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We should equally help him to be an agent, not inferior to him
~ To Alice defending Ali in MISSION: ROLE

Alicia is an agent under M.A.T.A. and Ali's rival, though she is not necessarily an arch enemy. Alicia is a class monitor and top student of Class 6 Avicenna in SRT Cyberaya 1. In MISSION: EVEN, she is revealed to be General Rama's daughter.

She was voiced by Noorhayati Maslini.


Alicia is a tough class representative for female student of Ali's class who is turned to be NEURO agents of M.A.T.A and the daughter of General Rama.


At the first glance, Alicia is an harsh, prideful and tough agent who is dedicated to her job. While Alicia was already fully trained since birth and decided to follow her father step as Agents, her father, General Rama, always didn't let her to join the mission because she is too young and more prefer to trust Ali due he can use I.R.I.S, which made Alicia thinking General Rama play favoritism to Ali and this also can be the reason why she so mean to Ali so much and prefer to work alone. After Numeros first raid at their base, General Rama decide to trust Alicia to protect Ali and the I.R.I.S since she is his classmate, and seems Alicia no longer hold this issues again. Initially she doesn't like to work alongside Ali, but after being saved by him from the Azurium explosion, she starts to get cooperative with him.