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Alisha (アリーシャ Ariisha?) is a princess of the Highland Kingdom in Tales of Zestiria. However, due to her mother's low social status, she is the farthest from inheriting the throne. She speaks in a masculine manner and has chosen to become a knight in order to serve her country. When looking for answers to discover why various disasters around the world are occurring, she becomes involved in the collapse of some ruins. It is there where she meets Sorey, who offers to show her the way out.

Appearance and Personality

Alisha wears a white and yellow flower in her blond hair. Her bangs crisscross, and the ends of her hair are curled. She wears black, gold, and silver armor on her arms and legs. Her attire consists of a pink and white tunic and black shorts. She has green eyes.

Fighting Style

Alisha uses a long spear in combat to perform quick attacks.

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