Allen 2
Allen is the main protagonist (character and hero) of the game. He is the last child to be taken under Teacher's care, and lives together with the other children at the facility.


Allen is a young boy with messy blond hair and a pair of blue eyes. He wears a white blouse that is buttoned neatly with a blue ribbon tie underneath the collar, and dark blue shorts that reaches above his knee. He also wears blue striped stockings, and a pair of blue shoes. He has a pretty face, as noted by Stella.


Allen is a quiet boy with amnesia (memory loss). Stella noted that he has a pretty face, but nonetheless, he's also a boy, that he is brave enough to touch a spider's legs. He also seems to be very poetic, as seen in his notebook. He likes to read books and newspapers, as stated by Miwashiba.


Allen first arrived and talked to Teacher, and that was before he was instructed to talk to the other children and get to know each other. He was told by Joshua that he hears a voice from the second floor, and Allen goes there to check it out, though he was clearly instructed by Teacher not to go to the second floor. He found a living butterfly there, but when he was busted by Teacher, he told Allen that the butterfly is dead. When Allen came back to his room, there was a cat and it went into his closet. Curious, he followed it, only to meet a Cheshire Cat, a White Rabbit, and doors to each of the children and the teacher's world. The game ends depending on your choices after you finish the children's world.


  • Allen likes to read books or newspapers.
  • Allen's story is based off of Alice in the Wonderland.
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