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What? They think that these are gonna save someone's life? "Suicide is not an option." Yeah, you know what? Clearly it is an option, you know? Why don't they put up a poster that says, "Don't be a f**king d*ck to people?"
~ Alex to Clay

Alexander "Alex" Dean Standall(born March 15th, 2000) is a major supporting character in the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. He is a student at Liberty High and the son of the town's local police department Deputy Standall.

Alex is one of the thirteen reasons Hannah Baker chose to end her own life after he created a list objectifying the girls at Liberty High and put Hannah down as the one with the "best ass". This caused Hannah to be a victim of constant sexual harassment and even sexual assault, as she was spanked one day walking through the corridor and her rear was grabbed by Bryce Walker in a local shop. Upon hearing the tapes Alex feels strong remorse for what he did to Hannah.

He was portrayed by Miles Heizer.


Season One

Alex hears Hannah's tapes and becomes extremely remorseful for his acts against Hannah. He rebels against the school believing it to be responsible for Hannah's suicide going as far as to tear down suicide posters believing the school only put them up to escape blame for Hannah's death.

Alex catches Montgomery De La Cruz violently assaulting Tyler Down in a hallway and saves Tyler from him.

When the tape subjects meet at Monets, Alex encourages them to tell the truth about their acts against Hannah rather than covering them up.

In the end Alex attempts to kill himself by stealing his dad's gun and shooting himself in the head. His parents find him and call an ambulance.

Season Two

Alex survives his suicide attempt though suffers a severe leg injury. As a result he is temporarily crippled. Alex begins dating Jessica again.

Zach is very supportive to Alex with his new condition but still pretends to not be friends with him around Bryce, as he wishes to remain on good terms with him much to Alex's annoyance.

Alex shows a much more aggressive side this season due to his crippled leg.

Alex struggles to get errections and orgasm this season. He watches porn and interacts with women online to try and get results to no success.

He receives a gun with a note telling him to kill himself though does not do so. Upon finding out that was the one to send it to him, when he, Clay, Zach, Justin and Scott confront Monty for his multiple crimes Alex holds the gun at Monty and forces him to take him to the polariods that reveal Bryce raping multiple girls.

At the end of year prom Alex dates Jessica. When Tyler comes with a gun to kill everyone at the school Alex, Clay and Tony devise a plan to stop him and cover up his attempt.

Season Three

In the flashback plotline it is revealed that Jessica broke up with Alex causing him to turn to Bryce for steroids hoping to get stronger and win her back. Bryce gets Alex to break into a house with him and mess it up believing it to be his father's. When they find a child in the house who is terrified, Bryce threatens to murder the child while Alex tries to comfort them. The child's parents are heard returning to the house and Alex and Bryce escape before they are caught. Alex aggressively severes ties with Bryce, appawled at him for scarring the child.

Jessica tells Alex that Bryce asked her to meet him at the Navy Pier and asks Alex to go with her in case anything happens. Alex does so. Bryce gives Jessica a tape.

Alex and Jessica find Bryce coughing blood after Zach beat him up for payback for Bryce crippling his leg in a fit of jealous rage. Bryce gives Jessica a tape and Alex decides to try and help Bryce to a hospital so that he doesn't die due to Zach's beatings thus getting Zach prosecuted for manslaughter. Alex helps Bryce up and Bryce begins threatening Zach and Jessica. Alex decides to throw Bryce into the river and murder him as revenge for him raping Jessica and crippling Zach. Bryce drowns and dies as Alex watches in horror at what he has done.

Alex drives Jessica home.

In the present plotline Alex gets extremely jealous of Justin as he has began dating Jessica again. He shows anger at Jess for dating Justin instead of him.

After Clay is arrested for Bryce's murder, Alex writes a suicide note confessing his crime and asks Tyler for a gun so that he may kill himself. Tyler responds that he no longer has his guns as Clay took the last one off him.

Alex meets Zach, Clay, Justin, Tyler, Ani, Jessica and Charlie at Clay's house and Zach informs him that Jessica gave Justin the tape Bryce gave her and Justin then gave it to Charlie. Justin told Charlie to sneak it into Monty's locker to which Charlie did. Ani then went to the police and reported that Monty was Bryce's murderer as Monty had recently been arrested for raping Tyler and was killed in prison. Ani told the police to search Monty's locker and they found the tape, with Bryce's blood on it and thus Monty was convicted.

Everyone celebrates Tyler's recovery from his rape at Monet's. Alex apologises to Jessica for treating her aggressively and accepts that they are merely friends (albeit best friends).


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