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Alise is a young girl adopted by Princess Odette and Prince Derek in the movie, The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale.

In the movie she loses her father in a burning house. Her father dies and Derek and Odette take her to the castle. Odette becomes friendly with her because she remembers that she had lost her father. While Alyssa refuses to speak, everyone tries to cheer her up. Alyssa grows closer to Odette and Derek, and when Alyssa had a nightmare, Odette lovely sings to her to feel much better. It was revealed that Alyssa doesn't have any other relatives, Odette and Derek decided to adopt her as their daughter. But soon Alyssa is kidnapped by Flying Squirrels. Odette and Derek ran after them. The Scullions are believing that Odette is The evil Swan Princess according an old legend. The Scullions made a lot of tramps to kill Odette, but Derek get poison by Mangler, Leader of the Scullions. A friendly Scullion helps them. His name is Scuttle (called by Odette). They made a plan to recuse Alyssa. So Derek had to drink a Sleeping poitoin so Scuttle can enter to the village. Odette soon get's impatient. That all of a sudden Puffin arrives to tell her that he woke up too soon from his sleeping poitoin and Odette tells all the Sculloins to believe her. Soon the scullions believe in her as Odette saved a young Scuillion named Jojo that she was poison as Mangler was about to destroy her and the legend somehow changes. 

Odette and Scuttle are entering in the cave where the Fobbiden Arts had lived. Odette tries to free Alyssa but there was no way. Alyssa finally speaks and she tells Odette to break the Crystal. But nearly the end from the movie Scuttle breaks the crystal and he sacrifice himself by saving Odette from the Evil Forbbiden Arts. There was a huge explosion and Alyssa get free from her prison, and she calls out for Odette by calling her: Mommy. Odette is happy that Alyssa is OK. And mother and daugther share a happy moment.

The movie ends with everything in peace and Alyssa as the new Princess.


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