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Alfred Pennyworth is the deuteragonist of the animated series The Batman, who helps the Batman on many of his missions. He is the legal guardian of Bruce Wayne after Bruce's parents were murdered.


Alfred Pennyworth cleaned Wayne Manor and helped Batman remember to be Bruce Wayne by keeping him notified of his many meetings and by reminding him to be more open to the public.

For two years Batman fought small thugs and Alfred usually just watched him, but when the Joker appeared, it got more serious as then more advanced thugs such as Bane killer Croc Clayface and Catwoman started rousing.

While Batman was on his missions, Alfred was at the Batwave directing him through and helping him, or dusting the Batcave and creating a gallery of Batman's "souvenirs". Apparently Alfred's grandfather worked for the Cobblepots but was fired, giving him a hatred for the Penguin, especially since this Cobblepot was as obnoxious as his ancestors.

Batman took in new friends, like Batgirl and Robin and Alfred soon learned to care for them just as much as he cared for Bruce.

While Alfred is usually depicted as being elderly in other Batman stories, as Bruce Wayne is in his twenties in The Batman, Alfred is correspondingly depicted as younger in this version as well, shown in his late-forties or early-fifties.