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Allen (Dragon Quest)

Allen is the protagonist of Dragon Quest (Warrior) II.


Prince of Middenhall. Novel version, the name of the CD theater version of "Allen". In response to news of the desperate of Moonbrooke soldiers, was sent out from the king is the father to Hargon subdue.

Clothes of color tones and blue, wearing a hood and goggles on his head. The color of the hair is indefinite in every release media (such as brown hair or black hair), in the "Dragon Quest Monster Battle Lord" silver-haired. The remake has been given the title of "descendants of the brave".

There is enough even attack power and HP high quickness, but can handle it all the weapons (cane also be equipped) armor (except for the "dangerous swimsuit"), the only hero spell in the spell can not be used at all (former series not available). The highest level is 50.

From Middenhall King after defeating the final boss in the remake, to obtain the title of hero.


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