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Detective Allen Gamble is the deuteragonist of The Other Guys.



Before he became a police officer, Allen was a pimp in college, named "Gator", until he started to hate what he had become. He was sent to the hospital where he meet Dr. Shelia Ramos. The Two fell in love and got married. Allen made a promise to Shelia he would lose control of himself again. Then Allen joined the NYPD as forensic accountant feeling it was a job where he could keep himself stable.

As a Police Officer

Many police officers, including Allen, idolize reckless and arrogant police officers P.K. Highsmith and Christopher Danson. Allen was partnered with short-tempered police officer Detective Terry Hoitz, whom shared mutual dislike to each other and along with was constantly disrespected by obnoxious Detectives Evan Martin and Fosse. After Martin and Fosse trick Allen into firing his gun in the station, their superior, Captain Gene Mauch, takes away his gun and gives a wooden gun.


  • Gamble has an ability to make beautiful women fall for him, thus making him somewhat similar to James Bond as they're also both secret agents.
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