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What? I save your life and you suddenly trust me again?
~ Alvin

Alfred Vint Svent, known almost exclusively as Alvin, is the tritagonist of the video game Tales of Xillia and one of the main characters in its sequel Tales of Xillia 2. He is a mercenary who first meets Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell during their escape from Fennmont and subsequently joins them on their journey.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese version and Matthew Mercer in the English version, both of whom also voice Yusuke Kitagawa.


Alvin is a smooth-talking mercenary who has travelled over the entire world. Though powerful and charismatic, Alvin is ridiculously untrustworthy and hides a cool and calculating personality beneath his joshing smile.

His special ability Charge allows him to combine his gun and sword, increasing the power of his artes and even changing them. His Support Skill Breaker is used to break the guard of a defending enemy.


Most of the time, Alvin exhibits a laid-back and friendly personality. This is noted by Leia, who always thought mercenaries were supposed to be gruff and scary, which Alvin says is just a stereotype. He claims to enjoy his job as a mercenary, saying that it's better than being a soldier since he can do his own thing and doesn't have to follow orders. Ultimately, however, it is revealed that he doesn't like his job very much at all, since all the jobs he had been doing were for his ill mother, who later dies.

Alvin is suave, charismatic, calculating and is out to do the best for his mother. However, as time goes on and he keeps betraying people, he continually loses their trust, earns the nickname "Liar" and eventually finds out that he's been played for a fool all along, causing the start of a mental breakdown that culminates with Alvin shooting and nearly killing one of his friends. He finally realizes then just how much of a jerk he's been, to the point where he wants to rebuild his relationships but is worried that he's burnt his bridges.


In the past, it was revealed that Alvin once worked for Exodus, led by Gilland. Alvin stated that he always hated him for 20 years and sometimes called him "uncle". He was once in love with Presa, but he quickly set her aside. He often visited his sick mother in Xian Du, but she eventually died.

In Tales of Xillia

At the beginning, he saved Jude from a bunch of Rushigal guards and carried him aboard a ship that set sail with Milla on it. On the ship, he introduced himself and meant to charge them for his services, but they were currently tapped out. As they headed to Nia Kerra, Alvin shot at a rock to save Milla from Presa; however, that rock turned out to be an octopus. At Nia Kerra, after Jude and Milla came back from Milla's shrine, Alvin was paid by the villagers. As they were about to leave, Alvin decided to tag along, because Ivar requested it and that Alvin felt like he was overpaid and wanted to make their money's worth.

Eventually at Xain Du, Alvin attempted to save Elize and Teepo from Exodus agents, but he ended up wounded and the three were locked up. After being rescued, they learned that Teepo was just a machine, much to Elize's dismay. At Gaius' castle, Alvin appeared traitorous by revealing something and waved at Jude and the others as they were being chased by guards. Back at Xain Du, Alvin was often considered a "big fat liar". After Gilland's attack from Fezebel Marsh, Alvin reunited with Jude, Elize, Teepo, and meets Muzet. Later on, Alvin closed Gilland's eyes shut after his death.

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