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Kwak, kwak!
~ Alfred's duckky squawk
Pico bello!
~ Alfred's catchphrase

Alfred J. Kwak is the titular protagonist of the Dutch cartoon Alfred J. Kwak.

He is a duck. As a child he lives in a giant clog with his family, later on he lives with his adoptive father Henk. He is very concerned with other people and values many virtues, like human rights and good manners. Friends, family and the environment, are also close to his heart and he in some episodes even risks his own safety when it comes to do the right thing. Although he has gone through a lot of sad things, his favourite song is 'Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk' (I'm so happy today). In the English version, his middle name is changed to "Johnathan".

His archenemy is Dolf, an evil crow and Great Waterland's dictator.