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Hero Overview

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Alice Mitchell is Dennis Mitchell the Menace's Mother and Henry Mitchell's house wife.


Born on July 28, Prior to becoming Henry's wife, her last name was Johnson. She is kind and loving, although she can be rather stern whenever Dennis messes up.


She brooks no nonsense, orders his son Dennis goes into his corner chair whenever's necessary, and spends considerable time on her knees at the bathtub cleaning the grime from her adventurous offspring. Although often harried, this trim and attractive mother of our short hero is loaded with patience, energy, logic and love to spare.

She keeps her small house clean and tidy, always fresh-smelling, the perfect oasis of comfort and joy when her husband arrives from the office to spend quality time with his son and take her off the hook. She is forever grateful for having neighbors like the Wilsons, but she can hardly wait until Dennis finally enters the first grade.


Alice is a tall, slender woman. She has blonde hair, has a white shirt, has a blue skirt, and wears black high heels.