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Alpha Girl Latifah is the Oni-like leader of Big Green'sSecond Squad who serves as a rival to Mr. No Hands. She wields a spiked club in battle. She, along with the rest of Second Squad, wants to be First Squad, but doesn't realise what it takes to be First Squad material. She is Hero: 101


Alpha Girl Latifah has tanned skin with peach finger tips and peach lips and her fang tooth peeps out. She has long black hair (past her shoulders) that curls outwards at the ends, and wears a cream coloured headscarf. She also has large black eyes, and wears a yellow dress with black zig-zags in places with a V neckline and a zig-zag hem on the skirt, black wristbands on her wrists and black shoes. She also usually carries a spiked club that she uses as a weapon.


Alpha Girl Latifah is very tough, and doesn't like to give up without a fight. Like most of second squad, she wants to win all the time, and wants to be the best. She doesn't realise, along with the rest of her squad, what it really takes to be first squad material, which is why they always lose. She does have a softer side, however, as seen in "Turtle Cannon Competition III", when she went to attackChameleon Queen, thinking she was going to hurt her and the other members of second squad, and when Chameleon Queen got upset, she stopped and softened and asked what was wrong. Then after being told, via Chameleon Queen showing her on her screen, she told Chameleon Queen not to cry and then hugged her.

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