Alpha 7 was the third Alpha robot presented in the television series Power Rangers. He is the
Alpha 7
seventh Alpha robot to be designed and given life to by King Lexian of Edenoi. He was seen in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode, "Forever Red". Alpha 7 was seen assisting the team of Red Rangers, on the Astro Megaship, Mark 2. He also has Alpha 5's voice and demeanor. Even in a scene cut from the episode, Alpha 7 even uses Alpha 5's most memorable line, "Ai yi yi yi yi!". Alpha 7 was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who also voiced Alpha 5.


  • Alpha 7 was comprised of Alpha 5 (Turbo movie version)/Alpha 6's body (including head), with Alpha 5's torso proportions and black neck. The only difference is that his head is not shiny, like Alpha 5's head was. It also resembles the head design that Alpha 5 had in early MMPR season 1.
  • Alpha 7 originally had a scene with Cole prior to the briefing (which gave Richard Horvitz more lines to record for the character); however, this was cut before broadcast. However, it may appear once Wild Force is released on DVD. This was intended to be a quick introductory scene that would have introduced us to Alpha 7.
  • When asked about the Red Rangers' restorations along with Alpha's on Facebook, Amit Bhaumik says, "My memory is a little fuzzy on the details, but the short of it is Tommy, between leaving in Turbo and reappearing in Forever Red, goes to Zordon's homeworld of Eltar around Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue timewise. There he finds the remains of Alpha 5 and takes him to be rebuilt as Alpha 7 (the one you saw in Forever Red)." [Citation needed] This statement seems to confirm that Alpha 5 was indeed destroyed and deactivated during the war on Eltar, having the same body that Alpha 6 possessed when he left Earth through the dimensional portal in Shift Into Turbo. It is likely that, according to Amit's explanation, Alpha would be upgraded by Tommy to have a "database" function, hence Alpha's explanation to Cole that he is a "walking database of everything relating to the Rangers".
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