Alexis Thi Dang wants to be An Adult when she grows up. Then Anyone Will Guess It's Her She'll Be Seen Again.

[Japanese Name]

Alexandra "Alexa" (アレクサ Arekusa)

Armada cartoon

Transformers Adult Alexis Thi Dang

One day, Rad and Carlos invited Alexis to go exploring the caverns deep beneath Cosmoscope Research Center with them. Alexis turned them down, saying she needed to study for a math test. In her absence, tRad and Carlos found the remains of a wrecked spaceship as well as a Mini-Con storage panel. By activating it, they caused the entire structure to shake.

At home, Alexis felt the tremors and used her computer to pinpoint the epicenter of the apparent earthquake as the mountain caverns that Rad and Carlos were exploring. Similarly, the scientists and researchers at the observatory were baffled by the sudden movement of the Earth. As Rad and Carlos made their escape with the artifact, a bright light engulfed the chamber they were in, simultaneously shutting down all electronic equipment in Lincoln, including Alexis's computer, as well as emitting three distinctly coloured distress signals beams into the sky.

One beam, green, reached an ancient starship wreck on the dark side of the moon, causing it to fire hundreds of smaller beams of green light at the Earth. The two remaining signal beams, coloured red and purple, continued deep into space until it reached Cybertron.

Alexis elected to go out and check up on the two boys, and came upon them just in time to see a huge glowing purple sphere of pulsating energy solidify into a huge robot. This being was Megatron, supreme leader of the evil Decepticons. As he tried to take the object Rad had found, which had now revealed itself to be High Wire, a sought-after Mini-Con, suddenly another massive robot ordered Megatron to stand down. He was Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots The kids attempted to flee on High Wire, but were stopped by the arrival of Starscream and Demolishor. Demolishor tried to grab the kids, but they were saved by the arrival of Hot Shot and Red Alert. Rad fled back into the cave, calling Carlos and Alexis after him. Rad was sure they'd be safe there, but Alexis was concerned that the bigger robots might still follow them. High Wire led the three into a smaller room, to Alexis' further distress; Rad and Carlos, however, assured her that they'd be safer there. While in there, he accessed the ship's computer and the kids learned about the Transformer conflict.

At this point, High Wire activated a hidden storage panel, revealing Grindor and Sureshock, who bonded to Carlos and Alexis. They took their new friends out to play in the woods, but ran into Megatron. The timely arrival of Optimus Prime initially seemed to Rad and Carlos to make things worse, but when Alexis declared she trusted the big Autobot, the boys acknowledged they did so as well.

Optimus Prime took them into his cab and sped off to a distant location, where he set them down. Unfortunately, Megatron had followed close behind, and so Optimus had to combine with his trailer to fight him off.The commanders' battle caused a landslide to fall on the kids, but they were shielded by Hot Shot. They then dug up some more Mini-Cons, though two of those were stolen by Cyclonus. The Decepticons retreated, and so the kids and robots made proper introductions.

The next day at school, Billy grilled the trio over recent earthquakes; Rad and Carlos played dumb, while Alexis pointed out that if there was an earthquake, it would have been mentioned on the news. When Billy asked where Rad got his new bike, Rad claimed it was a birthday present from his grandmother. He and Carlos headed on up to the mountain; on the way, Alexis chewed them out for almost blowing their cover.

At the Autobots' base, Optimus Prime presented them with Laserbeak to aid them with their reconnaissance work; right then, another Mini-Con was detected  in the Big Canyon. The kids ran out with the Autobots, and got spiffy new adventure suits on the way.

When they got to the canyon, Alexis and Hot Shot sped off, forgetting Rad behind. They came back, though, Alexis explaining she had gotten lost in a moment of exhiliration. Hot Shot then sped off as fast as he could over the rough terrain, severely shaking up the two humans. Rad sent Laserbeak off to find the Mini-Con, and was himself chided by Alexis for being a coward.When the Mini-Con was finally found, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream simultaneously tried to claim it. Thankfully, High Wire, Grindor, and Sureshock combined into Perceptor, and managed to hold off both Megatron and Starscream. Optimus Prime claimed the Mini-Con—who turned out to be his old partner, Sparkplug—and the kids helped dig up Hot Shot form where he'd gotten himself buried.Later, they played tag with Hot Shot, which got him in trouble with Optimus Prime as he was supposed to be helping Red Alert install some equipment. The kids then went to find a new Mini-Con in Antarctica, where Rad and Alexis rode in Red Alert while Carlos went with Hot Shot. Red Alert ended up having to save all three kids after Carlos nearly fell into a crevice.Rad later came up with the sensible notion of bringing some camping supplies to the Autobot base in case they ever had to stay the night. Though Alexis and Carlos taunted him over how many supplies he had elected to bring, they helped him set up nonetheless. Then, another Mini-Con was detected, and so the good guys all warped over to a forest. There, Alexis helped Rad educate the Autobots over the importance of keeping the environment as-is.

During this mission, the Decepticons started a forest fire. Alexis helped herd the forest animals to a safer area, and afterwards aided in dousing the inferno. Unfortunately, with their forces divided to both fight the Decepticons and the forest fire, the Autobots failed to stop their enemies to make off with Swindle. Optimus Prime assured the children they had been right about prioritizing the forest though.Back at the base, the kids tried to wake up the dormant Mini-Con they'd found in Antarctica, but to no avail. The boys then snuck off to a carnival with the Mini-Cons. After a while, the boys tried to take the robots home, but it turned out that Billy and Fred were also at the carnival, and got suspicious. They tried to capture one of the Mini-Con, causing the entire situation to descend into slapstick farce.They were saved by the timely arrival of Hot Shot, Sureshock, and Alexis, who managed to get things under control, swore Billy and Fred to secrecy, and gave the lads a good scolding. As Alexis had Rad and Carlos had clean up their quarters back at the base. The kids later accompanied the Autobots to the Sahara Desert, and fell into a sand pit after an altercation with Demolishor. They found themselves in an ancient temple, where they were attacked by ancient guardian robots, but fortunately Demolishor was there to blow them up. Further into the temple, they found a Mini-Con storage panel; but fell into a trap trying to get to it. Perceptor was able to rescue them, and Hot Shot brought the whole group back to the surface. Unfortunately, as this was happening, Demolishor got the Mini-Con. The next day, back in America, Billy and Fred pursued the other three kids to the Autobot base. Rad, Carlos, and Alexis all tried to outrun them, but soon had to split up when Cyclonus attempted to capture them. Cyclonus didn't get any of the Autobots' allies, and so captured Billy and Fred instead, intending to hold them for ransom. They tracked Laserbeak to a ghost town, where the kids tried to rescue the bullies, but all ended up being captured by Megatron, who demanded Optimus Prime hand over all their Autobots' Mini-Cons in exchange for the humans' lives. Optimus Prime went through with it, but Megatron, naturally, reneged on the deal. However, Rad was able to use Laserbeak to free all the other humans, and Hot Shot was able to rescue Rad with Fred's surprising help. Alexis, Rad and Carlos were watching Red Alert and Hot Shot fixing up some computer systems when another Mini Con was detected. The signal pointed the Autobots to a disused subway system, and Alexis helped search the tunnels in areas the larger Autobots couldn’t reach. During the search Alexis became frustrated over the condition of the tunnels they were in, and went on a rant on how she would stop the misappropriations of public funds once she became president. She swore to save the environment and end world hunger too! For the moment though, she had to settle with helping rescue the Mini-Con. Once the children had gotten a hold of the panel, Smokescreen crossed their path, and they mistook him for a Decepticon. Trying to escape him, they encountered the real Decepticon. Smokescreen revealed his true colors just in time to rescue Alexis and the others from being crushed under a pile of rubble.A while after that, the Autobots received a transmission from Atlantis and took the kids with them to search for yet another Mini-Con. At the bottom of the ocean, they once more came under attack from the Decepticons. Alexis, Carlos and Rad searched the ruins while the Transformers fought outside. All the while, Alexis was also flabbergasted by the boys' obsession with a holographic girl. 'Amphitrite' gave them a canned history of Atlantis, focusing on how its inhabitants used the Star Saber to dominate the world, and were eventually defeated by another civilisation who wielded the Skyboom Shield. Leader-1 managed to grab a hold of it, though removing the panel caused the city to begin collapsing. The kids were forced to flee aboard to Autobots to escape drowning on the ocean bottom. Afterwards, Alexis noted that Rad was feeling troubled. When she pressed him, Rad admitted to Optimus that he had begun to feel ill-at-ease with the Mini-Cons being used by the Autobots in their war. The Autobot team was then called away to fight for another Mini-Con panel on a volcanic island. While the robots were fighting, Alexis was gung-ho to search about for the panel, but Rad suggested they use Laserbeak instead. After the kids barely avoided being cooked by a volcanic eruption, the Autobots managed to acquire the island's Mini-Con panel.After that adventure, the trio decided to give Billy and Fred a tour of the Autobot base, but were separated when the Decepticons attacked. Since the bullies were in danger of the automatic defenses, said defenses were shut off, allowing the Decepticons to penetrate deeper into the base that anyone would have liked. To make matters worse, Alexis and the other kids were nearly taken by Cyclonus. However, after a battle, the Star Saber was reassembled and in the hands of Hot Shot, so the day ultimately turned out all right.The next day, Alexis and Sureshock went out shopping for groceries. Both Red Alert and Rad chided Alexis for bringing her Mini-Con into public, but Alexis had taken care to disguise her in some winter clothes. She dismissed their concerns, and instead turned the conversation to Carlos's habit of raiding their fridge at night.When Alexis tracked down the next Mini-Con, the trio, plus Billy and Fred, rushed off with the Autobots to cheer them on; Alexis rode in Red Alert. She was left behind alongside Grindor, Sureshock and High Wire when things started to get heated. Alexis joined up with the other kids as Sideways joined the fray, claiming to be an Autobot drifter. Thanks to his help, the Autobots acquired Spiral. Nonetheless, Alexis had misgivings about the new arrival Back at the base, she and Rad discussed their suspicions, but decided not to raise their misgivings with Optimus Prime in case it turned out their first impressions were false.When Hot Shot and Sideways were warped to the Decepticons' base, Alexis worried over whether or not they would return safely. Some of the other kids were certain that while the Star Saber was in his possession, Hot Shot could handle anything the evil robots could throw at him. This didn't turn out to be true; Alexis witnessed Hot Shot return to Autobot headquarters barely alive, minus his sword and his partner; Sideways had betrayed the Autobots! With Hot Shot feeling naturally depressed about this disaster, all five kids tried to cheer him up by making silly faces. They also helped the Autobots on their search for the next Mini-Con, and managed to find it at the same time as Blackout, and after a scuffle, it was taken by Scavenger for the Decepticons. Soon after, however, Scavenger came over to the Autobots, and revealed he had been a double agent all along. In the aftermath of Sideways' betrayal, the trio weren't exactly eager to trust Scavenger. He seemed to be more interested in sleeping than mentoring Hot Shot, but when the kids tried to raise this with Optimus Prime, his explanation was cut short by the detection of still another Mini-Con. The Autobots warped off to somewhere with a lot of snow, while the kids observed from back at base. Scavenger heroically saved Optimus Prime's life, very nearly plunging to his own death, and so the kids (and Smokescreen) apologised to him for their earlier suspicions when he got back, Scavenger accepted with characteristic stoicism.When the boys decided to go on a camping trip with the Autobots, they forgot to tell Alexis. Hurt over being left out, Alexis furiously declared that she never wanted to go anyway. When Red Alert and Carlos were caught in a mudslide, Sureshock and Alexis coordinated Autobot activities from base, desperately standing by for any good news. Although she was frantic with worry while they were in danger, Alexis didn't forget she was Nonsense at the boys when they got back to base.All five kids observed the battle in which Blurr made his first appearance. They tried to make friends with the new arrival, but he turned out to belong to the monosyllabic loner school of heroism. Nonetheless, Alexis proclaimed that she was "a fan of his attitude." When his and Hot Shot's attitudes led to the Decepticons getting their servos on Downshift, Alexis and Rad gave Hot Shot a talking down for letting his competitiveness get the better of him. The loss did also cause Blurr to mellow out however, and the kids were glad to see that Hot Shot and Blurr formed a friendship later that evening.The next day, Blurr and Hot Shot trained together while the kids watched. They also congratulated Smokescreen for succeeding in a test where Hot Shot failed, even though Hot Shot only failed because he was competing with Blurr in addition to trying to dodge the obstacles.

This session was interrupted when Megatron challenged all the Autobots to a final, decisive battle. Due to the danger, the kids were left at the base to watch the proceedings from afar. Megatron would have won if Optimus Prime hadn't managed to get his hands on the Skyboom shield, and when the Star Saber was used against the shield, a mighty light was released which Rad and Alexis recognised as the same one that they had seen whe High Wire was awoken. This light streaked off into space, to awaken Unicron. 

Despite this victory, Optimus Prime decided the situation was too dangerous for the kids and barred them from the base. Frustrated, they wandered off, but were soon joined by the Street Action Mini-Con Team, who had received a transmission from the Decepticon-allied Mini-Cons on the Moon. While Rad and Fred went to tell Optimus Prime, the rest of the kids and the Mini-Cons headed to the location where the Decepticon-allied Mini-Cons were supposed to warp in. However, the transmission turned out to be a trap orchestrated by Megatron, who was seeking to divide and conquer. Rad, Fred, and four of the Autobots were teleported to various locations all over the world, leaving Alexis, Carlos, and Billy behind. Finding herself unable to contact Laserbeak, Alexis hurried back to the base to tell Red Alert and Scavenger about the situation. She then tried to re-establish contact with Laserbeak, which she did, just as Optimus Prime was persuading Megatron's Mini-Cons to convert to the Autobots' side. She was able to get all the rest of the Autobots to Prime's location, where they successfully drove off Megatron.After that adventure, the kids were allowed back into the base, though no longer went on missions. Alexis got stroppy when Carlos complained about boredom, while Rad tried to keep the two from murdering each other.Despite not being at the front of the action, the war would still impinge on their lives when Sideways hacked the Autobots' computer system. Despite Rad and Alexis' best efforts, Sideways' virus quickly took control of the base and projected himself into it. Faced with no other options, the trio resorted to physically smashing the terminals, which granted them a brief reprieve. 

However, this relief proved to be short-lived when Sideways sucked the minds of the kids as well as their partner Mini-Cons into a cyberspace landscape of his own devising. Rad and Carlos actually enjoyed the lack of gravity in this new realm for a while before Sideways' digital avatar appeared to them and tried to claim their Mini-Cons.

Back at the base, Billy and Fred tried to wake the trio up. Meanwhile, in cyberspace, the kids and Mini-Cons fled Sideways, and discovered that all they saw was just an elaborate illusion. Sideways managed to capture Sureshock, but then Alexis realized that since he had gone to so much effort, he clearly wasn't in control of this illusion - and also that he couldn't really harm them.At this, Sideways panicked and made a desperate bid to take the Mini-Cons, but the kids' lack of belief in the world they saw put paid to that plan. At that point, a massive force of evil manifested in cyberspace - Unicron, the one entity Sideways feared! The kids fled back to the meatspace through a portal opened by Red Alert, leaving Sideways to his master's mercies.When Fred tried to tell the others about strange lights seen recently in space, Alexis was the only one who seemed concerned. All the kids expressed relief when Sideways appeared on the battlefield during the next Mini-Con related skirmish, as this meant he couldn't hack their system again. The Autobots won this battle, bringing Dune Runner into the fold, and the kids were all there to welcome him when they took him back to base.In a subsequent battle, Optimus Prime was seriously injured, forcing Jetfire to take command. None of the kids were impressed by the new guy's constant boasting. They also got a brief history lesson on battles the Autobots had lost due to Thrust's tactical genius; while Carlos was confident that Jetfire could easily counter Thrust, the others weren't so sure.

As it turned out, the kids were right about Jetfire, as his overconfidence nearly led to the Autobots being taken out after he got himself caught in another of Thrust's ambushes. To his credit, Jetfire was contrite, saying he had learned his lesson and would be more cautious in future.The next day, the kids watched Jetfire and Smokescreen arm-wrestling, and Alexis confused Carlos by cheering for both. They also filled in Jetfire on who Sideways was and what he had previously gotten up to. Jetfire then displayed his cunning side by showing the kids a still of Sideways shooting down Cyclonus after Sideways had defected, which cast doubt on the turncoat's allegiance to the Decepticons. The kids tried to figure out what Sideways's deal was, while the Autobots went to obtain yet another Mini-Con.While the Autobots were dealing with Tidal Wave, two Mini-Cons were detected in addition to the one the Transformers were at the time specifically fighting over. Alexis was confused by the location data, but after some analysis she discovered that it was pointing at the Moon. At that point, Sideways mockingly congratulated her on her ingenuity and explained that these three Mini-Cons would unite to form the Requiem Blaster.

Meanwhile, the boys found the other Mini-Con, Sky Blast, in the caves around the base.Alexis continued to coordinate the Autobots from the base while Red Alert took Sky Blast, Carlos, and Rad to the battlefield in a bid to complete the Requiem Blaster. Their gamble eventually paid off: Sky Blast awoke both Payload on the beach and Astroscope on the moon and the three Mini-Cons combined. Optimus Prime obtained the Requiem Blaster and used it to force the Decepticons to retreat.In the light of this, the kids became concerned about the rights of the Mini-Cons, and so took the Space Mini-Con Team out to a remote farmhouse where they could be safe. They were tracked down by Thrust, but he got caught in a set of traps the kids had rigged up, which stalled the Decepticon long enough for Optimus Prime to come by and save the day. After an impassioned discussion as to why the Mini-Cons should not be viewed as mere weapons, the kids and Mini-Cons both returned to base. All the kids were present when Sideswipe came to Earth and rather enthusiastically begged to fight alongside Blurr. The kids weren't terribly impressed, so Billy and Fred went off to play a video game. Alexis chided them for wasting time and resources, and, purely in the interest of demonstrating how silly their game was, decided to play against them.Naturally enough, she turned out to be the best of the lot.Later, the kids stayed at the base with Red Alert when the Autobots went out to counter a Decepticon attack. However, this attack proved to be nothing more than a distraction posed by Starscream, while the rest of the 'Cons attacked the Autobot base in search of the Requiem Blaster. The kids ran for hiding before the Autobots warped back, and bore witness to Megatron obtaining the Blaster and using it on Smokescreen, apparently killing him.Smokescreen clung to life, if only barely, and Red Alert went to task fixing him. As they watched, the children were given a brief lesson in Cybertronian anatomy, specifically on what a Spark was. Afterwards, Starscream joined the ranks of the Autobots. Though most of the kids were initially suspicious, Alexis was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. All the kids eventually welcomed him when they saw his attendant Mini-Cons genuinely looked up to him.Alexis took a particular shine to him, but Starscream dismissed her and the other human children, as he was only concerned with defeating Megatron. The kids' favorable opinion on Starscream was further cemented when they watched him aid the Autobots rescue the Decepticon-held Mini-Cons from the enemy's moonbase Later, the kids asked Starscream to bring them back a souvenir when he and Jetfire travelled to Mars in search of a Mini-Con panel. In spite of his rude, lone-wolf demeanor, Starscream brought back a mysterious green rock for the kids, thus earning him a place in their hearts, in particular Alexis.Alexis fashioned a pendant from this, which had a mysterious connection to Starscream's spark.In return for his kindness, the kids threw Starscream a surprise party, sewing a large Chamois of Friendship out of several smaller rags. Starscream was touched by this, but unfortunately still had trouble adjusting to life with the Autobots. Rad, Alexis, and Carlos later took the Race Mini-Con Team out for a walk, inadvertently leading to Starscream being accused of stealing the Skyboom Shield for the Decepticons. Though the kids explained themselves to Hot Shot, the damaged had been done, and Starscream abandoned both his gift and the Autobots when he was duped into returning to the Decepticons by Thrust, ostensibly so as to destroy Megatron.In the aftermath, Alexis and Rad tried to calm the more visibly enraged Billy and Carlos, and then they all went to their respective homes, where Alexis clutched her pendant and thought about Starscream.

The next day, all the kids returned to the base to discover the Autobots and their allied Mini-Cons working quickly to complete the Axalon in order to retrieve the Decepticons' Mini-cons. The kids discussed Starscream a bit and decided never to speak of him again; Alexis was visibly upset but tried to hide it. At Fred's suggestion, they all went to see a comet to take their minds off things. Alexis, still upset over Starscream, told Rad she was going home as the others watched the skies. Walking alongside her, Rad tried to convince Alexis to stay with her friends. Then, the comet was destroyed by the Decepticons' newly completed Rad and Alexis raced back to their friends, and all the kids just kind of stood around wondering what to do.As it turned out, the Decepticons were thwarted through the noble sacrifice of Optimus Prime. The kids all suffered a heartfelt grief. 

Over the next week, the Autobots busied themselves with completing the Axalon, but Hot Shot and Scavenger soon came to blows. The kids were confused by this and watched from afar as the two fought on an abandoned highway. When the rest of the Autobots joined in abusing Hot Shot, the kids tried to persuade them that bullying their youngest member wouldn't help anything, but were overruled by Red Alert, who insisted that they had to get this out of their system. It turned out Scavenger was trying to snap Hot Shot out of his own depression. In due course, Hot Shot did come to terms with Optimus Prime's death, and everybody's morale was raised; it was raised so much so, in fact, that Hot Shot was chosen as the Autobots' new commander. Under Hot Shot's understandably unsteady command, the Axalon was soon completed and preparations made to depart for Cybertron. The kids were looking forward to seeing another planet, and so were naturally miffed when Hot Shot told them that he was leaving them on Earth where it was safe. All the kids glumly returned home, but ever hopeful, Alexis packed her bags anyway and, along with Rad and Carlos, headed for the Autobot base the next morning.

When they arrived, Hot Shot once again insisted that it was too dangerous for them to come along. Upon hearing this, the Mini-Cons collectively rebelled and blocked all the ship's systems, refusing to budge until the kids were allowed on. Hot Shot relented, and the kids and Autobots blasted off into space. Alexis saw fit to only inform her parents about her departure via e-mail at the last possible moment.During the journey, the kids bore witness to the arrival of thousands of new Mini-Cons and the Return of Optimus Prime,the conflict with Nemesis Prime, and the Mini-Con powered recoloration of several Autobots and Decepticons.Following a confrontation with the Decepticons, the Autobots arrived on Cybertron, only to find it had already been conquered by Galvatron. The Street Action Mini-Cons jumped out of their airlock to form a glowing green shield, which Alexis realized was to protect against Unicron. The Mini-Cons did return, but soon tried to sneak down to Cybertron's surface. Though Carlos feared for their safety, Alexis and Rad favored letting them go down to the surface, as the little ones had a right to walk around on their home planet.With the Mini-Cons gone, the kids were left with nothing much to do but watch the lights of battle on the surface. They did try to stop Hot Shot making a one-robot mission to the heart of the Decepticon stronghold to warn Galvatron about the impending threat of Unicron, but then Rad persuaded everyone to let him go ahead with it. They later received a message that Thrust had stolen the Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster, and was at that moment speeding towards the center of Cybertron, being pursued by Starscream, Hot Shot, and Wheeljack. The trio teamed up with their partner Mini-Cons and joined in the chase, catching up to Starscream just as he confronted Thrust. Alexis called out Starscream's name, and so Thrust decided to distract Starscream by shooting the humans with the Blaster. Starscream, remembering the kindness they had shown him when he defected, bravely leaped into the path of the Blaster, dying to save the humans.

At that point, time warped and the kids found themselves millions of years in the past, in an alternate timeline. They encountered Hot Shot, being ensnared by semi-organic growth; Hot Shot revealed that the Mini-Cons had been created by Unicron, and the Transformers' use of them had led to the downfall of the entire race.

With that happy thought, the kids were sent back even further in time, where they witnessed the first Mini-Cons being spawned. Among these were High Wire, Sureshock, and Grindor. The kids' encounter with the Mini-Cons granted them with a burgeoning free will.

Finally, the kids were warped back to a few seconds back before Thrust killed Starscream, allowing the Mini-Cons to combine into Perceptor and knock Thrust's aim off. Thrust's blast was redirected, saving Starscream. The ceiling then collapsed, but Starscream used his own body to shield the kids while Thrust flew off. At that point, Hot Shot and Wheeljack arrived.The kids explained the situation, and the fact that Starscream had saved them. Hot Shot ordered them to return to the Axalon, but the kids managed to persuade him to let them tag along. The kids and carbots sped along behind Starscream, following him through a portal to an organic-looking area where Thrust and Sideways were waiting; Alexis put on her necklace at this point. While the Transformers dealt with Unicron's minions and the various parasites and tentacles, the kids tried to rouse the Mini-Cons that made up the weapons in Thrust's possession from their dormant state. They were unsuccessful. The team was forced to flee, and the various organic... things soon separated Alexis and Starscream from the rest of the group. Starscream flew Alexis to safety, but she dropped her necklace en route. Rather than leave it in order to escape, she jumped off of Starscream's shoulder to retrieve it. Starscream had to turn around and transform to save her.They made it back to the surface, whereupon they realized the portal they had gone through had taken them to the interior of Cybertron's moon. Then, the ground began to crumble, revealing that the moon was concealing Unicron's body! Jetfire arrived and took the kids to safety back on Cybertron. As Autobots and Decepticons went their separate ways, Alexis begged Starscream to stay. Though he considered it, Starscream realized he'd just end up Not To betraying her again, and left.Starscream later interrupted a rather aggressive negotiation between Optimus Prime and Megatron, battling his old commander to prove that the threat of Unicron was very real. During the battle, Starscream decided to de-energize his sword and let Galvatron run him through. When Starscream died Alexis's pendant cracked. Instinctively, Alexis knew that this indicated that something had just gone horribly wrong. Her intuition was proved correct when Optimus informed the kids of Starscream's demise. Alexis was overcome with grief, and consoled by Rad. Still, she was able to attend the meeting at which the Autobots and Decepticons agreed to suspend hostilities until the defeat of Unicron, and though sad that Starscream wasn't where, she was glad he had achieved his aim of temporarily uniting the factions.When Optimus Prime and Galvatron managed to sneak inside Unicron, the Street Action Mini-Cons decided to infiltrate the titan's body as well. The children and Red Alert tagged along, barely avoiding getting crushed getting through the warp gate that led to Unicron's interiors.Red Alert was left behind, but the rest of the group soldiered forth. They found the two leaders restrained by Unicron's tentacles, with Unicron trying to verbally break Optimus Prime through Sideways' vocal synthesizer. Unicron destroyed the Mini-Cons' human-derived personalities, restoring them to blank drones, and then dragged the kids into a bizarre mindscape. However, the kids' mental fortitude was strong enough not only to break Unicron's thrall over them, but also to restore the individual personalities of the Mini-Cons. The kids and Mini-Cons then managed to release the weapons, allowing Optimus Prime to blow up Sideways with the Requiem Blaster. 

However, on the way out, Galvatron challenged Optimus Prime to a final battle,on the grounds that as long as both of them still existed, the hatred and enmity would last forever and thus Unicron would never be permanently defeated. The kids fled, and were picked up by Jetfire and Cyclonus on Unicron's surface. Optimus Prime won the battle, and Unicron and Galvatron were both (apparently) destroyed.

Hot Shot and Jetfire returned the kids to Earth, where they said tearful (but temporary) goodbyes. Alexis pondered her pendant, wistfully remembering Starscream.

Transformers Legends anthology

Alexis and Rad stared up in horror as the Decepticons unleashed the might of the Hydra Cannon towards the Earth. Though there was little they could do to stop the incoming desolation, Optimus thankfully sacrificed himself to prevent Earth's destruction.

Transformers Legends comic

While at the beach with her friends a young Alexis was transported into the Legends Universe by Alpha Trion, who knew of her connection with Starscream and hoped she could stop the resurrected Decepticon from causing tragedy by sacrificing himself again. As her appearance reawakened Starscream's lost memories, Alexis gently told him he'd "gotten lost" in this other universe and brought him home to their own dimension.An older Alexis, from her diplomat days, was one of the many women brought to the Legends Universe by Tigatron using the ultra-drill in an attempt to get women who liked him better than Springer. It did not work out, as all of the women brought over eventually swooned over Springer. 

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Soon after the defeat of Unicron and the reunification of the Cybertronians under the Autobot flag, Dr. Brian Jones traveled to Cybertron with his son, Kicker. He also brought along Rad, Alexis, and Carlos to the alien planet.Years afterwards, Alexis traveled to Cybertron as part of the human delegation. Ten years later yet, she worked as a diplomat on behalf of the Earth Federation, usually as a liaison between the nations of Earth and the Cybertronian Autobot-Decepticon alliance. Alexis traveled to Ocean City to tell the human crew and their Cybertronian allies about the Federation's decision to declare a position of neutrality in the latest Transformers conflict. While Alexis now represented the interests of Earth, she still had faith in Optimus Prime and trusted his decisions in the Energon war, just as she trusted him during the Unicron Battles.After the Battle of the Asteroid Belt, Alexis travelled to Ocean City to discuss the creation of a global energon grid to protect Earth from Alpha Q-related attacks. She was on hand to greet Dr. Brian Jones, who responded in his usual jovial manner, which involved pushing the boundaries of her personal space. When construction got underway, she offered to requisition more supplies and manpower, but Dr. Jones reassured her they had quite enough resources to hand.Shortly thereafter, she accompanied the Autobots and Earth Federation personnel to Jungle City, where Kicker had received a vision of impending disaster. She and Sally were removed from the scene before the fighting began.

As Kicker had predicted, the Decepticons arrived to raid the city. Things went badly for the Autobots, and they were forced to blow it up. Alexis reluctantly supported this move, reasoning that humans had survived the fall of civilizations before, and they would survive this.Later, with Cybertron in danger, Dr. Jones sent all of Earth's energon to Cybertron. Alexis objected to this on the grounds that it would leave Earth vulnerable, but eventually gave in.She then arranged for Jungle City to be rebuilt on top of a newly discovered energon deposit on Earth.

Dreamwave Armada And Energon

Alexis helped Rad and Carlos with Project Supernova, although she was rather cynical about it actually achieving flight. While she ran into some problems on launch day, including homework and Rad's insistence on playing secret agent (she was Agent Bubblegum), Alexis helped throw the Project Supernova off a cliff. Her cynicism was turned around when the craft actually managed to stay airborne, but it soon crashed due to outside interference. Alexis was pissed and about to go home when Rad fell into a cave and accidentally awakened four alien robots, whom he promptly hid in his garage. This didn't serve to improve Alexis's mood any, as she felt the robots could be dangerous and that they should tell people about them. Rad and Carlos eventually calmed her down, which was good as the robots turned out to be nice guys who built them a new Project Supernova.However, while the kids and bots were flying around on their vehicle, they were attacked by Megatron and fled back to the garage, where an angry Alexis demanded an explanation. The robots told the kids that they were Mini-Cons from the planet Cybertron, and that Megatron was a Decepticon out to capture them. Mad that she and her friends had been pulled into another race's war, Alexis began to argue with Rad, but Carlos made them both realize that they had to lure Megatron away from their neighborhood. The kids and Mini-Cons fled to a nearby canyon, where they found Optimus Prime and his Autobots. While Alexis and the others were almost captured and killed by Demolishor, the Autobots and Mini-Cons soon drove the Decepticons away. Unfortunately, as the kids were playing around in a forest some time later, Optimus Prime visited them and explained that he couldn't let them get involved with the Transformers' war any longer. Alexis and her friends were subsequently forbidden from hanging out with the Street Action Team. Sparkplug, who was against this, broke order and took the kids with him to rescue some Mini-Cons from the Decepticon base. Their mission was to call for help if Sparkplug's infiltration team wasn't back within 30 minutes.When the team failed to return, Alexis and the others called for help and ended up summoning the Land Military Mini-Con Team, although it took some convincing to get them to help Sparkplug After a day at school, Alexis and her friends were riding around on the Street Action Team and eating burgers when the Mini-Cons suddenly stopped responding to them and sped away for an unknown destination. The kids were unable to get off until they came to a halt, which they did next to a mysterious monolith in Kansas. When the Mini-Cons entered the structure, Rad followed them, and Alexis could only watch as the monolith launched into space with her friend on board.Optimus Prime explained that Rad had been taken to the Moon, and Alexis and Carlos couldn't do much other than urge the Autobots to save him. While Optimus managed to retrieve a starship to travel to the Moon with, he refused to endanger the humans by letting them come as well.  Fortunately, simulcrum technology allowed them to be on the ship "in spirit", and Alexis was eventually reunited with Rad.After staying out of the Transformer conflict for a while, Alexis, Rad and Carlos learned that the Mini-Cons were all returning to Cybertron to fight against Unicron. They said their goodbyes to the Street Action Team, then watched as the Transformers entered a space bridge and left Earth. Some time after the conflict on Earth had ended, Alexis began to compile a comprehensive database of information on several Transformers. She was unaware that this information (which, in several cases, contradicted actual events) was planted into her mind by Over-Run. In the ten years that followed the Transformers' departure from Earth, Alexis became an activist, traveling around the world with other like-minded individuals to (violently) protest the misuse of Earth's natural resources.

One such trip found her in Australia, protesting Alterenergy's 01 Source research. Her group's protest was interrupted when the Transformers returned to Earth in the form of the Terrorcons and attacked the Alterenergy excavation site. Alexis was horrified that they were getting dragged into the Transformer war again, but ended up rushing straight into it to save a young teenager named Kicker from Battle Ravage by shooting the beast in the face with a flare gun.The two tried to escape on a motorcycle, but ended up crashing it and getting captured by Battle Ravage, who brought them to Scorponok. The Terrorcon leader used Alexis as a hostage, threatening to kill her if Kicker wouldn't help him find 01 Source. Fortunately, Rad, who now worked for Alterenergy, came to her aid... or at least it would've been her aid if Battle Ravage hadn't been guarding her. They ended up escaping thanks to Carlos, who aided them from space by remotely detonating the collected 01 Source, knocking the Terrorcon out. After Rad explained to Alexis that 01 Source was Energon—Transformer fuel—and that Kicker could sense it, the two were suddenly reunited with Optimus Prime, who had arrived to fight the Terrorcons. The Autobots subsequently drove the Terrorcons away and rescued Kicker, who was surprised that Rad and Alexis knew each other. As the Autobots officially revealed themselves to the human population, many began to fear for an invasion and protested against them. Alexis was in Los Angeles at the time, and reflected alongside Rad on how she would probably be protesting as well if she didn't know any better. Rad wasn't happy to hear this, nor was he happy about her way of life, as her frequent trips around the globe meant she never stuck around. Alexis explained that she had merely grown up and didn't see things in black and white anymore, but the disgruntled Rad just said his goodbyes and left. However, he came back and apolozied as Alexis prepared to leave in a taxi, which made her feel better. Then Terrorcon Insecticons attacked Los Angeles and blew up the taxi.Fortunately, she had gotten out in time and was safe and sound and returned to Rad. As he thought Alexis had died in the explosion, Rad had realized how much she truly meant to him, and embraced her and told her never to leave him again. They were both fairly embarrassed afterwards Using Rad's truck, they raced away from the Insecticons and to Alterenergy's west coast headquarters.Upon arrival, Alexis spent some time with Carlos, who explained how Rad planned to use the Energon Volant Accumulator to aid the Autobots in the fight against the Terrorcons.As the AlterEnergy collaboration grew between Cybertron and Earth, Alexis became involved with the United Nations in connection with the project. She helped orchestrate a task force to look for Kicker after he went missing. Her information helped Rad and his people locate where Demolishor had taken the boy.After being rescued, Kicker said goodbye to Alexis, Rad and Carlos before joining the fight against Unicron.



  • In the cartoon and comics, it is revealed Alexis is in love with Starscream despite she is friends with the Autobots and he is a Decepticon.
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