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Alex Mack is the main protagonist of the 1990s Live-Action Nickelodeon Series The Secret World of Alex Mack.


When doused in the GC-161, Alex retains her extraordinary powers, she can shoot electric zaps through her fingertips to shock or repulse objects or people, short-circuiting, reprogramming, and picking electronic locks. She is also telekinetic, she can move object by focusing her mind on whatever she wants to control. Her ability to morph into a liquid puddle to hide from danger. She is able to squeeze through tight spaces and travel through pipes.

She glows when she gets nervous or embarrassed.


She contains the typical traits of a teenage superheroine, being somewhat meek but a good natured person at heart.

Alex Mack used to be your average teenage girl form middle school up until one fateful day when a wayward truck containing chemicals had crashed into a fire hydrant and doused her with a strange liquid, granting her a bizarre assortment of superpowers.


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