"Alicia Charlotte, for everyone's smile and happiness!"
~ Alicia before her performance

Alicia Charlotte (アリシア・シャーロット) is one of the main characters of the Aikatsu Friends! Brilliant Jewel series. Alicia is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is Glorious Snow. Along with Hibiki Tenshō, the two were a part of I Believe before they went on hiatus.



Alicia has fair skin and sharp, steel blue eyes. She has short, fluffy milk blue hair that loosely frames her face with a curled strand on each side and a braid of hair tied at the side of her neck, one worn over the shoulder. She has two, thin, knee-length segments of hair that loosely flow, and her bangs curve inward, overlapping each other. 

Before her Friends group went on hiatus, Alicia had waist length hair instead of her current shoulder-length hair.


Alicia is known to have a very unique atmosphere of her own, further brought out by her beauty.


She is the princess of the Sorbet Kingdom.

Formerly Friends with Hibiki, the two of them are currently on hiatus, Alicia disappearing after the announcement on their break. Alicia seems to be holding in a secret, but currently, no one knows of it.


Alicia and Hibiki were paired as Friends until they went on hiatus.
Alicia ran into Karen while she was making her journey around the world. She opened up to Karen about the troubles she was having at the time.
  • Leo Charlotte
Alicia's father.
  • Sophie Charlotte
Alicia's Mother.
  • Charles Charlotte
Alicia's younger brother.


Alicia (アリシア) is the latin form of "Alice", which in turn is derived from the Germanic name "Adalheidis", meaning noble and kind.

Charlotte (シャーロット) is the female diminutive of "Charles", meaning strong and virile.


That won't be a problem.
~ Alicia




  • Her star sign is Pisces.
  • Her favorite desserts are cheese fondue and sherbet.
  • Her specialty is skiing.
  • She is the second main character in the Aikatsu! franchise have an entirely non-Japanese name as well as the second main character to be a princess, following Elza Forte from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
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