Ali is one of the Count's servants and acts as a supporting character in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Role in the Story

Ali first appears when Albert and his friends first visited the Count's basement, where he was with Haydee Tebelin.


Ali is a tall, bald green alien with small, seemingly slit eyes and big ears. He also very flexible, almost tentacle-like fingers and has two arms and legs. Ali also wears earrings and a golden neck ornament of sorts. Occasionally, we will wear something along the lines of a small vest and robe, but when he is out and about, he will wear a black suit that makes him almost reminiscent of a butler.


While Ali is entirely silent, his actions often help to paint a picture of what his personality truly is. Ali's actions show that he is dedicated to helping others, the Count of Monte Cristo in particular. Whether it is do to personal devotion, his status as a slave, or some other cause is unknown. Ali is also a very kind and caring soul, willing to comfort the sobbing Haydee Tebelin after she ruins Fernand Mondego's presidential campaign and feels bad about it. Seemingly out of his own free will, he rescues Heloise de Villefort and her son, Edouard, from the Count's collapsing mansion, showing that Ali is selfless.


Ali has the remarkable gift of healing others, as he was able to use his own seemingly mystical abilities to remove a bullet from the Count's body and save his life. It isn't known in Ali is the only one of his kind who can do this or not, as no other creatures of Ali's species were seen nor was Ali's abilities elaborated on. Ali also has skills with a whip and taming animals, horses being a prime example, as he was able to stop two horses from running amok and getting Victoria Danglars, Heloise de Villefort and her son from getting hurt or killed.


  • Due to Ali's actions throughout the anime, it isn't truly known if he is a hero or a villain. However, considering that many of his actions often involve helping others, he can generally be considered a nice person, and by extension, a hero.
  • Ali is the only one of the Count's associates who never speaks.
  • In the original book, Ali was the Count of Monte Cristo's Nubian slave. However, most likely due to the controversial nature of this character and his status amongst the Count's allies, Ali's species was changed to an alien, thereby creating a loophole that would justify his appearance in the manga and anime.
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