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You're here for a reason, Henry! There's always a reason? Even when you can't understand it.
~ Allison to Henry

Allison Angel is a minor character in the indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine and is known as the "good" counterpart of Twisted Alice. The character makes her debut in the game at the end of the fourth chapter, when she stabs Twisted Alice when the latter is about to attack Henry.


Despite being Alice Angel, her looks are different from the corrupted Alice. She ties up her hair in a ponytail and she sports a pair of broken horns with a halo attached behind her head. She also wears a belt with an attached bag, from which a pipe and a crowbar can be seen, a rope over her left shoulder, and a leather dagger holder with a wrench in it. There are some similar features that can be spotted, because she wears a black dress and her arms and legs are entirely covered with ink. However, unlike "Alice Angel" she wears a pair of boots.




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