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Allied Nations is the heroic organization in the Advance Wars series based on the real-life United Nations. It was formed shortly after the events of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and mainly debuted in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. It is an alliance between Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet formed to fight back against the antagonistic Black Hole Army.


The Allied Nations deployed a unified force to Omega Land led by Rachel of Orange Star after Black Hole invaded the continent, seeking to drain it of energy. After receiving reinforcements, the forces launched an assault on the massive Oozium-238, the Grand Bolt, and foiled Von Bolt's plans of draining Omega Land to become immortal. The force was later disbanded after Black Hole was driven from the continent and no longer a threat.


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Allied Nations
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Blue Moon: Olaf | Grit | Colin | Sasha

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