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Alicia is a magic swordswoman who lost her way from a dimension different than Mel Fair Land. Though Alicia was perplexed by the foreign world, the foreigners treated her as a strange person conversely. She’s participating in the Queen's Blade tournament to return to the world that she was born in.

Alicia is the main protagonist of the Queen's Blade: Grimoire series.


Alicia wears a red ribbon on her head, and wears a white and blue dress with a blue mantle. She also wears black and white stripped leggings, and black shoes.


She's a terribly haughty, confident person. Though she behaves arrogantly, she hates twisted things.

Though she often abuses the residents of the borderland for lacking common sense, it is questioned if Alicia will be gradually tainted by this new world.


Alicia can manipulate the power of darkness, and uses it to blind the opponent, create a "shadow servant" (a doppelganger), or releases it in waves or blasts to attack the opponent. Her weapon of choice is the rapier Liddell.


  • Alicia is based off of the story Alice in Wonderland, and her clothing seems to be a stylized version of Alice's clothing. The pages in her gamebook are decorated with card suits, like the playing cards Alice encountered there.
  • Alicia is the second character to be based on Alice of the "Alice in Wonderland" book, preceded by Alice.
  • Her weapon is named after Alice Liddell, who inspired the classic tale.
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