No matter what you did wrong... it is impossible for a person to become trash while he lives. If there people like that around the world, I want to try to stop them.
~ Alibaba Saluja

Alibaba Saluja is the deuteragonist of the anime/manga series Magi. He is the 3rd Prince of Balbadd, who was working as a cart driver when he first met Aladdin. He is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing one Dungeon, the owner of the Djinn, Amon and Aladdin's King Candidate.

He is voiced by Yuki Kaji in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Erik Scott Kimerer in the English version of the anime.


Alibaba is an average sized young man with blonde hair and gold eyes. He has a short and thick ahoge. He usually wears an traditional Arabian outfit with a sash around his waist to hold his knife. He has an small red rope he wears around his neck at all times.


Initially, Alibaba was shown as being a very cunning and petty, but it is soon shown this is not true when he chooses to save a little girl over protecting the goods in his caravan. Since childhood, he has always tried his best to do honest work. He would respect wealthy merchants and do his best to please them, often with flattering sophistry and laughing when they call him trash. Originally, he also tried to be friends with Aladdin for his strength.

Like Aladdin, he likes beautiful, busty women and they usually go clubbing whenever they can. However, it was shown that he was actually very kind, caring and helpful. Due to having a high class education since he was young, he is also very skilled in negotiations and much more intelligent than he appears. He has no patience for those who wallow in their power at the expense of others suffering. At the same time, he can be a rather oblivious person, as he naively trusts Sinbad.

Alibaba is shown from very early in the series to have very low self-confidence, causing him to doubt himself frequently and believe he is unworthy of being king. Although at one point Aladdin manages to encourage him, he still feels doubtful sometimes later on.

He is dedicated to helping everyone and can seem a little hard-headed, like when he goes into a fight without any help because he wants to settle something himself. He is very loyal to his friends. He became good friends with Aladdin and Morgiana and cares a lot for them. Since his Magoi has become one with Kassim's Magoi, his aura/atmosphere and behavior have changed, taking on some of Kassim's personality and habits; for example, smoking. Alibaba wanted to smoke but he still couldn't handle it. He acknowledges this change and decides to accept it as a final gift.


When Alibaba was younger, he lived in the slums of Balbadd with his Mom, Anise. One day his mother saw Kassim and his sister being beaten by their father, so she went over to save them and took them in as a member of her family. One day , Alibaba's mother succumbed to an illness and died. At that point Kassim took on the roll of taking care of them.

After a few days the King of Balbadd came to the slums and told Alibaba that he was his son and the he will live in the palace. He had a difficult life from that point on because he was a brat from the slums. The Princes saw him as trash and even the King, the person who brought him, in ignored him when in the palace. He was lonely and had to go through intense daily training . He was taught everything from how he walks, speaks and eats, to sword fighting, economics, maths, and philosophy.

Eventually, everyone started speaking to him properly and he even became close with one of the Princes. One night, years later, Alibaba snuck out of the palace to have a look at the slums. What he found there was nothing, no trace of junkyard street or people. As he was about to go back to the palace, he ran into Kassim. Alibaba was happy and felt nostalgic talking to Kassim after all those years. He went out to drink with Kassim and talk. While drinking, he noticed the level of respect Kassim had with all the adults, and how each were bowing to him. During the talk, Alibaba got drunk and told Kassim how he was able to escape from the castle. He ended up giving away a very important weakness of the palace. On the way back to the palace, Alibaba was trailed by someone Kassim had paid. After that, Alibaba went back to living in the palace. After sometime had passed, the King came down with a deadly chronic disease. Before the king died, he told Alibaba that he would like to leave the kingdom to him. Alibaba asked about his mother and was told of how the King loved his mom. This put Alibaba at ease. He decided to refuse the King's request for him to be king, saying that it was not his place and that the two Princes should be the one to handle their country. That night, he saw Kassim again, inside the walls of the palace. Before Alibaba realized it, he was surrounded by members of Kashim's group from the slums. They started attacking and stealing from the palace. While Alibaba was frozen, one of Kassim's subordinates noticed him. He told Kassim and Kassim said to just knock him out. Alibaba could only feel the heat of the flame that engulfed the palace. The next morning, the King had passed away. Because of his feelings of guilt and fear, he escaped Balbadd that same day. From that point, he traveled until he ran into Aladdin.


Dungeon Arc

Alibaba was first introduced as a Cart Driver to a fat wine vendor, Budel. Aladdin was also on this cart. Alibaba quickly scolded Aladdin for insulting Budel. During this time, they talked to each other and Alibaba told Aladdin all about Dungeons to know what a Dungeon was and a little about Alibaba's dream. Budel then began to insult Alibaba's dream and even though it was clear Alibaba was frustrated, he held his tongue to Budel.

Just then, their cart was attacked by a Desert Hyacinth, from underneath and the whole thing was tipped over. All Budel's wine was thrown over along with a little girl who was riding along. As Alibaba reached out to save the little girl, he was pushed out the way by Budel, who was trying to save his wine, causing the little girl to be eaten by the Desert Hyacinth. The mother, grief stricken was told by Budel he would buy her another one if the little girl meant so much to her.

In that instant, Alibaba couldn't contain himself any longer and punched Budel in the face. He then took Budel's wine rushed in to save the girl. Aladdin tried to summon Ugo, but because the flute was full of sand, he could not. Alibaba threw in Budel's wine to distract the Hyacinth and saved the girl while it was digesting the wine. He successfully saved the girl, but was captured himself by the Hyacinth. Alibaba tried to fight, but was knocked unconscious. Just then, Aladdin flew in with his magic turban and a lot of wine, Aladdin threw all of the wine inside the Dessert Hyacinth's mouth much to the dismay of Budel. This saves Alibaba. Both were thanked for their bravery. Aladdin was still trying to summon Ugo and when he finally, did everyone was freaked out except Alibaba. Ugo had given Alibaba an idea.

Eventually, they both made their way to the oasis city Qishan. They walked together and made their way to a room were Alibaba said he would treat Aladdin to some food and that they were friends. This made Aladdin very happy. During their meal Alibaba asked about Ugo and was the deal with the flute. During the talk, Alibaba asked if he found Ugo in a Dungeon, which Aladdin answered no and that he is looking for the Djinn Metal Vessels. In that moment, Aladdin was convinced he should go to a Dungeon to look much to the surprise of Alibaba. Just than Alibaba's boss came in to scold him for destroying Budel's wine and costing them a lot of money. Alibaba was very sorry and told his boss not to worry since he was going to pay him back by Dungeon Diving. Aladdin summoned Ugo and surprised and reassured Alibaba's boss of their success.

During this, however, Alibaba said that Aladdin was his servant, this greatly upset Aladdin. Alibaba didn't understand this and thought it was about the money. When he reassured Aladdin of his cut and Aladdin still didn't seem to enthusiastic, Alibaba became nervous in that Aladdin wouldn't want to Dungeon Dive anymore. He took Aladdin to a night club because he remembered how happy Aladdin became when he talked about girls before.

Aladdin eventually told Alibaba what was bothering him and Alibaba took it back and apologized, this made Aladdin happy again. Afterwards, Alibaba took Aladdin to the Seventh Dungeon, Amon. Alibaba started to become discouraged because of all the deaths caused by this dungeon, but after Aladdin encouraged him he became enthusiastic again. They were going to enter, but didn't. They decided to wait before they went in to get prepared for their Diving. They went shopping for supplies and ran into Morgiana and quickly realized that she was a a slave. Aladdin, not knowing the severity of the situation, broke her chained legs to set her free. Budel then came around a saw this illegal action and called the police to arrest them. They used Ugo to run and made their way into the Dungeon.

As they were transported through the Dungeon's door and through a tunnel of light, Aladdin arrived their first in a pool of water and Alibaba arrived much later, long enough for Aladdin's cloths to dry. With them both there they decided to go exploring the beautiful Dungeon. Alibaba decided to go down a particular tunnel, but Aladdin became scared and made him change his mind so they can take their time and think about what they should do next. Unbeknownst to both of them this decision saved their lives. When they made their way back they noticed how many doors there were and how each had a symbol on the wall next to them. Alibaba quickly figured out what it all meant and quickly came up with the correct entrance. In the right path they came upon beautiful rainbow like balls and Alibaba dubbed them rainbow balls. The rainbow balls began cracking and hatching ant like monsters. Aladdin was being eaten by one when Alibaba pulled him out of it.

They found themselves surrounded by these ant like monsters about to be attack when Aladdin summoned Ugo to escape. they managed to escape but Aladdin became very tired and called back Ugo. They soon realized they were followed by the ant like monsters who had copied Ugo's leg muscles to catch up. As Alibaba tried to cut these monsters, his knife went right through them. He realized that they were Slime able to take on any appearance. All the slime monsters than started to merge together and made a giant slime monster. Aladdin summoned Ugo once again to defeat this monster with Ugo's Heat Magic. He made quick work of the slime monster but this in turn exhausted Aladdin and he fell into a deep sleep. Alibaba hid him in a crack in the wall to let him rest.

After Alibaba fell asleep he awoke suddenly to hear the voices of Jamil and his two slaves Morgiana and Goltas. Alibaba thought they would pass without noticing them but Morgiana smelled them and came into the crack. Though Alibaba became desperate to protect Aladdin, Jamil completely ignored him. Jamil addressed Aladdin as Magi much to the wonder of Alibaba. Jamil than took Aladdin and his flute still ignoring Alibaba. When Alibaba finally got Jamil's attention he was forced to work for him to stick close to Aladdin. Alibaba then translated something Jamil couldn't read making Jamil angry and eventually Alibaba was forced to become the scapegoat for a trap resulting in him falling in a trap door making everyone believe he had perished. After this Aladdin woke up.

Aladdin was told that Alibaba had went on ahead in the dungeon and not to worry. They all soon came into a fork in the road with no way of knowing which way of going Jamil thought it best for him and Goltas to check out one direction with Morgiana staying to watch over Aladdin. While alone, Aladdin tried to make Morgiana laugh and though he succeeded, she became angry with him and told him of Alibaba's presumed demise. Alibaba than came out and told Aladdin to come with him as Aladdin used his Magic Turban to escape Morgiana. She noticed and tried to stop them, however she failed and allowed them to escape. Alibaba told Aladdin how he found a door he couldn't open, which caused Aladdin to tell him that he knew how to open it. Aladdin came up to the doors put both his hands on them and said, "Open Sesame" and the doors opened.

They found themselves walking through a lot of fog and when it finally cleared they were amazed at the huge city stretched out before there eyes. As they went exploring Alibaba decided to name it; "Aladdin and Alibaba Park", and how Alibaba would be the major and Aladdin would be his vice major. They made there way into the tallest building and started to look around. Only to find it was an empty storage room, as they were about to turn around to look in the other buildings. Goltas blocked the entrance as he was falling down. In the next instant Morgiana came in and kicked Aladdin off into the distance and followed him to finish it. Alibaba stayed there to fight Jamil and even though Jamil was confident in his swordsmanship he was quickly overwhelmed by Alibaba's own sword ability.

As Jamil became desperate he screamed for Morgiana to come and save him which she did at speeds that surprised Alibaba. Even though Alibaba tried to convince her to join his side so she wouldn't have to be a slave anymore she couldn't bring herself to do and attack Alibaba. Jamil ordered her to kill Alibaba and as she was about to finish Alibaba off, Aladdin came to save him by destroying u weapon. Aladdin Summoned a lot of Rukh with a magic staff he had found to attack with Magoi. As Aladdin and Morgiana went in for a final clash, he came out the victor by using Magoi to pin her to a wall. Aladdin then walked over to Jamil to ask for his flute back Jamil started insisting that Aladdin make him king to which Aladdin responded, "I can't think of anyone less qualified to be King". This made Jamil fall into depression. Aladdin and Alibaba then made their way into the main room, where Aladdin touched a pot in the center of the room, summoning Amon.

Once summoned, Amon did an assessment of everyone in the room and quickly realized who Aladdin was. Ugo was then summoned and began to speak with Amon. Alibaba was allowed to take all the treasure he wanted and Aladdin was told a little of what a Magi is. Just as they were continuing their conversation, the Dungeon started to collapse. Judal was outside collapsing the Dungeon saying how it was annoying. Aladdin and Alibaba made haste to the center of the room where Amon had made an escape route. Amon called over to Morgiana to come too, but she wanted to save Jamil first. Alibaba tried to talk her out of it, but she would not stop.

Goltas then intercepted her and told her that it was too late for him and Jamil. He broke the chains on Morgiana's feet and made her leave. Jamil woke up and started looking for Morgiana, only to see her going to safety while he was being crushed under huge boulders. As the group was leaving, Amon decided to join them by going inside Alibaba's knife thus becoming Alibaba's Djinn. While transporting outside the Dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba decided to have a chat. Alibaba thanked Aladdin for allowing him the chance to Dungeon Dive. Aladdin thanked Alibaba for being his friend and shared his sadness that their journey would end there. Alibaba, however, said that it won't and that this is just the beginning. In that moment, a light went off and Alibaba woke up where the Dungeon had disappeared. Aladdin woke up in the Kouga Village and Morgiana woke up in the outskirts of Qishan.

Using all the treasure he got from the Dungeon, he freed all the slaves and took over Jamil's old job. Budel was now under hihm and was kissing up to him. All the while, he was waiting for Aladdin to come back, but he never did. Eventually, Morgiana came to thank him and as they talked, he became aware that he shouldn't stay in one place, that he should go out looking for Aladdin. He headed towards Balbadd to take care of some business.

Balbadd Arc

In Balbadd, their is a man by the name of "Wonder Man Alibaba", who is an infamous thief that gives all their stolen goods to the poor. Aladdin and Morgiana do not believe this is the Alibaba they know, but are soon proven wrong. Alibaba is next seen as one of the masked members of the Fog Troupe. This reveals that the "Wonder Man Alibaba", was him after all. As Aladdin and Ugo block the way, Alibaba asked Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin did so with no problem. Aladdin told Alibaba that he was happy to see him and that he had a lot to tell him. Aladdin said that they had a promise to travel together. Alibaba responded saying that he was sorry, and that he can't keep that promise", much to the horror of Aladdin. Alibaba then summons Amon, to allow his men to escape. By creating a giant wall of fire, the entire Fog Troupe escapes successfully.

Alibaba is next seen talking to the SML Brothers about their entry in the Fog Troupe. After he makes it very clear what his organization was about and what not Morgiana came to "pick" Alibaba do, he dismisses everyone. He goes to talk to Kassim about the current state of events. The conversation ends with him not understanding what Kassim is thinking. He goes to his room, only to find Morgiana waiting for him. She ask him why he is doing what he is and to go see Aladdin. Even though he says she has nothing to do with it, she picks him up and forcefully brings him to Aladdin.

Alibaba arrives at Aladdin's room, though first it is awkward, they eventually open up and tell each other everything. Aladdin told them of his adventures in the Kouga Village and Alibaba told them of his past along with why he decided to break their promise. By the end of it all, Aladdin told Alibaba that he wanted to help him and that they should figure something out, together.

Kassim then breaks down the door, to get Alibaba back. The Fog Troupe starts to attack the hotel they were staying at, so Sinbad, Masrur and Jafar begin to fight them. Morgiana tries to attack Kassim, but is saved by Alibaba. Part way through, they realize that Sinbad is there and try to capture him, but fails due to Sinbad's Magoi Control. Sinbad turns his attention to Alibaba and after Sinbad insults the Fog Troupe, Alibaba gets offended and begins to fight him. Though it looked like Alibaba had the upper hand, he was quickly defeated. Once the Fog Troupe's leader was defeated, Kassim chose to run. Sinbad said that he just wanted to see how many people were truly dedicated to the group and that he really wanted to help them. After Sinbad agrees to help, he takes Alibaba to see Ahbmad Saluja and Sahbmad Saluja, to discuss things over. While there, not only did Alibaba not get a chance to talk things out with the King but he was even completely ignored. Judal makes his appearance while they were talking. Judal passed by Aladdin, who noted that Judal was like a black sun. Judal interrupted the conversation Alibaba was trying to make and started his own thing. Later on, Alibaba was feeling distraught because of his meeting with the king. Sinbad encouraged him saying that they came from just a thieves guild to an actual movement who met with the King. Judal made another appearance and start talking to Sinbad, until he noticed something was weird about the Rukh around Aladdin. When Sinbad told him its because Aladdin was a Magi, Judal felt it hard to believe. He attacked both Aladdin and Alibaba. His attack punctured Alibaba's chest. As Alibaba could not attack, he sat back and watched Aladdin fight Judal. After the fight he is feeling less confident about everything up until he meets Kassim again which gives him the confidence he needs to ask Sinbad for training. Even though he learns a little about Djinn weapon equip and his Djinn he can not remain patient and ends his training early to confront his brother, the king. His impatience gets him in the door and after confronting various monsters and activating his Djinn Weapon Equip.

After taking them out with the help of Morgiana, he confronts the king and dethrones him. Afterwards Kassim and the fog troupe comes to attack the castle and when Alibaba goes to fend them off he is able to defeat them thanks to his Djinn Weapon Equip. Even though he was told to kill Kassim, Alibaba couldn't bring himself to do it. This allowed Kassim to stab himself and transform to a Dark Djinn.

Kassim in this form is very powerful and Alibaba was once again told to kill him and even though he managed to cut off his arm he couldn't deal the final blow. This is until Sinbad intervened and told Alibaba that he is the only person that can save Balbadd. Alibaba was forced to make a decision. Alibaba with the help of Morgiana continues to attack Kassim though eventually his sword breaks. Despite this he still gets up to fight until Aladdin came. When Aladdin arrived he was told that everyone believes in him and he is more powerful then he thinks. Aladdin then uses the Wisdom of Solomon to give Alibaba Magoi. Aladdin summoned a large amount of Magoi to use his heat magic to shoot at Alibaba to power up Alibaba's Djinn weapon. After this Alibaba attacks Cassim again only to see Kassim inside. Aladdin sends Alibaba inside of Kassim to talk to him, inside he tries to talk to Kassim only to be responded by that he was always hated by Kassim. No matter what Alibaba does Kassim doesn't listen, they eventually fight ending in Alibaba victory.

This is due to Alibaba's overpowering Kassim's Dark Rukh with his White Rukh. After this Alibaba receives all of Kassim's painful memories and dies before he can tell Alibaba one last thing making Alibaba very sad until Aladdin summons Kassim to say there goodbyes.

Sindria Arc

Alibaba is first seen in Sindria 6 months after the events in Balbadd. At first he and Aladdin were depressed over losing their friends but by the time Sinbad came back he had starting feeling better and despite refusing to eat at first, grew very fat. A little later after Alibaba witnesses Aladdin receive a little training from Yamuraiha. After Sinbad comes Alibaba show him his broken sword ad Sinbad explains to him that he can still use Amon. Sinbad gives Alibaba a short sword that Sinbad got from Balbadd's King. When he asked about how to move Amon into his new sword he was told by Sinbad that it would happen on its own. He asked Sinbad to teach him swordsmanship but was told that there is a better swordsman than him there. Just then one of the Southern Creatures attacked Sindria. He stood by and watched as Sharrkan defeated it. Once the feast started he was taken under Sharrkan's wing and began a rivalry with Yamuraiha and Aladdin. After training for awhile and getting to know Hakuryuu Ren, Sinbad sends him and the rest on a mission to capture Zagan (Dungeon). He along with the rest of his group and Hakuryuu are accompanied to the village where Zagan is located by Pisti. He runs into his brothers in this village and is surprised by the work they are doing there.

Zagan Arc

Once in Zagan he and the rest quickly engage in numerous battles. Once inside Zagan, he and the rest of his companions quickly engaged in numerous battles against inhabitants who were very different from Amon's dungeon. From earlier training, Alibaba and Aladdin were able to further develop their partnering skills, supporting and aiding each other in harmony. A creature calling himself Zagan appeared and said that they would have to undergo several trials to get the the treasury. Seeing how Ren felt insecure about how he kept getting saved by his comrades, Zagan split them into two groups. Here Ren displayed the power to manipulate magoi, but his heroism was short lived, once he started to run out of Magoi. Morgiana managed to defeat the remaining golems, and they were able to proceed. Aladdin and Alibaba also managed to get past their trial. Afterwards, the two groups reunited, but a battle with Zagan started soon after their reunion. During the battle, Morgiana managed to activate her household vessel. They managed to win the battle thanks to Morgiana, who became exhausted from overuse of Magoi. It was revealed shortly afterwards that this was not the real Zagan that had attacked them!

Aladdin and the others then continued to fight Dunya Mustashim and her partners Isaac and Isnan after they defeated the Fake Zagan on their way to the treasure room, during this battle Aladdin displayed the ability to use water magic. Dunya was a powerful opponent, who used a dark metal vessel. She displayed the ability to use full body Djinn Equip. In the battle with Isaac, Alibaba was able to change Amons Djinn Equip form into that of a blade more suitable for his fighting style. Ren appeared after taking Morgiana and a girl from the village that had followed them into the dungeon to a safe place. After the three of them were together, the battle with Dunya, Isaac, and the mysterious masked man began. Dunya attempted to use her extreme magic, but Aladdin tricked her with his water magic, and created a mirage of himself. This gave Alibaba the opportunity to decapitate the masked man, and Dunya ran out of Magoi. It is then revealed that Isaac is simply a sand doll from Dunya's past. Aladdin used his Wisdom of Solomon to understand Dunya and her past, and learned of Isaac's true identity. Isaac was a knight in the Mustashim kingdom, where Dunya was a princess when she was young. The royal family was overthrown in this kingdom, so Isaac had to protect Dunya with his life. When they were younger, they had a brother sister relationship. Dunya asked everyone (those who overthrew her kingdom) why they were doing this, and their reply was "Fate". From that moment Dunya cursed fate, and fell into depravity. Aladdin summoned Isaacs rukh, and Dunya was purified from her depravity after receiving Isaac's feelings.

They then met with the real Zagan who apologized for the fake's behavior saying he couldn't do anything about because a Djinn cant leave their treasure room. After he apologized, he gave some Magoi to Morgiana to heal her, since she was in a near death state. He then stated that his new owner would be Ren, saying that he was the only one suitable to be his master. He sensed Rens uneasiness, and told him that Alibaba would not have been a proper candidate, since he has yet to master Amon. He also told Ren that his Magoi manipulation was compatible with his own powers. Before leaving the dungeon however, a mysterious snake bit Ren. Afterwards they were transported out of the dungeon along with a new Djinn, and the rescued villagers, who were saved after the dungeon was cleared.

Second Sindria Arc

During Dungeon Conqueror's Banquet, Alibaba sits along with Yamraiha and Sharrkan, and watches Aladdin fooling around. After Hakuryuu loses his arm and Isnan appears, he fights along with Sharrkan and Aladdin to defeat him. Unfortunately, he and Sinbad get cursed by Isnan, who uses Curse Magic on them. Isnan explains it's "invitation letter" from "Father", who orders them to surrender and become Black Kings. He then says that this curse will possess their blood vessels and dye their Rukh black. They will fall into depravity. Soon after, Isnan retreats. Later, Alibaba sits in the same room as Aladdin, Sinbad and his Eight Generals. He asks what they should do with this curse. Sinbad reassures the rest that curses don't exist and it's most probably magic, which Yamraiha confirms. However, she's never seen such a magic which directly attacks other people's Magoi and she can't undo it. Aladdin says he will do it.

A little later, Alibaba is seen struggling with the curse inside of magic circle created by Yamraiha. Magoi of the caster took a shape and is going wild inside of his body, making him suffer. Because of enemy's Rukh going through his whole body, undoing it could even kill him. Sinbad, who has gone to fight Isnan, comes back and asks about Alibaba's condition. He notices that progress of the curse is slow. Yamraiha confirms it's because of her suppressing it indeed, but also his resistance is stronger than normal. Sinbad persuades Aladdin to help him, and so he does. He gets inside Alibaba thanks to Solomon's Wisdom. There he sees a pure world and both good, heart-warming memories of Alibaba, and bad ones, which made him suffer. After that, he finds Isnan. Isnan comments he doesn't like this place because of its pureness and adds there is another existence that is in his way other than Alibaba. In the real world, Yamraiha and Sinbad notice that the curse is getting weaker. After Aladdin erases Isnan's existence from Alibaba's Rukh, he talks to someone inside Alibaba, whose part joined him and helped to slow down the curse.

After being completely cured, Alibaba goes for a walk. He accidentally steps on Kougyoku's flowers, for which he immediately apologizes. Kougyoku, angry that she met him, says that she heard he collapsed and asks if he's alright now. He replies he is. When Kougyoku thinks about how unlucky she might be if she ended up marrying him, he makes a coronet for her. She surprises him by asking how he did it. He shows her how, and she comments he is skilful. Next, he, along with Morgiana, talks to Hakuryuu as he announces he's going to depart from Sindria. Morgiana asks him if he's going to go back to the Kou Empire, but he explains he's wants to join his sister before. When asked what Alibaba and Morgiana are going to do, Alibaba says with smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. Hakuryuu then asks Alibaba if he's okay with Balbadd's situation, but he quickly says he believes that Alibaba has some plans about it. Then, he voices his though about Alibaba, but Alibaba says that Hakuryuu already told him that, back in the Dungeon Zagan. Hakuryuu ends the conversation with a statement that Alibaba will surely follow the path he believes in. Alibaba doesn't have much words for this.

Later that day, Alibaba chats in a bed with Morgiana and Aladdin. Alibaba informs his friend about Hakuryuu's decision and says he will miss him. Aladdin decides to tell them that he will go on a journey alone, which totally shocks Alibaba. He asks for Aladdin's purpose and when he learns it's for a study, he comments he could do it with Yamraiha. Aladdin explains he has also other reasons and that he can't remain in Sindria because of Sinbad's radiance. Alibaba thinks that journey could indeed be a good idea and asks Morgiana if they're going with him, but Aladdin states they can't. Alibaba tries to argue with Aladdin, but is pushed to a corner. Aladdin says he wants to make Alibaba a king, but not king of some country, but someone who can give hope to others. What's more, he comments that both of them are too weak to fight Al-Sarmen, as they couldn't even save a large number of people in Balbadd. Alibaba still screams that if he wants to train, he will go with him, but Aladdin tells him he has to think for himself what he wants to do. The next day, Morgiana recalls he didn't even want to get out of the bed in the morning.

Later, he comes with Sharrkan to have a drink, which he rarely does. He quickly gets drunk and complains about Aladdin being cold toward him. Sharrkan wants to justify Aladdin's point of view and says he already decided to follow Sinbad, but it shouldn't be so easy for the Prince of another country. Alibaba burbles it's not like this, and it annoys Sharrkan, who responsibly tells him to go through warrior's training that has nothing to do with him being the Prince, or become a Gladiator in Reim Empire's Colosseum. Then, a woman tries to join their conversation, but Alibaba quickly brasses her off, arguing he's in the middle of man-to-man talk with his master. Sharrkan's level of irritation goes beyond the level and he kicks Alibaba out of the bar. He then lies on the ground, drunk, with a single tear in his eye and sighs thinking he doesn't understand Aladdin's behaviour. He then reassures himself that Aladdin will change his mind by tomorrow. After Dunya Musta'sim's funeral, Alibaba is seen training. He still thinks about Aladdin's intention to depart on the same ship as Hakuryuu, but also notices that Morgiana has been lately thinking about something, and Hakuryuu has been spacing out much recently. He also comments that he doesn't make any progress in terms of his Djinn Equip. He chafes and swindles his sword aimlessly, almost hurting Kougyoku, who came to him. She shows him how well-made her coronet now is. Seeing how he's in a middle of training, she thinks of it as a good occasion. She asks him for a duel and Djinn Equips, ordering him to do the same. When he tries to inform her he can't do it, Sinbad comes and asks her to show him her power. Alibaba attentively watches their battle, sometimes commenting on what's happening and showing his surprised face.

After their battle, he talks with Sinbad next to asleep Kougyoku. He worries about not being able to perform Djinn Equip when even such a girl can do it. Sinbad says that her talent is indeed above average, but Alibaba has a talent as well. He tells him there must be a reason why he still can't do that and promises to find some spare time to find this reason tomorrow, which makes Alibaba very happy. He then recalls Aladdin's statement about Sinbad's radiance, but can't understand what's wrong with it.

Later, Kougyoku wakes up and he tells her what happened during her fight with Sinbad. He comments that his Djinn Equip was amazing, and Koygyoku asks what about hers. He happily answers she was incredible too. She says it was a lot of fun and that she made up her mind, to go back to her own country. She also tells him she will talk with her brother, Kouen. Hearing this name immediately makes Alibaba remember Hakuryuu saying he is a leader in Balbadd. He then asks Kougyoku what if she had to fight Sinbad, but she answers that he was her first love, shocking him. She continues saying that she understands she could never be his love interes, but she loves him nonetheless. She followed him all the way to Sindria, says she's an idiot and starts crying. Alibaba is dumbfonded and automatically passes her a handchief. She then thanks him, bud adds she alright now and that even though she had a lot of fun with a person she loves, it's the end. Then, she asks Alibaba to listen to her story. Her past is similar to that of Alibaba. She continues with a statement that Judar and Kouen acknowledged her a warrior and that made her thinks it's the reason she's alive. After that, she clearly speaks her mind that she won't fight against Sindria. Later, Alibaba tells her his story. Kougyoku demands he became her friends. He is surprised at first, but she adds she never had any friends and they're the same, so he has to do it. He, still surprised, formally says that he is pleased to meet her, but she gets angry and hits him in the head. She reprimendates him for being so formal with a "friend" and he says he understands. Then, he pulls out his hand with a words of her being his friend, and she gladly accepts.

When Kougyoku departs from Sindria, he sends her off as he was her close friend. However, atmosphere between him and the rest of Team Zagan is still awkward. He boards the same ship as them, but hides himself.

Pirates Arc

World Exploration Arc

When Aladdin, Morgiana, Hakuryuu, and Alibaba parted ways, he went to the Laem Empire. Here he hoped to be accepted as a Gladiator, and train his Magoi. When he arrived, he was starving and weak. He had lost his letter of recommendation from Sinbad for the Colosseum but he went there to hopefully be able to get some food and water. At the gate, he met a girl named Toto and told her he wanted to enter the training grounds. She said that he wasn't allowed in. He tried to convince her by telling her his story, but she said the only way he could pass was by beating her in a duel. He accepted but found himself in trouble when he realised he was too exhausted to fight. After the duel, he ended up in the middle of town, with no money, no food, and no water. He was then found by some "old friends". He saw the Nando brothers, who had been the thieves who stole Sinbads metal vessels (and then returned them later), and who were in the Fog Troupe. They offered to him their help, he having nowhere else to go, which he accepted. The nando brothers had come to the Laem Empire from Balbadd to open a casino and raise a fortune. They were now considered wealthy. Alibaba asked for food, and they took him to their casino to eat. After he arrived there, he ate to his heart's content. Then, from the other side of the Casino, an old man was causing a commotion. He had bet everything he had, including his clothes, and he had lost. Alibaba didn't recognize him but he did recognize the girl next to him. He was being accompanied by Toto. The man struck a conversation with Alibaba and said he would let Alibaba into the Colosseum if he could beat Toto in a serious battle, without his Djinn equip. Alibaba accepted, and they proceeded to have a serious battle. Alibaba seemed to have the upper hand, until Toto displayed a special ability. Her sword lit up, and Magoi flew into it. She displayed the ability of Magoi manipulation and she revelaed that she and the old man (who had introduced himself as Shambal Ramal) were from the Yambala Gladiators! The battle was getting a bit more serious, and the stage was getting banged up. Alibaba was having a hard time dealing with her. He concentrated afterwards and displayed some of the swordsmanship that Sharrkan had taught him. Shambal stopped the duel and accepted Alibaba into the Colosseum.

He told him that there was two kinds of Magoi in his body. He also told him that if he didn't master them and combine them, then his flesh would rot, and he would die. They examined him using a "special needle treatment" and told him to go in the arena to pay them for their service. Before he knew it, he was thrown into a gladiator match with a giant beast, Garda, and he could only use a normal sword. He was quicker, more versatile, and more cunning than his opponent. He slashed and slashed, but it had layers of muscle protecting itself. He went in for a stab and got injured instead. He obtained several bruises, and his arm became unusable in the match. He won using his brains. He tricked the beast into running into a statue and used a spear from that same statue that stabbed it in the jaw. Then in the confusion, he struck it in the arm and gained the upper hand. Shambal noticed, that during the match, the two types of Magoi in Alibabas body began to fuse. Once they did fuse, Alibaba once again gained the upper hand and won his first battle. Afterwards, Shambal explained to him the occurrences of the battle and the fusion of his Magoi. He is now training his swordsmanship skills and his Magoi.

War Arc

Aladdin is running around Magnostadt when he realizes that the war has started. Sphintus is with him and asks Aladdin if they should help Titus and the others to which Aladdin replies everyone will die if he can't stop the Chancellor's "power." Aladdin and Sphintus, during their search, happen upon an infirmary where most of the injured are fellow magicians. An old wounded magician asks them to help, and Sphintus resolves to fight, telling Aladdin that Reim invaded first and that they can't leave Titus behind. Aladdin is next seen flying, thinking about how Titus was similar to him when he first left the "Solid Room." He wants to help Titus but is unsure if he should fight as well, he then sees soldiers of Magnostadt using magic items to fight. Then Mogamett unleashes his strongest weapon, a massive metal figure that fires a large blast of magoi that instantly decimates a large number of Reim's soldiers, Aladdin believes this type of weapon was meant for genocide.

The weapon's 2nd shot was stopped by the Fanalis Corps, and Aladdin prevents more shots from being fired by destroying the magoi supply lines for the weapon. As Mu Alexius tells Titus he can never be a human and should never have existed, Aladdin suddenly appears telling Mu he is wrong. Aladdin simply says Titus is his friend, and he doesn't care that Titus is different from everyone else. He helps Titus up and proposes they fight together. When asked by Mu what he is doing there, Aladdin declares that he came to stop them and end the war. He proceeds to take off the Magoi Reverse Tool on his arms, so he can fight as a Magi, however, the magoi from the Rukh doesn't come back to him immediately. Myers arrive at their side, bringing many soldiers and says if they can force the Fanali Corps back, it is likely they can stop the rest of Reim's army as well. Aladdin decides that he can help them fight, even without using his full power. He then asks Mu why Scheherazade is doing something so arrogant as trying to conquer Magnostadt and requests that they stop the invasion. Aladdin is denied by Mu as he orders the Fanalis Corp to advance. Myers says she needs their movements to be stopped to give her magicians an opening, so Aladdin and other magicians starts firing projecticles to bury the Fanalis Corps into a pit. The pit fills up with water as it was connected to the river, and Aladdin says he got the idea from Morgiana not being great in water. Myers and her magicians then use lightning magic on the Fanalis in the water, incapacitating most of them. As magicians praise his strategy, Aladdin suddenly starts receiving more magoi from the Rukh. He claims that the amount he is getting is more than his body can cope with, and Sphintus begins to realize what Aladdin is.

Mu, Rohroh, and Muron use their vessels and are able to defeat many magicians, including Myers. They attempt to break Magnostadt's 2nd barrier but are repelled by Aladdin and his 3 Ugos. Aladdin then says the Chancellor is not fit to be king of this world and that Magnostadt is a country full of hate, he says he can't allow Magnostadt to become one with the rest of the world or else the world could end. Mu then says that Aladdin is not Yunan which leads him to believe that Aladdin is the Magi of the Kou Empire. Aladdin clarifies he is not Judar or any other Magi. The Fanalis Corps attack his Ugos to little effect and Aladdin then channels his magoi to his Ugos to cast a larger version of Harhar Infigar, making sure not to hit anyone with it. Onlookers are unsure of Aladdin's true intentions, but he then declares he will end this war without anyone dying. Mu questions his ability to back that up, saying it's impossible. Aladdin says he has to stop the war and then requests Professor Irene to let him talk with the Chancellor. She says that he should be able to hear Aladdin already, so after Aladdin checks his surroundings, he tells Mogamett they can protect the city again. Mu prepares the army to advance again, but the Ugos suddenly crumble and become a massive sand wave that pushes the entire Reim army back to the shore, and Magnostadt soldiers back to their original positions, this gives the Chancellor an opening to restore the barrier. Aladdin then says he has undone everything their army has done, and if they try again, he will push them back again. He then tells the Reim army to not steal the homes of the people of Magnostadt and to go back to their own country.

Mu then pulls out his sword and uses his Djinn Equip, Barbatos. He tracks down Aladdin and attacks him with Bard Romh. The attack sends him flying, but he concentrates his Borg on the front and back to mitigate most of the damage. Aladdin, now using Hadika Hadeka, is about to attack Mu, but Mu destroys Aladdin's staff and is about to land a finishing blow when suddenly, his Djinn equip starts coming off. Realizing his time is almost up, he prepares his extreme magic to destroy Magnostadt. The magic disappears, and Alibaba says if you destroy the eight-pointed star of a metal vessel during Djinn Equip, it will be broken, thus, he believed Amon's sword could destroy even Barbatos' sword. Mu is surprised he was stopped by Alibaba realizing that Alibaba didn't come there to back him up. Aladdin is surprised and happy to see Alibaba again. The Fanalis say Alibaba has made them their enemy, but Alibaba replies that Aladdin was the friend he had been searching for. Scheherazade suddenly appears and tells the Fanalis to retreat. Aladdin, upon seeing her, is surprised that she is Scheherazade; Scheherazade then asks if Aladdin is Magnostadt's Magi, to which he says no. He then continues to tell her to leave this country because there are several triggers there that could cause terrifying things to happen. Scheherazade orders the army retreat again and believes that Aladdin has seen what Yunan has. She then requests to speak with Aladdin, Alibaba, and Titus. On a boat in between Magnostadt's shore and Reim's fleet, Aladdin and Alibaba catch up with Alibaba noticing Aladdin has grown much taller, and Aladdin saying that Alibaba hasn't changed at all. They start messing around and Titus believes that Scheherazade will get mad watching them like that but is surprised to see her smiling and laughing at them. Alibaba talks about his time in Reim and how he decided not to meet Scheherazade, believing she would notice his metal vessel as she was a Magi; she says that she wouldn't have noticed it. Aladdin, upon hearing this, asks if she is a little different from a Magi, and she replies that she is like Titus, one of Scheherazade's clones but with the consciousness of the real Scheherazade. She further explains her real body is too old to move anymore and then requests Aladdin tell her what Mogamett is hiding and his intentions with Magnostadt.

Aladdin begins to talk, and explains that Mogamett might accomplish Al-Sarmen's wish, the destruction of the world. He also explains what he knows about Alma Toran: Alma Toran was a world where a war exploded. Before everything perished in that world, a powerful magician and king of that world, Solomon, created a new world, the one where Aladdin and the others actually live, and guided the survivors of Alma Toran to that new world. Al-Sarmen's against that migration, and their purpose is destroy that new world with the called "black spot", the incarnation of evil. Alibaba interpellates Aladdin and asks him why didn't he say that to him before, and Aladdin answers that because he's a Magi, and is his job. Alibaba hits him in the head and says that he doesn't have to carry it all himself, because they're friends. Aladdin is touched by Alibaba's words. Aladdin and Alibaba wait until Scheherazade's finished to talk with Titus and she announces that she'll order Reim's troops to retire, the war has ended. Then a messenger enters and says that the Kou Empire's arrived.


Royal Swordplay - Alibaba is an extremely strong and talented swordsman. At a very young age, Alibaba was trained in Royal Swordplay. He can also fight against swordsmen using a knife. He has also learned other sword styles from Sharrkan making him a more rounded swordsman.

High Level Knowledge - Alibaba was given a high level of education possible in the Royal Palace of Balbadd after the king adopted him. He knows difficult languages like Tran and possesses high knowledge.

Magoi Manipulation - Alibaba is learning how to manipulate his magoi. This was at first hard for him because he has two kinds of rukh inside of him.


Stern and Dignified Spirits of Etiquette, In the name of my Magoi, and my will to grant me a greater power, I order you and your members, Come Forth, Amon!!
~ Alibaba, summoning the powers of Amon
Amon - Amon is a Fire Djinn that Alibaba received after he captured the Seventh Dungeon, Amon, along with Aladdin and Morgiana. Amon is the Djinn of the Stern and Dignified Spirits of Etiquette.


The only member of Alibaba's Household is Morgiana. She uses his Djinn, Amon's to power the flames of her Household Vessel, Amol Selseira.

Metal Vessel

Alibaba's Metal Vessel was a small knife,Amon's Sword, which he keeps at his side. Alibaba changes his Metal Vessel from a small knife to a short sword, Amon's Royal Sword, which he received from Sinbad, who got it from Alibaba's father, Balbadd's King.

Djinn Equip

Alibaba is not yet able to fully Djinn Equip, copy the appearance of Amon. The reason for this is because a part of Kassim's Magoi has joined together with Alibaba's Magoi changing it making it harder to control. Kassim's Magoi has now completely fused with Alibaba's creating one big Magoi.

Djinn Weapon Equip

To achieve Djinn Weapon Equip, Alibaba burns his arms with Amon's flames. Then he starts to burn his entire body. He keeps using more and more flames, until he becomes the flames himself. Alibaba's knife becomes a large black sword, which is also called Sword of Amon. As Alibaba's Djinn Weapon Equip progresses, his arms change into a black metallic substance. He has also learnt the second method of Djinn Weapon Equip where the weapon retains it's original shape using less magoi and allows him to better use his sword skills and Amon's flame abilities.

Scorching Wall of Flames - As the name suggest Alibaba crates a wall of flames to stop his enemies from approaching him.

Immunity To Fire - Amon's Sword is completely immune to any type of fire or heat. If it is attacked by it, it will completely absorb it and strengthens itself.


  • His name is based on "Ali Baba" (Arabic: علي بابا‎ Alii Baabaa), the main protagonist of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from One Thousand and One Nights.
  • He likes trading and his weakness is that he grows fat easily. His special skill is fencing.
  • He claims that his type is “the girl who became his girlfriend”, but up until now, Alibaba has never once had a girlfriend.


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