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The Hawaiian Pretty Cure team consists of 2 Cures named Cure Sunset (Orange) and Cure Wave (Blue) their group name is Aloha! Pretty Cure and are guided by their fairy partner Aloalo. Cure Sunset's human identity is Ohana and Cure Wave's is Olina. They were revealed to be twins.

Cure Sunset has orange hair with a white and reddish-orange flower on her head, her hair is a loose pony tail and she also has a white flower clip on her left side of her head, she also has a white pair of flower earrings. In her Pretty Cure form she doesn't have any sleeves, her vest is worn as her tube with a thick orange lining, she has an orange collar connected to it and is the golden emblem of the Pretty Cures in HCPC then hangs an orange cloth. Below her tube is the white cloth. Her skirt is orange and is long and flowy, she wears a pair of orange sandals with a white flower. She wears a flower wristbands instead of warmers and her wings are green

Cure Wave has turquoise hair with 2 white flowers with a golden strap hanging, her hair style is similar to Cure Lemonade's. She also wears a pair of golden clips on both side of her front hair to carry her bangs, she has blue collars and her vest is worn as a tube with a darkish blue lining connected to her collar is the golden heart with a blue cloth hanging. Below her cloth is a white cloth. She has light blue skirt and it is short and flowy she wears a pair of blue sandals with a white flower in front she also has a pair of light blue bands on her legs, she also wears a flower wristbands instead of warmers.

Their attack is Hawaiian Lino Afua.


  • Two of the International teams come from the U.S., Bomber Girls Pretty Cures come presumably from Texas and the Aloha Pretty Cures come from Hawaii.
  • The Aloha Pretty Cures, Cure Wave and Cure Sunset, will be voiced by Nakaya Sayaka, the OP singer, and Yoshida Hitomi, the ED singer, respectively.
  • They are also the only known Cure group to be twins. There is one other group from Rome who had twin Cures, but were captured by Phantom.
  • On their model sheets, the Aloha Pretty Cures do not have their LovePreBraces, though they do wear them in the anime.
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