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Alisia Deena Rain is a Character of the Alisia Dragoon.


Only one person in this world, girl pulling the blood of the dragon. Regardless of the undesired and desired, it is a fate, it Alisia had to be accepted. My father was the dragon knight of the country's premier, evil conspiracy of the original, would have been killed when Alisia is 5 years old. Then, in her Childhood mind, loneliness and despair had burned. Experience also of encounter and farewell number, the girl had to bear a variety of work is, now, go to the fate of the journey ....

"Lightning Magic" and "Variant Summoning Magic." Only this much of things, people was the first magic that was in this hand. Father of the soul is summoned up the heart of Alisia, is the blood of the dragon drew the unknown force. "Sad memories is no longer want" the feelings of Alisia will lead someday. Now, it tears because not Nagase. And, the battle began ...!