The Allies, otherwise known as the Allied Forces or the Allied Nations, are a military alliance between the nations of Europe (mainly England, Germany, France, Greece, and Spain) during the Second World War. By the time of the Third World War its primary members were America, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Korea. It originally served as a unified military command of European armies. The Allies fought to protect the nations of Europe, and later, the world.

Their official emblem during Second World War is a golden triangle pointed downwards, with a stylized bird-of-prey. During the Third World War, the Allied emblem had changed into a silver-and-blue triangle pointed downwards, with a less stylized sliver bird-of-prey.


The Allies were known for their disadvantage on land (Allied tanks are not as tough as their Soviet counterparts), advantage in the air (Disadvantage in Red Alert 1 because their air power is not good as the Soviets due to it only consisting of Apache helicopters) and advantage in the seas (In Red Alert 1 they got naval superiority but in Red Alert 2 their navy is rivaled by the Soviets and in Red Alert 3 their navy is weaker compared to their Rising Sun and Soviet counterparts).