Allison is one of the tritagonists from the Disney movie, Hocus Pocus. She is the love interest of Max Dennison.

She is portrayed by Vinessa Shaw.


Allison was born into a wealthy family in Salem, her mother was operated the Sanderson Sisters house that was turned into a museum but was shutdown due strange goings. On Halloween, her teacher explained the history of the Sanderson Sisters, Allison was fascinated by the story, however Max, the new kid who moved to Salem from Los Angeles, expressed his dislike for Halloween then she explains how Halloween is called All Hallows Eve, the one night of the year spirits can return from the dead, and the cheered for her. Then Max handed Allison his phone number, only to hand it back to him when school ends. On Halloween night while her parents were having a party with their friends, Allison, while dressed in a beautiful colonial America woman outfit, was in charge of giving out Halloween candy to trick or treaters. She was surprised to see Max, who was taking his younger sister Dani trick or treating, at her home. She then greets them both and offered them apple cider, which Max accepts but Dani turns down. Allison then tells Dani that she likes her witch costume, and she tells Allison she likes her costume as well, but Dani tries to embarrass Max in front of Allison. She and Dani then explain their mutational interest in witches as Dani has just learn about the Sanderson sisters in school, then when Allison mentions the museum, Max decides to go there to impress Allison, and she agrees to take them the museum.


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