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Princess Allura ​(Farla in the Japanese version) is the de facto ruler of Planet Arus (Altea in the Japanese version) and one of the heroes of the Super Robot anime Beast King Golion (also known as Voltron in the US and Europe). She traditionally pilots the Blue Lion. Her Voltron weapon is the bow and arrow or a whip.


Farla, is the ruler of the Kingdom of Altea, and is 16 years old. She was raised by Raible after her parents were executed by Daibazaal/Zarkon when she was a year old, and has sworn revenge against him for ravaging her planet. After the death of Shirogane, Farla takes it upon herself to pilot the Blue Lion, much to the surprise of everyone. As Blue Lion's pilot, she wears a pink uniform, the spirit of her father will sometimes appear, and provide guidance. At 16 years of age, she is strong-willed and a bit naïve, resisting attempts by Raible and Hys to make her behave in a more royal fashion. Farla is also relatively inexperienced as a pilot, which occasionally puts both herself and GoLion in danger. She is also lustfully pursued by Imperial Prince Sincline (whom she detests), due to her resemblance to his dead mother, Emperor Daibazaal's concubine. Her sole living relative is her aunt, Queen Elena. She is friends with a family of mice (Platt and Chuchule) who have kept her company since she was a little girl.

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