That's how it starts, sir. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel.
~ Alfred in the teaser trailer.

Alfred Pennyworth is the Wayne Family butler and has been for many years. When a mugger murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred was placed as the legal guardian to their son Bruce Wayne. When Bruce grew up and began a quest to single-handedly rid his city of crime and corruption as the fearsome vigilante "Batman", Alfred assisted him in this one-man war on crime.

He is portrayed by actor Jeremy Irons, who also portrayed Brom in Eragon.




A traditional English butler, Alfred always keeps a stiff upper lip, even under the extraordinary circumstances imposed by his master's secret identity. No matter what the situation, Alfred always responds with resolve, equanimity, and good humor.

Though he and Bruce occasionally quarrel, Alfred's loyalty remains absolute. Partially this could be explained by his continued loyalty to Thomas Wayne, and a traditional sense of duty to one's master. At the same time, Alfred finds ways to express his pride in Bruce, and his belief in the cause he is fighting for as the fearsome vigilante "Batman". While Alfred may have no superhuman powers or abilities (much like Bruce himself), he is extraordinarily competent in all of the fields necessary to help maintain Batman's life - from ordinary housekeeping and cooking, to mechanical maintenance and computer operation. He also proved to be a competent medic, and lab assistant. Alfred's background in intelligence also makes him a skilled analyst, investigator, and spy.


  • This is the ninth live action iteration of the character.
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