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Alexandra Roivas is the main protagonist of the cult horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanitys requiem and she is the chosen one and the last of her line in her family to find out the truth about her family she was investigating the death of her grandfather until she figured out the dark and horrible secrets about her ancestral home and what lies beneath and she ends up confronting an ancient evil and eldritch horrors that made all of her previous ancestors go insane.


Alex is studying abstract mathematics and number theory at a university in Washington in the year 2000 AD. One night, after a particularly disturbing dream where she fended off zombies, heard a voice declaring that the darkness comes, and seeing the ghost of her grandfather, she is awakened at 3:33 AM by a phone call from Inspector Legrasse, who informs her that her grandfather, Edward Roivas, has been killed. Alex travels to the Roivas family estate in Rhode Island to identify the body. Inspector Legrasse is unable to offer any answers as to what happened to Edward, and Alex begins her own investigation of the Roivas mansion 2 weeks later.

Alex follows Edward's plan to stop Pious by using the magick of the city of Ehn'gha during the planetary alignment to summon the Ancient that opposes Pious'. Once the spell is in place, Alex is teleported to the location Pious makes contact with his Ancient. Alex is aided by the specters of the chosen who died in her fight against Pious as the two Ancients do battle in the starry expanse above. Once Pious' Ancient is destroyed, Alex is able to defeat Pious and use his staff to kill him. However, the world is still threatened by the Ancient that Alex summoned, but Edward's specter appears and uses the power of Ehn'gha to bind the Ancient. Edward then appears before Alex to tell her that he apologizes for everything he has put her through, and how proud he and her parents are of her and that he will miss her.


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