I don't like pain, so if we fight, I'll be the one dishing it out.
~ Alizarin.
Jody... Thanks for the kind words, but I'm afraid you got the wrong idea. When I said I am always looking backwards, I was referring to my way of thinking, not the direction I'm looking. Your positive mindset is a good thing, Jody, but you should also try thinking about things more carefully.
~ Alizarin to Jodie.

Alizarin is the major heroine that appeared in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She also served as the supporting character in the Demon Realm Voyage story. She served Crimson Eyes, her leader and a member of Romp as well as the best friend of Jodie.

Though her name was mentioned earlier in the game, she eventually made her appearance in The Timid General and the Explorer.


Alizarin was born in the Demon Realm, though it was revealed that she does not have a family before she was found by Crimson Eyes and became the member of Romp.

The Timid General and the Explorer

Alizarin appeared in the story when she saw Jodie wandering in Crimson Eyes' domain and looked for the Democite. She attempted to capture Jodie but stopped when she noticed

A White Desire and a Black Rose


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Powers & Abilities


  • The name 'Alizarin' was named after the organic compund with formula C (14) H (8) O (4) that has been used throughout the history as a prominent red dye, primarily for dyeing textile fabrics.
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