the Corona Borealis system, the Enforcer leader Flight Commander Elijah Kalgan began a mutiny to force the ship to land on a planet in that system. Kalgan was fired by Jansen and the Sun's Captain Devers, and the pair named David Ryder to take over as Flight Commander. Ryder was able to rescue Lea from Kalgan's people, and then successfully engaged Kalgan's people in combat. Jansen was a firm believer in peace, and was distressed over the number of lives lost to this violence. After a massive golf cart explosion, Kalgan was believed dead, and Lea believed that soon the Enforcers would have to surrender to her father.

Following the mutiny, Jansen was pleased to watch his daughter and Ryder make plans to marry.

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