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Alexander Highwind Tycoon is a character from Final Fantasy V. He is the king of Tycoon and the father of Lenna and Sarisa. His speech is credited to King in the Anthology release, and King Tycoon in the Advance release.


King Tycoon wears long, flowing blue robes along with blue chest armor and pauldrons edged with gold. He wears a winged helmet reminiscent of a Dragoon's, with a visor that covers his eyes. His hair is covered, but his short beard and mustache are dark. One piece of Yoshitaka Amano art depicts him holding a spear or scepter, although he does not participate in battle during the game.


King Tycoon is a dutiful man who puts the best interests of his kingdom and the world above his own needs and unhesitatingly risks his life to protect others. He passed on the values of devotion and self-sacrifice to his daughter, Lenna. King Tycoon is a loving father although he can be stern.

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