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Alice Lee is played by JJ Fong.

Alice is determined not to be the 'Asian stereotype', but she is good with numbers and she is about to marry an IT guy.

When it becomes apparent that her fiancé harbours a hidden interest in party girls, Alice makes it her quest to be bad. Chinese-born, Alice (25) started on the Shore as a high school student who came to stay with her Aunty, Nancy Ping (North Shore Realty's number one sales agent and nemesis of Fran McMann).  She was shy when she first arrived, but she's well and truly come out of her shell now.

She believes she has Candy to thank for that and has never forgotten it.  Candy gave her a makeover when she had been exiled from the Mean Girls and Alice felt flattered.  She was sad when Candy was expelled from school shortly afterwards, but remained grateful for the attention and the confidence that it gave her.

After university Alice remained on the North Shore, working for an insurance company.  She still lives with her Aunty Nancy Ping, but only until she's married. She met her fiancé Zane at uni - he works in IT, she's a Claims Team Manager - it's a marriage made in geek heaven.  When we meet Alice the big day is only a couple of weeks away. Alice is a 'single occupancy dwelling' - Zane is the only person she's ever slept and she believes the same goes for Zane. But Zane has a rather big secret... 

When her best laid wedding plans go pear shaped, Alice is left distraught. She's been a good girl all her life and what's that got her? She decides she needs to learn how to be more like Candy - to follow her desires, party hard and take no prisoners! Alice wants to be a bad girl and she wants a reputation and she's got a year to get it. But she'd still rather her parents didn't find out.

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