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Alex is a hero of Lunar The Silver Star.


Alex is an 15-year-old boy living in Petersburg village, and Luna Noa and Nall grew up as brothers. The longing to Dragon master Dine is a native of the same village, and are thinking of leaving in one day adventure, it will be referred to as the "last of the Dragon Master" after. Mega CD version, but the story did not have to speak even once, shouting the name of Luna only ending.


Alex was born in a farming village called Burg, the hometown of the legendary Dragonmaster Dyne, who he idolizes. Alex dreams from his early youth that he will become the next Dragonmaster, and embarks on a quest to accomplish that after he receives the blessing of the White Dragon Quark and is told he has the potential to accomplish it.

Alex has known Luna and Ramus since he was very young, it is implied that in the beginning of the story he is romantically interested in the former, but will not say it outright, though his feelings for her are later confirmed. He is also accompanied by Nall, who appears as a flying cat, and provides Alex with emotional support in his endeavors.

After Ghaleon reveals himself as the Magic Emperor, enslaves Quark and kidnaps Luna, Alex's quest to become the next Dragonmaster becomes far more urgent, as without the power of the Four Dragons, Alex will not be able to defeat Ghaleon or rescue Luna. He and his friends quickly search for the Dragon Caves, receiving blessings from the other three Dragons upon, but even as he is doing so, Ghaleon is becoming more powerful, enslaving the other Dragons, one after another.

After Alex becomes the Dragonmaster, he and his party confront and defeat Ghaleon, although the circumstances of the battle (as well as its location) differ between The Silver Star, Silver Star Story, and Lunar Legend.

In Silver Star Story, Alex is rendered powerless in his attempt to save Luna but is successful in doing so and returns to Burg with her.


Due to being the silent protagonist in Silver Star, Alex's personality is defined by the player. In most of the times, he lets Nall speak for him. In later re-imaginings such as Silver Star Story: Complete and Silver Star Harmony, he is given dialogue to express his personality. He is stubborn, reckless and somewhat tempermental with a bit of a mischievous streak. He is also an idealist who believes in helping those in need and longs for adventure. Throughout his childhood, he has idolized the exploits of Dragon Master Dyne and wishes to be a hero just like him.


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