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Alice is the main protagonist in the Once Upon a Time spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. As the title suggest, she's base on Alice Liddle of Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. She is one of the three protagonist chosen to defend Wonderland.


  • Purple Dress-This is an updated version of her blue dress. There as rose-like ruffles on the skirt, but it lack an apron.
  • Knight Outfit-Basically she wear a pink blouse w/ a violet jacket around it. It resembles her purple dress.
  • Wedding Dress-It's White and puffy. She wears this at the show's finale.

Visit to Storybrooke

  • In the episode "Heart of Matter", The White Rabbit took her and her love interest to Storybrooke for the first time. She became curious and confused about stuff like cars and electricity. It was the only time she left her home world.


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