Alex Taylor is the main protagonist of Ubisoft's The Crew.

He is voiced by Troy Baker in English and Takehito Koyasu in Japanese dub, the latter of whom also voices Ryosuke Takahashi.

He's a member of the underground street racing organization known as the 5-10 Motor Club, founded by his brother, Dayton Taylor.

His affiliation with the 5-10 was severed when his brother was murdered by a 5-10 V4 named Dennis Jefferson, codenamed "Shiv". Alex was then arrested by corrupt FBI Agent Bill Couburn, and was framed for his brother's murder.

He was then released by an FBI Agent named Zoe and affiliated with the FBI in order to clear his name.

Alex goes to LA and meets Vincent, a former pro racer that Harry wanted Alex to see. Vincent was injured in a race incident that ended his career after a 5-10 sabotaged his race car in a bet. He later killed the 5-10 out of revenge. Vincent agrees to help Alex in Face-Off events, but Shiv adds a twist to each event. For example, during a race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, he calls the police. In a street race, Alex is forced to race in a car that isn't as fast as the other racers's cars. Towards the end of the game, Alex manages to win the Face-Off. However, Shiv finds out that Alex is trying to kill him, and sends an army of 5-10s to go after Alex. He escapes and goes to Shiv's victory party. Shiv challenges Alex, but Alex realizes that the people he met on his mission are his family. He suggests to settle it in a race. Alex wins, but Shiv refuses to give up, leading Alex to chase him down along the coast in a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor . Alex ultimately wrecks Shiv's Ford GT and is soon confronted by the police and arrested, Alex then explains his love for racing.


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